Wyatt's Coffee

202 SE 2nd Ave, Gainesville
(352) 519-5818

Recent Reviews

D M.

Wonderful staff; really positive! Stopped by during COVID-19 free giveback to essential workers, which included teachers.. the staff was so thankful and supportive... Wyatt's has our business from now on! Thank you for giving back to your community.

Kayla A

I never thought I would deviate from a very popular, well-known coffee shop but Wyatt's is AMAZING! I tried it last week for the first time and have been back several times since. The Japanese honey nitro cold brew is so flavorful, delicious and fresh testing. I can honestly say I have never had a better cup of coffee in my life. Their citrus lemon cake is also to die for. The staff is wonderful! Go check them out if you have not-your only regret will be not visiting sooner!

Paul Avery

This is a very friendly place to hang out while having delicious coffee drinks. Staff are extremely friendly and go out of their way to create a positive atmosphere. Please consider leaving your inheritance to them.

Kayla Rayann

I never thought I would deviate from a very popular, well-known coffee shop but Wyatt's is AMAZING! I tried it last week for the first time and have been back several times since. The Japanese honey nitro cold brew is so flavorful, delicious and fresh testing. I can honestly say I have never had a better cup of coffee in my life. Their citrus lemon cake is also to die for. The staff is wonderful! Go check them out if you have not-your only regret will be not visiting sooner!

Coty S.

When I saw Tea Moment on Yelp, I had a to do a double-take. What?!?! This drink stall looks just like a stall you would see in Taipei City. Except this teahouse is in the coolest hidden food court (food alley) in Gainesville. They serve up amazingly authentic Taiwanese style bubble teas, as well as a few snacks that I have not seen in Florida before: 1. Hai Tai Fun Tuan- This is a savory burrito-sized roll consisting of black sticky rice wrapped in seaweed. The inside has savory fillings of your choice, which as; tea egg, lettuce, mayo, crab meat, braised beef, crispy doughnut, and more. It is called on their menu "Unique Rice Roll." What this roll reveals to me is that they have traditional tea eggs. I will ask for a special favor to buy one in the future, because I love tea eggs (lou dan). 2. Shao Xian Cao- This is a cold, sweet dessert soup. The base is black sweet milk tea containing a mix of; azuki bean, grass jelly, black tapioca, taro tapioca, pumpkin tapioca, and peanut. I would actually prefer for this dish to be served in a large cup instead of a bowl, but it is traditionally served in a bowl.

Zachary Delaney

Wyatt's coffee is my favorite coffee place in Gainesville. Their menu is small, but that means all of their items are better. They also have new coffees every week or so!

Hana cookery

I really like their coffees and the atmosphere is great. The only reason I gave 4 stars is because they sometimes use to go paper cups for dine-in customers which is a little annoying

Kayla L.

If you're looking for a great coffee shop in Gainesville Wyatt's is the place to go! The coffee and tea are so delicious and everything is always super fresh. They also have really good muffins and other breakfast foods. The staff is super friendly and efficient, even when the place is packed. I like that it's right downtown close to other local businesses. It's right down the street from Starbucks, but they are way better and you should always support locally-owned businesses! Plus, the coffee shop is so aesthetically pleasing, perfect for taking photos or just having a drink in a beautiful space.


I really like their coffees and the atmosphere is great. The only reason I gave 4 stars is because they sometimes use to go paper cups for dine-in customers which is a little annoying

Livia G.

Went in on a Saturday morning around 9am, there were a couple of people there but wasn't too busy. After waiting 15 mins for our coffee's I asked the barista to check on our order, was informed that they had forgotten to put it in. We ordered 2 double shot latte's which were lukewarm and tasted burnt and bitter. It is very conveniently located in the heart of downtown, but I would not recommend going there.

Vj M.

Not much on food so don't go hungry - in fact skip it all together. Ordered coffee that was weak weak weak - ugh. Not the way to start a busy day. The service was friendly.

Mary J.

Lovely little place for a quick caffeine rendezvous with friends prior to a morning hike. Wyatt Coffee is easy to spot at its downtown corner location and blissfully surrounded by lots of places to park. Customers walk up to the counter and place orders with friendly baristas who can quickly, and tastefully, serve up some mighty fine coffee drinks. The eye-popping pastries are made fresh on site and looked too good to pass up but pass up is what I did, regretfully. The place has a pleasant ambiance that is filled with light and lots of tables. This would be an ideal place to work as well as to converse while enjoying whatever form of caffeine defines your happy place. The latte I lapped up was smooth, not bitter or harsh tasting, and slightly sweetened by almond milk. Great place to know and go anytime I find myself in Gainesville!

Erica E.

Boba tea anyone? From Teas and Lattes, to Smoothies and... well, more tea, Tea Moment has you covered! With an extensive variety of drinks available, there really seems to be something for everybody. Whether you prefer a Matcha tea or maybe even a fruit tea, I love that you can customize it by sweetness! You can also add in things like boba, Grass Jelly, Lychee and more! I'm no pro on milk teas and the other varieties, but having the ability to customize your drink is a plus for me. I've visited Tea Moment a few times now and I feel like each visit has been a win! I haven't tried their food just yet, but it's definitely on my list!

Judson H.

Great spot right in the heart of downtown! I loved the seasonal cappucino I got here--very flavorful spiced orange and the espresso was on point. I also got the drip here and it was decent. They brewed a fresh pot for us and served it up in huge diner mugs which was very nice. We sat down for about an hour and were able to chill very easily as the small shop had ample seating for our three-person group. This would be a place I'd come on my own to camp out with some coffee and a good book. The atmosphere is very chilled out and modern, and the place is very clean. The staff was suuuuper friendly as well; they make you feel like you're being taken care of, not just served. I'll be back here whenever I get to stop in Gville, no doubt about it!


This makes Starbucks taste like a dumpster fire. Bring back the comfortable chairs though.

Louis B.

First time try the Tea Moment we ordered the difference drink all of us were enjoyed. Best taro slush I had. they do sweet level and ice level that's cool. great customer service. definitely will come back soon.

Brandin McClune

Pretty good food and coffee (quiche and French press), nice relaxing atmosphere but a little pricey for what you get. Overall, Wyatt’s coffee was a nice addition to our Gainesville experience.

Taylor Dayton

Great coffee as always. But I'm upset they got rid of the comfortable chairs. They need to bring those back. I understand the need for tables for laptops, but there should be at least two soft chairs. Some people just want to relax with a cup of joe in hand.

Christine Durkin

Great experience at this local shop! Love the early hours. Service was excellent, friendly and helpful.

C. Bryan

This place is warm and inviting. The coffee is delicious and the staff is wonderful. I'll come here every time I visit Gainesville.

Kelsey McCurdy

Went to Wyatt's for the first time the other day and asked for help with choosing what to order. All of the seasonal beverages looked delicious. With some guidance, I went with The Wyatt iced and it was perfect. The baristas were friendly and the atmosphere was cozy. Perfect for studying or grabbing coffee with a friend. 10/10

Benton Kessler

Seemed like good coffee, relatively high acidity espresso. Latte nicely priced and nice place to work.

John Hood

Great atmosphere! The nitro is always smooth, never bitter or sour like other places. The pastries are delicious. The biscuits and scones are particularly excellent. The staff is always friendly and helpful. I highly recommend this place.

Linsey Derival

Wyatt's Coffee has great vibes! The coffee, food, and service is amazing. I would definitely recommend if you want to go study or just to relax after a long day.

Justin N.

I have been to Wyatt's a few times. I have always enjoyed the staff and the owner is typically there and he is great. I love the Japanese Nitro Cold Brew with Vanilla Flavoring and Cream. They have a great location downtown, parking is sometimes an issue but it's worth it. If you haven't stopped in, do yourself a favor and do so.

Jeanne L.

Compared to other bubble tea spots in Gainesville, I thought Tea Moment was OK. The shop was in a little food court area, which was a bit difficult to find. There wasn't a lot of seating and it was pretty quiet. The artwork on the walls was really cute. Tea Moment's menu has a few aesthetic options and then a few standard ones. We tried the coffee latte, blue sky milk tea, and peach green tea. The coffee latte was fine but tasted relatively plain. The blue sky tasted simply like milk... I didn't taste any other flavor, but apparently it contains butterfly pea. I liked the peach green tea, but it was too sweet, even at less sugar. I'd order it again but lower the sugar even more. I thought the boba was fine. I think Tea Moment has decent tea, but I do think there are better options in Gainesville.

A Buck

Small downtown coffeeshop. Delicious drinks and friendly staff. Has WiFi. Great place to study but smallish tables. Decently many outlets though. No specific parking lot except the main downtown shopping areas one. Parking on the street is 50/50.

Uni C.

Whenever I'm hungry for a little snack, the rice roll is what I always order when I'm around mid town. There are many choices and they all taste delicious and is just the right size. Keep in mind though, they have the tendency to deconstruct when you are about half way through. It's honesty quiet annoying, but the flavor makes me forgive them every time. Nothing really special about milk tea or other tea in my opinion. There are too many milk tea places in town suddenly, making me losing my interest.

A Avery

Great customer service! The staff was very helpful and patient with explaining the coffee menu and helping me pick a drink. I love cold brew, and their cold brew had a mellow and unique flavor. Very delicious, I would recommend giving it a try. Modern layout conducive for studying in a great downtown location.


Amazing tea and pastries. More seating would be nice. I've heard negative/lukewarm things about the cold coffee drinks in the past, but I can't confirm those.

Gerald C.

I had a chance to stop in while visiting the courthouse and had the most delicious cortado I've had in a long time. The house blend was chocolate and warm and everything that good espresso should be. Overall the drink was a pleasure to drink and while walking around made a great companion. The person who took my order was sweet and smiling and helped me figure out what I would like be The person who made my coffee was also sunshine incarnate. It made the experience so much better.

Danielle S.

A little pricey but great vibe and really nice people. Always order the 16 oz it's much more worth it

Bobbi H.

Downtown's awesome corner coffee shoppe with DELICIOUS homemade muffins & pastries...chocolate peanut butter banana gallete ? Spelling ....OMG TO DIE 4 !! Tasty cappuccino with oat milk...no problem...yum.


Great service and good coffee. Just somewhat overpriced. Should mention I am not from town, so maybe price is common here.

Timothy Yoo

Felt like good coffee, relatively high acidity espresso. Latte decently priced and good place to work.


Coffee was good (which is something rare in Gainesville considering I hate Starbucks and also restaurants don't have good espresso, they just offer american coffee). The thing I didn't like is that if you go here, you get your coffee and that's it. Maybe it's perfect for people who sit in front of a computer the whole day, but I had my coffee and left because it's not a place to sit down, get a pastry or anything, and it's not cozy. If you just want good coffee, go here.

Brooke L.

Great, independent coffee shop! Delicious coffee, in a relaxing, comfortable, bright space. The only reason I'm not giving 5 stars is because the service is a bit slow and on a busy Sunday morning, the 2 employees were solely focused on fulfilling online orders instead of serving live customers standing in front of them.

stacy roberts

I waited for about 3 minutes to get an order it was two already had order they still didn't ask me how many I help you they look at me like I was crazy like I didn't have any money, so I just left and sent to Starbucks I had know probably at all came in place my order and left they was nice and friendly then Wyatt that's why I gave them two star they didn't deserve that

Fox E.

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Michael Mauldin

Quite a treat. I had one of the, if not the, best mocha I've ever had. Not coffee with a hint of chocolate, not a hot cocoa with some coffee overtones, but a perfectly balanced mixture of the two. Will definitely be frequenting this establishment.