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Betty Cooper

Where to begin... I just can not say enough about how great the Labor & Delivery Dept and their staff are here. We had a wonderful experience recently when a family member delivered 5.5 weeks early and they showed us tremendous care, concern and kept us all calm in a intense situation. Thank you all for a job well done.

Laney Davis

My test was done by very professional and personable staff. I was given a detailed explanation about the test which helped me follow directions. I was taken early and was out before my appointment time. Good job!

Tracy Lynn

I was admitted again on a once again hospital overcrowded day recently, no rooms upstairs again them Was sent to the CDU unit where they got my diet requirement wrong I didn’t eat the first few days till finally I was able to call someone about all the food I wasted not eating that was sent to me, the only saving graces were the nurses in the unit. They were great despite all the patients they had in the unit.

Patricia Thompson

Staff well versed in their job duties. They were very patient, kind and understanding. Easy to relate to. They are a plus for Radiology.

Stan G.

My 90 y.o. mother and her 97 y.o. husband are residents of an assisted living facility. On Sunday 2-9-20 my mother couldn`t get out of bed. My step dad called 911. She was taken to NFRM by rescue at around 8:00 am. By the time I drove from Jacksonville, picked up my step dad and got to the ER it was close to 11:00 am. They had sedated her in order to examine her as she has dementia and becomes agitated if her husband is not with her. Upon our arrival she was sedated and sleeping. Their test could not find anything wrong with her but they wanted to admit her for observation. We asked when she would be admitted and moved to a room. they told us the did not have any beds available at this time . We were concerned and didn`t want to leave her but didn`t want to watch her sleep for hours. Upon my request the ER nurse gave me her cell phone # and told us to call in a couple hours and she would let us know if she was awake. I called the # at 2:00 and no answer, 3:00 same results. Finally at 4:00 we just showed up. She had been moved to a different room and was basically unattended as she was waiting for a room to become available. We asked the staff if her husband would be allowed to stay with her in the room as she becomes agitated and uncooperative if separated from him. We were told by a couple ER nurses that it wouldn`t be a problem and they would put a recliner in the room next to her bed. So here we are in a ER room awaiting a room. One chair for us to sit on which we gave to my step-dad while my niece and I stood. Mom was still out of it. Still waiting for a room to become available. A board in the room shows that some test were ordered and completed and others were pending. We asked about which test were done and the results but nursing staff was unable to give us answers. We asked which test were pending and the answer was the same. We are getting mad that we are just in a room with no idea whats going on or when a room will be available. Finally about 7:00 pm they told us a room was available but it had to be cleaned. We waited and waited. Finally the nurse tells us that because multiple room became available at the same time housekeeping had to clean them in the order of the vacancy so we had to wait longer for them to clean her assigned room. I don`t remember what time we got to the room but I again asked the guy transporting her about her husband staying in the room. His response: That`s not a problem. In the process of transferring her to the bed it was discovered she had been laying in her own urine for quite awhile. I then asked her nurse about her husband staying in the room and the answer was "absolutely not". This is the women`s floor and no men were allowed to stay in the room. They said he could sleep in a recliner at the end of the hallway, in the visitors area. I asked to speak to the Charge nurse and she reiterated the same thing. She didn`t get that I was upset because everyone up to this point had stated "no problem" and at the last minute she says no! Major Communication breakdown. This lack of communication causes us problems and get my Mother and step-dad to become upset. In addition, even though they had a list of her Meds it took them until the next day to admin. to her. Because they found no medical reason to treat they ordered PT to get her up and moving. I spent 2 whole days next to her bed and never saw a Physical therapist. I spoke to the case manager about transferring her to a rehab facility and she stated she sent referrals to 2 places and has not heard from either. In the meantime my mother becomes delusional, agitated and "talking crazy" I told the nursing staff I believe my mother has a UTI as I have seen this behavior before and know it can be caused by a UTI. The Nurse stated she was checked for a UTI in the emergency room and was negative. Talked to the Dr. about it and she denied a UTI stating my mom`s dementia along with a new environment caused her to be confused.My niece along with her father refused to accept this explanation

I Granicz

My visit was very satisfactory. My nurse was very attentive and my doctor very good in diagnosing my health issues. Her guidance is essential for my well being. I appreciate all services at Spring Hill Senior Center

Billie Whaley

My boyfriend and i were in a car accident, with my side of the vehicle being struck. We went to North Florida emergency room to get checked out, as we were told it was an excellent hospital, and they were great... to him. Our experiences were VASTLY different.

diann testagrossa

Every staff that my husband and I came into contact was wonderful. It was extremely good experience from preoperative testing to surgery and recovery. Thank you for taking care of my husband in a caring manner.

Jim Thomsen

I was treated with courtesy and professionalism at all times. My caregivers paid attention to what I said and didn't dismiss me with condescension as has happened in prior hospitalizations. I got what I needed. My treatment was effective. I'm pleased a longstanding physical ailment was dealt with for good. Thank you, everyone.

Stacey Ledvina

I recently had a tonsillectomy. From pre-op to post-op, everyone involved with the surgery was wonderful! I have had 2 other surgeries in the past 6 years at North Florida and this was by far the best experience yet. All good experiences, this one just seemed to be the most organized and quickest. I was in and home in less than three hours! Thank you to everyone that made this surgery go by so smoothly and quickly!!

terry mulligan

I will have to say that the nurses and pca’s were absolutely awesome. The care I received was wonderful. They were extremely caring and concerned about my comfort level. I could not ask for anything better. Being in the hospital is not what anyone wants, but they made it as good as it could have been. Everyone was always positive and caring. Great people on the 6 th floor. Thank you all .

Angie Salyers

It was amazing ? I loved my stay when I had my 1st baby they took care of me n gave me food n kept checking on me n my newborn son n made sure we was doing good. They gave my hubby a nice pull out bed 2 stay in n it was comfy n I love to hear the new baby song it soothes my son down . They r amazing people that r respectful n awesome at what they do

Cupeles CCupeles

I just had surgery a few days ago in the women’s center.I was anxious as this was my first time having surgery in the states. The staff was very attentive and professional. My nurse was Nina, she was thorough with everything she was explaining ,not once did she look like my questions or concerns were bothersome. My anesthesiologists was Dr.Mayo high energy guy but made the process very comfortable. After surgery I was awakened by a lovely nurse named K Higgins,I don’t remember much but I do remember her sweet smile.

Shannon Scott

It was great! Still waiting on my results to come to my email and also for someone to give me a call about recommending a family doctor in the area please 5 stars if I can get all that info THANKS

Roop Wokhlu

very pleased with the experience. Excellent caring emergency room.They did the most important task first to relieve pain for the patient and not let formalities come in the way of helping patient without any delay and fuss. very pleased.

John T.

NFRM pond lighting was a blast of holiday time a spirit. Park across the street at the mall and the cops for crossing. There was several food trucks, face painting, make decorations, a movie, Santa and other activities. So it you looking to get Lit this holiday season it definitely worth a look see. Note this review is only about the NFRM pond holiday lighting display.

Peter G.

I had a horrible experience at NFRMC. Following surgery where Peter Sarantos tore blood vessels during the surgery and then lied about it to cover his blunder. The next day the torn blood vessels ruptured and I suffered an internal hemorrhage. What was supposed to be same day surgery turned into 9 days in the hospital with 4 in the ICU. But after the original surgery I had to deal with negligent nursing staff. I woke up in a bare bed with a urinal and asked the nurse caring for the confused patient next to me for a blanket. She stated " I am not your nurse" and continued to ignore me for the entire 8 hours until the night shift arrived at 7pm. I had to struggle out of the bed, walk up and down the hall just to get a blanket. I got one from the housekeeper.I asked the clerk at the nurses station " who is my nurse?" She was extremely rude to me. She shouted "Cant you see I'm busy" "I'm working on it". I went back to my bed and no nurse or tech came to my bedside for 8 hours. I received no water, no food, no vital signs were taken, no pain medications. It was extremely frustrating, painful, and UNSAFE.

Kathleen R.

I am actually dismayed to write this review, because my experience at the N. Florida Regional ER in 2016, when I was having atrial fibrilation, was quite good. I was 64 at the time, and when I said, "My heart is acting funny," they rushed me back to a cubicle and immediately started treatment. Unfortunately, the next day I had a hell of a time getting a doctor to come in to see me so I could go home, after my heart rate had been stabilized for over 12 hours. The bigger problem occurred in 2018 when my brother had open-heart surgery at N. Florida. The surgery went well and the surgeon was excellent. However, I suspect he was one of the sources of the crucial problem. I suspect this because of comments he made about "his people," indicating that he saw the staff of the Cardiovascular Critical Care Unit at N. Florida as his own personal staff. To make a long story short, my brother had a bad reaction to the drugs he was on post-surgery. He became belligerent and also morbidly depressed, convinced that he was dying when all the staff were saying he came through the surgery with flying colors. The day after his surgery, I asked his nurse if he was on any medication that might cause these personality/mood changes. Her answer was, "Not to my knowledge." The next day, his attitude was even more belligerent. Again, I asked his nurse (a different one) if he was on anything that might cause this negative attitude. She said, "Not that I know of." The similarity of their answers did not register until much later. My brother's belligerence continued and I chalked it up to the stress and pain of the situation and tried to be patient with him, assuming that once we got him out of the hospital he would revert to his normal personality. Little did I know that he was perceiving everything that happened through drug-induced filters. By the time he left the hospital, he was convince that I was a "controlling bitch who hindered more than I helped" (what he yelled at me a couple of days after he was released from the hospital). My husband had since researched the meds he was on and had discovered that indeed the FDA listed mood and personality changes as fairly common side effects, and anger was a less common one. Seriously? Those nurses didn't know that those were common side effects of the meds they administer every day?!?! Because those nurses lied to me, my brother and I are still estranged. He doesn't believe me when I try to explain to him what really happened in the hospital, despite the fact that the surgeon told him in his follow-up visit that patients believing they are dying, even when they aren't, is a common reaction to open-heart surgery. So why didn't "his nurses" tell me that when I asked about mood issues? And why didn't they admit that the drugs he was on were causing his belligerence? If they had done so, I would have explained that to him at the time, that he was feeling angry and depressed because of the drugs. He's not stupid; even in a drug-induced fog, he would have gotten that. And I would still have my brother in my life. Instead, I am facing the second Thanksgiving and Christmas without him. He is now 70 and I am 67. Not a good age to be estranged from one's family! I have actually considered suing the hospital for alienation of affection, but it is a difficult case to prove, and frankly I'm not willing to go through the stress of that.

donna spencer

There were only two people in the waiting room when I arrived. I was in severe pain but it wasn't life threatening. My wait time from waiting room to exam by a doctor was approx. 30 minutes. My doctor was extremely thorough. Very pleased with his care and concern. Others... not so much. They were unable to diagnose my problem, but took appropriate tests and lined me up with a referral. CT scan girls were great. I would recommend North Florida Regional.

Robert Lingis

Kind, Caring and Professional Staff in the surgical recovery room at the NFR Women Center. I can't say enough about their ability and people skills. They made a stressful time very enjoyable. I felt like I was at a resort instead a hospital. Keep up the great work and thanks again.

Whitney Abney

I’m a first time mom and was super nervous, I was admitted an hour before shift change and the first nurse was alright but didn’t make me feel like a priority. After shift change I was given Ming as a nurse and she was an ABSOLUTE GIFT FROM GOD!! Any questions I asked she answered, she constantly checked on me and made sure I didn’t need anything and during delivery she had the greatest words of encouragement. I will never forget her! She was phenomenal. Once I moved to postpartum the nurses there were great also but nothing even close to Ming. North Florida is a great hospital to deliver and the staff was all so helpful and welcoming!

Edye Prince

Excellent care, attention & experience. From the moment of arrival until discharge, absolutely every aspect was covered with the utmost respect & personal consideration.

Edward Stephens

I was admitted Oct 1 2019 Everyone I had to deal with was so kind, made me feel comfortable. The Staff was very professional, and friendly. They also took the time to explain what they were going to do, I was impressed.

Jaime Lazarus

I'm an "experienced patient" having had 18 orthopedic operations in the last 30 years - so consider my opinion not as not that of one from a novice. This last operation was for a complete lumbar fusion and required a stay of just over four days. In that time I encountered only one time when a hospital employee didn't seem to have my needs as the only ones on her mind, and that instance was during a routine "check your vitals". For all I know something serious may have happened in her life that day. In any case, I'm completely satisfied with the care I received and highly recommend NFRMC!

Capone Stone

The Behavioral Health Center at NFRMC seems more like a minimum security prison than a mental health treatment center. Not to mention I was yelled at for walking out of the visiting room to leave. No one informed me anything upon visiting my significant other that I needed an escort to leave. Beware of this place. At your most vulnerable time you need more caring people than this place seems to offer.

Little Frog

I have been to the main north Florida emergency room on a few occasions and the experience was good it was always time consuming of at least 4 hours if not more.

Elizabeth R.

Pray that you or a loved on never cross the threshold of this hospital. They are completely understaffed, do not return phone calls, and neglect the well-being of their patients. My father is here with a brain injury, and I live in the Midwest. Despite numerous calls to the doctor, nurse and case worker, I never received a call back. They transferred his room three times in 5 days, changed his case worker three times in five days. Trying to get someone to the room when he needs something takes upwards of 45 minutes. The doctor ordered PT and OT daily for him, which he does not receive. He just sits in his bed all day. I am horrified.

Heidi Gearhart

I was pleasantly surprised how friendly and positive every person was that I came in contact with on my surgery day. Without exception each person introduced themselves, wished me well going into surgery and had a wonderful attitude.

Jasmine Taylor

Had my baby here and also had a surgery after, both times had a pleasant experience with the exception of one nurse who did not want to help me as much as others. I will not put her name on this review. Overall i would recommend this hospital.

Shawn Martin

The staff at this hospital is first rate. They were so caring and wonderful. The only thing that wasn't something to rave about was the food, but, then again, I wanted to lose a few pounds.

Margaret R.

July 11, 2019 my husband was transported to NFRMC at approximately 4 PM via EMS. He had a horrific fall at home. The ER personnel looked at him. He had xrays and a CT scan. A doctor never even touched him. He was told he only had extreme muscle bruising and pulled tendons. During the CT scan he even lost a turquoise cross he had worn for over 12 years. The hospital never found it. He was released from the ER, put in a wheel chair and put in the lobby to wait for me to get there with a truck so he could get home. They said they needed the bed. He could not sit up straight without being in excruciating pain. We notified the hospital of this treatment and have never received a response. They have definitely gone down hill in their treatment in the past few years. It is a disgrace.

Staci S.

My dad has been a patient in the hospital at North Florida Regional for two weeks. He has received the best possible care. The nurses are caring and dedicated. Every person we've come in contact with has been super professional. The only negative is the lack of available parking.

bahira sugarman

My 3 hour experience was enhanced with prompt, easy, compassionate check-in and continued good experiences with all the professionals involved.

Yvette A.

My husband was transferred here in Jan. After being diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer. Our minds weren't operating right after starting the nightmare of Cancer. We were told from that start....He would have quality of life no cure but treatment. If we had only known. He had a rod placed in his hip due to the cancer eating though his hip, also had a feeding tube placed. He was never given a bed bath or had his hair washed by any staff other than by myself. He had a Dr come in one day and he had read my husband's chart and actually told my husband .. " Good luck " What kind of Dr would even say that ? Physical therapy was pushed onto my husband while he was in horrible pain while listening to their constant smart remarks. My husband came down with a UTI and also Pneumonia. The day he came down with Pneumonia was the day we were given the option of going to Hospice. We had a nurse come into the room and said... " You caused the Pneumonia your self because you weren't doing your PT " March 8th my husband was placed into Hospice. While we sat in the hospital room waiting for the transfer the Physical Therapist appeared at the door and asked if my husband was declining his PT for the day. I'll never forgot the smug smile on their faces. My husband passed on March 10th at the local Hospice Center. A week later I received a phone call from the hospital asking to speak to my husband. I tearfully told them that my husband had passed. I would never step foot into NFL Regional Hospital again .

Nellie Jones

Convenient accessibility in getting to the appointment(parking and direction). The staff was friendly and courteous.

Jean Stream

We came to the NF ER on 7-30-19 for treatment for Ralph's thumb which had been accidently cut by a saw. The staff on duty all were friendly and so efficient. The most amazing part of the experience, they all worked as a team, supporting and interacting together beautifully. Thanks for a great experience.

April B.

MUST READ *****NURSES GETTING DRUNK IN ER AND NEGLECT TOWARDS PATIENTS!! My mother is currently a patient there I've never in my life had such a horrible experience with a hospital. My mother got very ill and was very very weak and took a fall and hurt herself bad I was forced to call a ambulance. I rush down and get to the hospital and get back into the e.r. Where my mother was and she told me she had to use the bathroom very very bad I told the nurses 6 times 2 hours finally the e.r . Doctor the only one there that was a good experience with got them to help me with a bed pan. Yes I had to help her go to the bathroom with a pan cause they wouldn't do it. Then someone brought in a bottle of champagne and they are DRINKING ALCOHOL IN THE E.R. THE NURSES!!! The ones we expect to save our lives in times of need GETTING DRUNK HAVING WHAT THEY CALLED A GIRLS NIGHT!! then my mother gets admitted she keeps asking them to give her a hand getting to the bathroom so she don't fall again I thought it was always "call don't fall" no because they don't have the time to help her or whatever their reasoning is they say oh wait let me go get so and so to help me then they just never come back.. every time I go up to see her they have towels shoved in her privates and instead of helping with a bed pan or helping her up because she has a fracture in her back and just needs a little hand getting up cause the pain they have her peeing herself and having to lay in it till they come around again 3-5 hrs later such a great thing to be doing with someone who came in with a debilitating uti infection and a diabetic. The dr yelled at her for not getting up even after we had told him they won't help. The dr said someone was gonna come up and do therapy guess what no one ever came in two days but guess what there doing there more or less punishing her because others won't do their job! The nurses station is constantly a hangout where patients like my mother have to lay in their feces and urine for hours because they would rather that or her get up on her own and fall then to give her a hand. I've never been so disgusted with a business in my life I will be filing complaints I've never in my life heard of such things being allowed it's neglect then the nurses having their little champagne party sickening!!! For reference champagne party was in the e.r. And all the neglect is happening on the 7th floor patient rooms if I could give negative 5 stars I would 0 stars I would 1 star is 1 too many

Winzoir Durr

I just love NFRMC. I recently posted recommending North Florida Regional Medical Center over Shands. I was brought in today by ambulance and the level of professionalism by their staff goes unmatched by any hospital I've ever been to. Keep up the great work guys!!!

Andray Hicks

It was a good in and out experience. The iv was started painlessly, but the tape was applied a certain way that pinched when my blood pressure was being taken. I tolerated it, not wanting to be wimpy. Maybe the cuff should’ve been in the other arm. The large bruise is just starting to fade. It’s still very noticeable after approx. 8 days. This was a weird coincidence. No other suggestions. Thanks

Kirsten Owens

Every person I interacted with took great care of me. Very seamless process and would recommend going here. They took the time to explain each step of the process without me asking which made me feel more comfortable.

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