The Dime

4 E University Ave, Gainesville
(352) 692-0068

Recent Reviews

Sarah Wahltinez

I love this tiny craft-cocktail bar! It's one of those small intimate spaces with great drinks and friendly service that you can't wait to return to. They have a Happy Hour from 4-7 Mon-Sat and 1-7 on Sundays and you can't beat the prices! I love that they have traditional drinks as well more unique offerings. Due to the size, try to come at an odd time or be prepared to wait outside for a spot to open up.

Ryan Nixon

Great cocktails, but unfortunately the service is hit-or-miss

Erich C.

Really amazing tiny bar right smack in the center of downtown! The bartenders are cery accomplished! I ordered a caipirinha (Brazilian mojito w/o mint) and he made it for me with crushed ice! Wow! Most bars have no idea what this drink is, and he made it with flare! They don't have the usual bottles of alcohol on the wall, but unique spirits and very able barkeeps! You can sit outside (limited seating) or inside. There are two areas that make you feel like you are in a glass case watching people come into the bar. This is the primo place to sit, and if you are with a fun date, it can make the night memorable! Check it out!

Anthony Lopez

I can't say anything better about this place. I would come here if you're coming to chat with your friends because Dominic (the bartender) will blow your mind with the creative, crazy, amazing, and beautiful drinks he can create. This place isn't as busy on a Tuesday so I recommend coming on that day. You won't regret it I swear. Dominic will keep you entertained with the exquisite beverages he handcrafts. More than 5 stars if I could. Similar vibe to Madrinas. More personal service

kelly anderson

Super great drink menu. Cute stylish little bar. Drinks are delicious.

Erika Hagarty

One of my favorite little bars in Gainesville. They always have an amazing selection of cocktails here and the bartenders are highly skilled. Although the space is small, it is worth the wait on a busy night. Since space is limited it's not great for larger groups. If you like craft cocktails you have to try this spot. The location also offers some good views of downtown Gainesville which makes for some great people watching on the weekend.

Arielle Murphy

This bar is beautiful! The drinks are extreamly strong, it's a fun old time feel to this bar. Some of the staff is nice and sweet, others are stuck up and snobby, hence the two misding stars. Other then that we had a great time.

Callisa Lawn

Best cocktails in Gainesville. The staff is well-informed, seeming to know what drinks best highlight the array of good booze. Always willing to make something that suits a disposition and handle my many questions on how it was made.

Andrew Park

Chill af. Good start to the night.

Michael Gardner

This is one of my favorite bars in Gainesville! The atmosphere is very pleasing and since there is a limit of about 35-ish people in the establishment at once (inside seating) it makes it pretty nice.

Kendal Gee

The rudest bartender I have ever encountered. bartender became hostile because I grabbed a glass to put the excess ice of my drink in. Even after I profusely apologized, she continued to be rude to the point where it was actually shocking and uncomfortable for everyone around us.

Aaron H.

Nice place to start our night. It's a Gainesville 5 and a country 4 with regards to craft cocktails. Had a bees knees to compare to other places and a Bandito to see the local flavor. Bartenders don't measure ingredients and shook with regular freezer ice in the drinks. Garnishes were in drinks but nothing especially curated. As for the drinks themselves the bees knees was good but maybe a little more bitter than normal. The bandito was on point...smoky mezcal and a really spicy finish made this the highlight of our stop. Atmosphere is nice but could get crowded really fast. We happened to get a table right when we walked in which was lucky. Staff was nice and service was quick. We would go back...but this is not a true speakeasy with knock your socks off cocktails. Prices were about what you would expect...classics around 10 and the bandito was 15. Good spot, and a nice place to hang.

Aaron Paschke

Nice bar with good happy hour drinks. Cocktails in the 5-6 dollar range.

Phillip J. Herr-Klepacki

Great cocktails made with fresh ingredients. Calm, hip atmosphere - not overrun by loud students looking for cheap drinks or PBR. Good happy hour specials.

James T.

Dime bar Pete is Pete make good drink gud drink I like Pete I repete much gracias so good nice yes

John E.

Went here, waited for service, kept waiting, and was kept disappointed. The female bartender there was rude and indifferent. Was excited to show a couple friends this place and none of us will return.

Mark Keränen

True 5-star. Complex, handcrafted cocktails are standard. If it's not on the menu they can make it. Priced fairly for what you get.

Griffin Greene

This place has a nice chill atmosphere, with some alternative (and sometimes vintage) tunes playing. Bartenders are very friendly. Drinks may be a little more expensive, but are high quality.

Mark Keränen

True 5-star. Complex, handcrafted cocktails are standard. If it's not on the menu they can make it. Priced fairly for what you get.

Brian Peddie

What a great place that isn’t another college dive bar in Gainesville. They offer homemade top shelf craft cocktails that are wonderful. The staff is a bit “edgy”, which could rub folks the wrong way, but it fits in with the scene and they are efficient and professional. The place gets crowded and real cocktails do take extra time to make so be patient when ordering if it’s packed. This is by far one the best cocktail establishment downtown with ambiance to match.

Chaker F.

The Dime Bar is a small, craft cocktail bar located right in the middle of Downtown Gainesville. DRINKS (4.5/5): In the past, this place got a bad rep due to some issues that have since then been resolved. In my opinion, The Dime is one of the best places in Gainesville to get a cocktail. ESPECIALLY DURING HAPPY HOUR. My recommendations are as follows: - Caipirinha - Bee's Knees - Testarossa - Skeleton War SERVICE(4.5/5): Service is good here now! I have not had a bad experience in the past two years. ATMOSPHERE (4/5): I like the vibe of this place! It is small and cozy. If you come during a busy time, you will be asked to wait outside until a seat becomes available.

Walt Jamison

Hands down, the best bar in downtown Gainesville if not the whole city. The bartenders are masters of their craft, extremely well-versed in all things cocktail culture and fantastic hosts. From the moment you walk in, you're treated like family; the perfect Mad Man style, mid-century modern decor is just the cherry on the sundae. I come here as often as my wallet allows.

Kay Bee

The bartender was great, the drinks were strong, the happy hours were long and the crowd was perfectly eclectic. Definitely a hip spot to enjoy unique handcrafted cocktails.

nathan s

I witnessed the most passionate drink maker behind the bar, a real craftsman creating excellent flavors.


Best place in Gainesville for cocktails. Bartenders are well trained and are the bomb.

Yogi Patel

Hidden gem. Friendly bar tender that makes delicious drinks.

Jeremy H.

Make sure to flip off that bodega guy Cason. Don't forget to order the deep fried Frito Pie Chili Dog.

SaintVincent11 .

Best place in Gainesville for cocktails. Bartenders are well trained and are the bomb.

Mike S.

Worst experience ever, aggressively rude bartender, I have never felt so disrespected while spending my money. From other reviews I have read, it seems as shit service at this bar is the norm. The owners should re-evaluate what customer service is and train their staff accordingly. I would never step foot in this bar again nor would I ever recommend this place to anyone. As for the butch bartender that had on a mamey colored shirt yesterday, she and her friend were both drunk and disrespectful to the patrons at the bar, you do not deserve the right to serve guest, nevertheless, get paid to do so. The owners must not care much as I see they don't even have the face to reply apologizing to the customers on behalf of their unprofessional staff, place is a joke.

Matthew Teneyck

I've never had worse service at any place in my life. Rudest bartender ever. Extremely mean and condescending to me. Wouldn't close out my tab when I asked. I loved the venue and the selection, but I'm never going here again because of the staff. If you want to be made to feel terrible about yourself, I guess I'd recommend it to you. I think this is the first time in my life I didn't leave a tip somewhere

Daniel Wagner

Fashionable downtown bar, wide selection of drinks

Michael C.

For a time this place was getting a bad rap on Yelp, but I'm glad that it's making a come back because in my opinion it's one of the best bars in Gainesville. There are few places I would actually consider for a great drink in Gainesville and the dime bar is one of those places. A nice intimate location with a speakeasy vibe, it's not only affordable but has good quality drinks. Back in my student days I'd love to come to the happy hour (which has an wide selection of different drinks), while the bar still had some decent seating before the night service. The Bee's Knees is my go-to refreshing cocktail and always gives me a nice buzz with a little sweetness. So far I've never had a bad bartender (although they aren't overly friendly), but in my opinion they are just focused on their work. While this might be a turn-off for others I always found myself just talking to other people given it's a speakeasy and that's what you're supposed to do :).

Jonathan M.

Lexi is a rock star bartender! She makes great cocktails, on menu and off, and is very personable.

Miles Mathia

Best drinks in town by far. Friendly staff. Great ambiance.

Meaghan N.

Hip bar downtown. It easily blends into the background and I've often have to point the location out to many friends while they were open! It's a great location to people watch and the drinks are decent. Only four stars because the bartender that served me was actually a little rude (bad day??) and because of that I have yet to come back

Meredith Gardner

My friends and I came in for a drink for her birthday. We spent about 10 minutes there- just enough to finish a drink for her. Upon leaving, the bartender chased us outside to the neighboring bar and harassed us about not buying enough and how we “cost her $100” by coming in. She said we should think about going into a bar and not buying enough drinks in the future. I will certainly be thinking about that as I don’t plan on going here anytime in the future.

Play unseen Stories

One of the bartenders is very rude. He made me leave because I asked to close my tab and then decided I wanted to keep it ope. He didn't like that. I work in the industry and have never seen such a thing. (btw I had only had 2 drinks and a shot so no I wasn't drunk)

Sarah John

One of the bartenders is very rude. He made me leave because I asked to close my tab and then decided I wanted to keep it ope. He didn't like that. I work in the industry and have never seen such a thing. (btw I had only had 2 drinks and a shot so no I wasn't drunk)

Loden G.

Cool, artsy and very small (intimate), this bar has nice drinks, a fun youthful counterculture clientele, and a good downtown location. Definitely recommended for drinks before dinner.

Christine N.

The Dime Bar is tiny and cannot be easily spotted. It's between Pop a Top and the UC. I didn't even know this bar existed until some friends recommended it. I went with some friends and it was pretty empty but the vibe was cool. I bet during the school year this place can get packed quickly. I also noticed that most everyone was a young professional and older which was reassuring since the over 23 crowd still deal with undergrads most everywhere else. I honestly can't remember what I drank but I do remember having an extensive conversation with the bartender about whiskey types. He was extremely knowledgeable and nice. Check out The Dime Bar for a low-key time!