Nine Spices Fondue

3333 SW 34th St, Gainesville
(352) 792-6622

Recent Reviews

Zalene Harris

Over all experience was great our server was on point she explained everything to us. Even moved us to the television so we could see how to prepare. But when I noticed a customer had three plates sitting on the table and then put them back after she didn?t want to eat them was not cool. Of course I said something to say to the employees but nothing was done.

A Buck

Contrary to the name, this is distinctly hot pot. There are four to six burners per table and each person gets their own soup pot of broth on a burner. Central self serve sauce station. Rotating conveyer belt brings common items to cook in broth. All you can eat is for two hours and roughly $30/person, but well worth it.

Nicole M.

To all my fellow vegetarians and vegans: please do not eat here. They did not have a broth that we could use since the base is made from chicken and beef. Instead, they gave us water with a few mushrooms in it. The veggie tray we paid for was decent, but included three small pieces of tofu while the rest were vegetables. So, while healthy, was not very filling. The sauce bar had a lot of options and clearly labeled all the non-vegetarian ones. Our server was nice and helpful. However, I would not recommend bringing anyone here who does not eat meat. It would not be difficult for them to serve us vegetable broth instead so our veggies could be flavored as they cook.

Hanah L.

Personally, I liked Nine Spices Hot Pot in Orlando MUCH better than the one in Gainesville. Maybe because it is the OG one, but the quality was a bit lacking in Gainesville. It is super cool to see more Asian restaurants opening up in Gainesville and still very good quality. I highly recommend this place, they definitely know what they are doing. I love the all you can eat option and the conveyer belt with all the meats, veggies and seafood. It is so convenient and such a fun hot pot experience! If you want to eat something comforting, warm, and for a good price, this is the place to go!

Sara P.

As a frequent customer of the Nine Spices Fondue in Orlando on Kirkman, I was ECSTATIC to hear that Nine Spices was coming to Gainesville! I had such a wonderful experience and was really happy to see them have an abundant amount of items I really like and more! This location had other bar items such as pickled daikon (wasabi) which I haven't seen at the other location and had a lot of things such as fried tofu skin which sometimes will run out at the other location. I'm not sure if I was just lucky or if I was just lucky! It's so great seeing some of your favorite dishes. I love Nine Spices and how many sauces they have! You can totally control and change your hot pot broth with the sauce bar or ask them to bring more broth! The staff here was super on top of things and refilled drinks / broth very speedily which is awesome for when you're trying to eat your body weight in AYCE Hot Pot to get your moneys worth! Trust me when I say, you won't regret the food baby / meat sweats you'll get from eating at Nine Spices! Definitely recommend Nine Spices & will be back if I'm ever back in Gainesville! :)

Susan Alvarez

Great experience. The staff were helpful and the selection of ingredients was great. Food coma is taking over now.

Rania G.

Gainesville is close to the trifecta- we have a Chinese bakery, now we have Nine Spices Fondue aka hot pot, all we are missing is a foot massage place. In the meantime, I will offer my quick review of Nine Spices. I like this hot pot a lot compared to others I've been to: they offer an all you can eat option as well as a limited menu option. We chose the all you can eat because we wanted to try a lot of things, and I recommend this for your first time so that you know what your favorites are. They also have a nice selection of broths; I chose the mushroom broth but asked for chili on the side to make it a little spicy. I will 100% get this broth combination again, it was wonderfully umami with a kick. Everything comes around on a little train by your table, including the meat. I'm not sure how they manage to keep the meat at a proper temperature while it is going around on the train, but it's nice to have it all come to you. They have a sauce bar, which seems pretty standard at hot pots. I love this because you can make the exact combination sauce that you want. They also give you some ideas/recipes if you are too nervous to invent your own. The only drawbacks included the following: 1) a lot of the ingredients were difficult to identify. They have a tiny little picture guide with cooking times on the napkin dispenser, but it is too small and blurry to be effective. I think they need to make 8 x 11 sheets and laminate them and keep them at the table. 2) if you are sitting far from the food window, you may get last pick of the ingredients coming around. Luckily, you can ask your waiter for specific items and they will bring it to you. 3) no dessert / sweet items included with the all you can eat for the end of the meal. Conversation was difficult because we were focusing so much on the options coming around on the train, but it was fun wondering what was next. This is the kind of place that I won't come often, but will come for a special occasion (Mostly because it is not cheap for all you can eat). But if you've never been to a hot pot, I recommend trying this fun eating experience.

Juanita C.

A really fun experience. Well worth the all-you-can-eat price ($26) if you fast the whole day to make sure you can eat plenty! I was very pleasantly surprised by the wide assortment of food options running through the conveyor belt and the quality of all of it. Some things to note: This isn't a European, cheese fondue place. This is a hot pot place. Hot pot is not ramen and you won't be drinking the broth so keep that in mind if the broth tastes kind of bland.

Chantelle G.

Nice addition to the Gainesville scene! Very clean space, conveyor belt had tasty options, the bone broth and spicy broth bases were tasty on their own. We shared the beef combo, great price! More than enough food. Excellent service! Soft drinks are not free refrills, that would have brought it to a 5-star for me.

Carole C.

Everything was soooo delicious and what a wonderful experice! All of the ingredients were fresh and top notch as well as the selection of ingredients being very wide. My friends and I ordered off a preset menu which I think was the more financially smart decision. None of us could finish our food and we are people with large insatiable appetites. If we had paid more for the unlimited option where you lull ingredients off of the belt we would not have eaten as much as we did with eating from the preset option. They brought all of our food to the table at once so we got to see how much it was, with the belt option you would maybe grab a couple to a few items at a time, cook and eat, and get fuller much slower and ultimately eat less. My point is that while this business has a higher price point than your average restaurant in a college town, it is worth it. Large portion sizes, fresh ingredients, and a massive selection of spices and sauces for flavoring. Can't wait to come back!

Kyra Talbott

We tried this tonight for the first time after reading rave reviews and it did not disappoint! It was a little overwhelming at first but they are very helpful and explain everything in detail. There is also a helpful video playing in loops in case you need even more instruction. The food was delicious and the sauce bar is extensive. The servers were all wonderfully attentive. I highly recommend this place and can not wait to go back!

Stephanie Bumpus

We came a couple of weeks ago on a Saturday afternoon for my husbands birthday. The servers were very patient and thorough explaining how everything there works. They also worked together very well. We opted for the all you can eat option with the spicy soup base. We also used their recommendation for how to make the peanut sauce which was awesome. We loved our experience!

Nancy Si

Conveyor belt hotpot found here! This is a great place to hang out for a meal with friends. Get the all you can eat option and just pick things off the conveyor belt to dip into your broth and then your dipping sauce of choice. There are many classic combinations for dipping sauces that they can show you how to make yourself. The service is very attentive and nice. If you can't find something you want on the conveyor belt, they can bring it to you. Their selection of ingredients is also fairly diverse. Will definitely be coming back here whenever I get a hotpot craving. $27/person not including tax and tip is worth it!

Margaret Baumann

Nine Spices Fondue it is really a Hot Pot not fondue and it was excellent. We really did enjoy it. the food was great service was great, and it was fun cooking in a hot pot. You have your choices of broths, you can do all you can eat and just take from the conveyor belt what you want or you can order a set menu it was a great authentic Chinese experience. We will definitely go back again and highly recommend it it is very reasonably priced you get your monies worth.

Anthony Napodano

Had a really great time visiting this restaurant. It was my first experience at a "hot pot" style restaurant. I recommend choosing the all you can eat option. Each person gets their own pot of soup base and food comes by your table on a little conveyor belt. If you see something, grab it and throw it in your boiling soup! I ate a lot of beef brisket, broccoli, spinach, fried bread sticks, dumplings, and chicken breast. There's plenty of meat, seafood and veggie options. Just don't grab more than you can eat so you don't get charged for the leftovers. My only complaint is that they shut down the conveyor belt on our half of the restaurant before we were done eating, so I had to keep asking the wait staff to bring food to the table.

Edward Tobias

The staff were very helpful and friendly. It was our first time eating at a hot pot restaurant. The waitress explained everything to us and went above and beyond to ensure we had a great experience.

Jeremiah Loper

Great for a date night. I just thought some of the same food that had been traveling around the restaurant was still out floating by all the tables when we left. Still had a good time.

Madelyn M.

We chose Nine Spices Fondue based on a last minute decision by 4 hangry people in an unfamiliar city. Best decision ever! The hostess was at the front check-in area along with 2-3 servers/cashiers and they all greeted us with warm, genuine smiles. We were seated immediately and our waitress explained how everything worked so we could have the best experience. She brought us plates of fresh meats and seafood as we requested and there were tons of other options on the conveyor that goes by the table. I would compare this type of food to Japanese Pho. What I really like is that we you have control over the temp of your food and what goes in it. And everyone can try seafood, beef chicken etc. whatever feeds their craving. There is also a sauce bar to kick up the flavors a notch. All 4 of us agreed that it was the best meal and experience to date! So worth trying!!!!

Megan W.

I was so excited to try this Nine Spices in Gainesville, since I've been to their other locations. Just the venue itself is pretty nice and clean; there's a conveyor belt that goes around with food items, but they only use it closer towards dinner time. They have two sides of seating, including smaller four party tables, large six to eight party tables, and single seats that face the conveyor belt. In the middle, there's a sauce bar; my favorite mix includes the sacha (chinese bbq), sesame oil, hot oil/sriracha, soy sauce, cilantro and garlic. As for the food, I always choose the spicy broth, but if it isn't spicy enough, just ask your waiter for more! I've had the bone broth, but it really isn't that flavorful in my opinion. On the conveyor belt, they have a wide variety of meats, seafood, vegetables, etc. If the item that you want isn't on the belt, just ask your waiter for an order! My favorites are watercress, mushrooms, beef brisket, dumplings, glass noodles, and large clams! I recommend setting your heat at the level where the broth is slightly boiling, so it doesn't dry out or accidentally bubble onto you. Lastly, the service is amazing; all the servers have been extremely nice and helpful. Even though the restaurant can be slightly busy, the service is still decently fast. If you haven't had hot pot, I highly recommend giving it a try. Unfortunately, one person's meal with tip and tax, is slightly over $30 -- this isn't a meal that I can afford to have often. Also slight surprise, their milk tea is extremely good here, but get it without boba!

Mori M.

Good food, service was amazing Mia was our server. Prices moderate, I would prefer if the food is covered while on the conveyor belt. Found the broth plain, the sauces really makes the difference I love Korean BBQ (Bequehiloc) this is nothing like that You do cook your own food, which I don't mind Overall good experience and I recommend I will return at some point Korean BBQ till my favorite

Kristiana S.

I think that this restaurant is a great addition to the asian food scene in Gainesville but I think there are a few changes that would make it better. I think the plates on the conveyor belt should be covered as they rotate around the belt to protect it from how close it comes to peoples faces/tables. I do appreciate the sauce bar and the various options. I think it's a very thoughtful addition. The price for all you can eat is $26 and there is a 2 hour restriction. I personally think the price range is a bit high because of the options offered. Overall I do think it's an experience worth trying and it is a fun and interactive dining option.

Jessica P.

Food here was delicious for the most part. The conveyer items were unlimited but since we went early in the day (right after opening), the conveyer belt wasn't on yet. We were able to order any/every item we wanted that usually would be on the conveyer and our server was phenomenal about our orders and was quick. She even offered us items/specials that weren't on the menu like blue crab! Unlimited blue crab sounds amazing right? I agree! However, the crab was pretty gross. The crab meat was mushy and smelled funky like it had been frozen raw and thawed or something. But it is an AYCE place so I wasn't expecting 5 star seafood. Just the texture, taste and smell were bad enough that I had had deduct 1 Star from my review. The shrimp was shell-on, and I'd give it it a 3.5/5. Tasted previously frozen as well but texture was fine. The unlimited meats we had were lamb brisket and beef. Lamb I'd give a 4/5, pretty impressive for an AYCE place but not the best of all the AYCE places we've tried. Beef I would say was 5/5. Tender, fresh and tasty! Mushroom broth/soup was sort of bland but okay. Spicy soup base had too much going on in it that I was constantly finding pieces of chili, herb and seasonings I'm my food. The sauce bar was cool, they have suggestions for mixtures of the sauces but we didn't follow them. We should have! Our server was great! She was attentive, kind, and always checking on us to see if we wanted or needed anything. Of all the AYCE places we have been to, this is the first place to continuously offer us more food versus skimping and avoiding us like some places do to avoid bringing more food. Overall great experience, I would definitely go again!

Jenn C.

Visiting Florida from Alabama for vacation. Trying a hot pot has been a goal of mine for a long time. It was everything that I imagined that it would be. They gave us the instructions and set us free. You tell them broth you want and everything else you choose off the line. The sauce center is in the center and they had what's looks like 20 options. They had a huge assortment of protein and veggies available to choose from as you will see in the photo. It was amazing. I tried just about every protein except for the fish and that was just bcus I was at capacity by the time I wanted it. I chose the spicy broth and I literally had too many items to name but the fresh ingredients are amazing. The dishes are enough for the table to share in some items and some are single serve. We all thoroughly enjoyed this meal. This was an experience of a lifetime. My favorites were the lamb and beef as far as the protein goes. I enjoyed all of the veggies (veggie lover) everything was so fresh. I tried quail eggs. I tried octopus. I tried a funky Chinese potato as well.

Tafari Coffie

This place is awesome. Loved everything and the staff is amazing.

Ivan B.

Came here for lunch the other day and I enjoyed it. There were only a few other tables with people so it was not really busy. Since it was not busy the conveyor belts were not on and we just ordered from the waitress and she just brought out what we wanted. We did all you can eat and with a drink it is about $30 pretax. Sweet tea was great! Definitely come here when you are hungry and have a big appetite. You start off by picking a broth base. You can even mix two if you wanted. I ordered the mushroom along with spicy. Then there is a list of like 50+ ingredients/side items you can add to your soup. A large poster in the restaurant displays the recommended cooking times for the items you choose. We had things ranging from beef, dumplings, udon noodles, shrimp, quail eggs, enoki mushrooms, fried tofu, etc. There is also a large sauce/spice bar for all of your dipping desires. I loaded up on spicy chili sauce, garlic and cilantro. After your food cooks you dip it into whatever sauce you ordered and eat up. If you eat a lot this is a good place to go and a meal can last about 2 hours. It is also a great social bonding experience if you throw in a few beers. Overall a very clean and nice place with very helpful staff.

Robert Regojo

This is an Asian fondue restaurant, honestly wasn't sure what to expect. You have raw food that gets brought around on a conveyor belt and you cook it yourself in your fondue pot. Really cool concept and I think they do it really well. There are a lot of choices! See the picture. The food itself is really good, make sure to find a sauce you like, it really made the difference. The staff were exceptional, Amy (I think) was our server and she was amazing! Overall great experience, I'll have to try it again and test out some more of their options. Recommendation: make sure you have a timer of some sort with you and save a picture of the menu for cooking times.

jasonlp4 .

Came for my birthday, it was a wonderful experience. The food was great and fresh and the staff very friendly. They also gave me a free slice of cheesecake. I recommend for everyone, we will definitely be back....

Angie Lowe

Great place to eat! Very friendly,!

Linnea McCarty

This place was super fun and yummy! The conveyer belt of food is great since you get to pick whatever you want without needing a server to bring it. Great prices for a ton of food!

Jeremy Kyle

Absolutely amazing food and great service! Highly recommended!

Emily S.

I love the concept here: conveyor belt hot pot. For the most part the food is good and there are a lot of things you can put in your soup. The major issue I had was not knowing what some of the ingredients on the belt were. They desperately need to have signs indicating what the food is. There was a chart on the sauce bar and on a napkin holder, but they were either too far away or too tiny for me to read. Nine Spices PLEASE fix this.

C W.

Ok, I've been back 4 or 5 times now. Still loving it. The items on the conveyor belt seem to vary a bit- I think this depends a lot on where you're sitting along the length of the belt. The experience seems to be a little different if you're at the beginning (where it comes out of the kitchen) or at the end (people have already picked up a lot of plates). Ultimately it doesn't seem to matter too much though, because the servers have been super attentive each time I've visited, and have happily brought anything I wanted straight out of the kitchen. It's useful to keep a menu with you after you order to reference what's available, and if there's something you want that you're not seeing on the belt, just ask. Have also discovered that the bone broth is my favorite, and the spicy broth is a little too much for me, but then, I can't handle much spice. My dining partner liked the spicy. If you just want a little extra heat, there's siracha up on the sauce bar.

Brittany K.

The food was pretty good, but since it is essentially just ingredients being put into a pot, i think that there has to be other aspects to make it more than just average. When we went I think it was too early, so the revolving belt was not on where we were sitting so that was a bit disappointing. The service was fair, at one point we got up on our own to grab more ingredients from the other side and brought it to our table. The ingredients were pretty fresh and the broth was good. I would say though if you have small kids to be careful because the pot sits on top of an electric stove, unlike some other hotpot places that have a lowered stove.

Christian Bluth

25~ dollars per person, for all you can eat for 2 hours. A la carte options for less. Great deal for the money. Clean, delicious, fast service and amazing sauces and soup to cook everything in. One of the must try places in Gainesville.

Libby W.

Great new place! The service was on point and the food delicious and fresh. We all got the all you can eat and each tried different bases and sauces. My favorite was the house sauce!

Sara Y

Initially was headed to WoB, then saw that Nine Spices were open & we decided to give it a try. We are more than pleased with our first experience at a hotpot. Was a little nervous trying to figure it out & the sauce bar, in about 3 minutes I had my game plan and was rocking my Beef Combo. Next time the All You Can Eat option for us. Our waitress was very patient & super helpful. It all was so yummy!!!


Came for my birthday, it was a wonderful experience. The food was great and fresh and the staff very friendly. They also gave me a free slice of cheesecake. I recommend for everyone, we will definitely be back....

Stacy Barb

Very fun time and unique experience. The raw food travels around the tables on a conveyer belt. You take what you want from the belt and cook it in your hot pot of broth in front of you. They also have a sauce bar with many delicious options. It is expensive for all you can eat but a fun occasional date night.

Romond B

A great interactive place to eat. Bring multiple friends and enjoy the company, food and staff. Absolutely going back.

Doug Tam

With the arrival of Kbbq in previous years, it was only a matter of time before a hotpot exclusive place would pop up. Definitely a fun experience to share with friends and family! Price is moderate depending on your hunger but atmosphere and restaurant model works well and is a fine addition to the Gainesville community. Definitely check out sometime. Only qualm I have is the odd label of Asian fondue, but hey, if it catches the attention of others, I guess it did its job!