North Florida Regional Medical Center

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Recent Reviews

Heidi Gearhart

I was pleasantly surprised how friendly and positive every person was that I came in contact with on my surgery day. Without exception each person introduced themselves, wished me well going into surgery and had a wonderful attitude.

Jasmine Taylor

Had my baby here and also had a surgery after, both times had a pleasant experience with the exception of one nurse who did not want to help me as much as others. I will not put her name on this review. Overall i would recommend this hospital.

Shawn Martin

The staff at this hospital is first rate. They were so caring and wonderful. The only thing that wasn't something to rave about was the food, but, then again, I wanted to lose a few pounds.

bahira sugarman

My 3 hour experience was enhanced with prompt, easy, compassionate check-in and continued good experiences with all the professionals involved.

Nellie Jones

Convenient accessibility in getting to the appointment(parking and direction). The staff was friendly and courteous.

Jean Stream

We came to the NF ER on 7-30-19 for treatment for Ralph's thumb which had been accidently cut by a saw. The staff on duty all were friendly and so efficient. The most amazing part of the experience, they all worked as a team, supporting and interacting together beautifully. Thanks for a great experience.

Andray Hicks

It was a good in and out experience. The iv was started painlessly, but the tape was applied a certain way that pinched when my blood pressure was being taken. I tolerated it, not wanting to be wimpy. Maybe the cuff should’ve been in the other arm. The large bruise is just starting to fade. It’s still very noticeable after approx. 8 days. This was a weird coincidence. No other suggestions. Thanks

Kirsten Owens

Every person I interacted with took great care of me. Very seamless process and would recommend going here. They took the time to explain each step of the process without me asking which made me feel more comfortable.

Winzoir Durr

I just love NFRMC. I recently posted recommending North Florida Regional Medical Center over Shands. I was brought in today by ambulance and the level of professionalism by their staff goes unmatched by any hospital I've ever been to. Keep up the great work guys!!!

Lynda Corlett

While no one wants to have surgery, the staff at North Florida Regional made this experience as pleasant as possible. Everyone there was happy, friendly, hard working and supportive. Thank you to everyone for your excellent care.

Vanessa Williams

As far as Doctor and Nurse Care ... Top Notch.

Ronnie Best

Excellent treatment. Very easy to check in via PreOp & into hospital. Experience was very positive. If I could, however, make a minor suggestion: during recovery, both the patient & family want direct reassurance that all is going okay. Why not allow a brief visit by family in recovery room? Not a ‘seated’ visit, just an opportunity to comfort each other.

Sharon Smith

Having worked in a Magnet hospital, I was truly impressed with the responsiveness of the staff, their clinical expertise and compassion. The hospital process was smoothly performed. My radiologist was extremely professional. The procedure itself was performed with minimal discomfort. Staff was responsive to all my needs. The ability to access my clinical data was very helpful and eased my worries. Still haven't heard from my own doctor on the results. Waiting to see just how long my wait will be. Thanks to your app, I was able to answer that question for myself. Great job.

Melissa O.

I took off a star because I couldn’t watch the discharge video and therefore didn’t get great instructions for going home. And they took baby’s vitals what I felt was a bit too often. But the nurses and staff were kind, knowledgeable, and attentive. The food was fine and I felt very secure and taken care of. I was pretty nervous about it, but I would definitely recommend NFRMC for a hospital birth.

North Florida Regional Medical Center

6500 W Newberry Rd, Gainesville, FL 32605
(352) 333-4000