Nine Spices Fondue

3333 SW 34th St, Gainesville
(352) 792-6622

Recent Reviews

Mark Anderson

First time visiting a conveyor belt hot pot restaurant. The food was good and servers were very attentive. And they had quite a selection of food coming around.

Cooter nDeb

Fun, interesting place to eat. Not to mention the food being stellar. Most helpful and attentive staff.

Cathryn Reagan

Excellent food. Spotlessly clean. Superior, friendly service. Definitely an experience in dining...create your own hotpot, customized with variety of sauces, broth bases, vegetables, meats, seafoods, and cooked at the table. Suitable for vegans, those with allergy issues, or on a diet...there is an all you can eat option for even the healthiest appetite...nice selection at the bar, plus traditional sake and special occasion festive beverage choices.

Nic T.

Great food and great service. We came here for my birthday and the owners were very sweet! Nice modern interior and super fun conveyor belt with fresh ingredients. My fiancé and I got the all you can eat spicy hot pot and bone broth hot pot. Both soups had excellent flavor and were topped off with broth base regularly. The sauce bar had tons of condiments and there were some ingredient recipes to help you along if you dont know a lot of the sauces, or you could just go buck wild; all of the condiments are tasty! The Taro bubble tea was delicious, and Julie one of the owners was very accommodating! -Dine in was open and all safety precautions were in place and practiced.

Leslie Hennis

Employees are wearing masks and gloves. Food on request, so clean. Conveyor belt started later with more people. Food on the belt was covered. I felt comfortable eating here post COVID lockdown. Food is tasty.

Trisha N.

Best meal I have had since arriving in Florida. They just reopened today after the covid situation, safety measures in place. The owners is wonderful and very attentive. The meal was delicious! I have never had hot pot before and this exceeded my expectations! I will definitely go back!

Morgan Wall

My new favorite restaurant! The conveyor belt is so much fun. Definitely worth it to go on your birthday. They give you a discount, cheesecake, and a free drink. (Also, try their milk tea if you have the stomach room after all the good food. It is delicious.)


This place is amazing! Just do the all you can eat. It's so worth it!

Ryan Bellanger

A fun and unique dining experience. I learned that I like lamb and lotus. It's more fun when you bring several people to share the experience

Lexi Hope

Amazing food and atmosphere!

Larissa J.

This was my first hot pot experience and it started my hot pot obsession! There is plenty of seating inside but, being one of the only hot pot places in the area, it can get pretty filled up for dinner or weekends. Service is good and stays pretty quick. They're super helpful and give great tips and tricks! The bone broth is objectively the best broth to get. I was a little sketched out by the conveyor belt because the bowls are uncovered, but you can ask the servers to bring you orders directly from the kitchen! Overall, it's a great dining experience that you can't find anywhere else in Gainesville.

Makenzie Carley

My family and I had our first visit here, and though we don't live in Gainsville we do pass through a few times a year and we are excited to go back!


Definitely a novel experience. Depending on your server, they’ll explain how everything works if you haven’t been before. Their drinks taste fresh and hand-made and are delicious. They have a passion fruit tea im addicted to. The sauces are tasty and offer a wide variety that you can customize. Only downfall appears to be that most of the food you want on the conveyor belt is taken before it gets your way. This necessitates flagging down your server each time you need another order. That being said, there are plenty of staff that are always friendly and always buzzing around.

brion miller

I’ve been here about 11-15 times and it is simply the best place to eat in Gainesville. I went again last night and I’m so happy to see them doing well I hope this place lasts forever! Chloe is just the sweetest server I always have a 5star experience.

Eric Mays

First time going to a Hot Pot restaurant. Staff were friendly and the meat items brought to us by the server were fresh. Some of the items on the conveyor belt looked like they had been there a while. The spices and sauces were good and there were several options to choose from.

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