Yummy House

3102 SW 34th St, Gainesville
(352) 333-7688

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Very disappointed!! I've dined here before, but the food was much better than what I had last night! It had NO TASTE and the breading was soft. I ordered the orange chicken, sesame chicken, veggie fried rice, and a side of spring rolls. The spring rolls had very little veggies inside and were soft as well......not crisp at all. Again.....this was a big disappointment!

Sharon C.

Disclaimer: overall this place is like a 3, but for Chinese food in gainesville, it's like a 4. Being Chinese, I've definitely had my fair share of authentic and 'american' chinese food, so I am for sure a harder judge of this. Overall though, Yummy House has a great balance of authentic and 'american' chinese food. My friend and I ordered the sizzling beef plate with black pepper sauce, honey bbq pork, orange chicken, and beef ho fun + white rice. Looooved the black pepper sauce beef so much, 10/10 recommend with a bowl of white rice. The beef ho fun was good, but definitely lacked some flavor. The honey BBQ pork was tender but didn't taste exactly like the authentic kind i'm used to, but would still recommend! And the orange chicken...literally orange flavor, so depending on your vibe, heads up that this is not the traditional orange chicken you'd get from your local chinese takeout--do not recommend. I really do like the dim sum from here tho, definitely nice to have in gainesville, also check out their Cantonese menu!

Mary Marshall-Carter

The food is always good when I eat in the restaurant. I did order a carry out service once with them ,but food was not the same . When ever I dine it the food is good .

Jon A.

So this past weekend I had a chance to go to Yummy House here in Gainesville again. I get in here once every couple of months or so, so it isn't like it is a new place for me. We had a fair sized group, but food came out at a good pace. I do miss the old location... there was something more authentic about the old place than this one, but the food is still good. I got the salt and pepper shrimp and the house lo mein, and was very happy with both. I also got a chance to try the salt and pepper scallops, which were also good, but not as good as the shrimp. I will stick with ordering the shrimp, I think. The place is clean, and the service was solid. I enjoy their menu and will be going back.

Vijay Vasudevan

They were really great. The server was able to accommodate our dietary restriction and not put pork on the dish. Definitely a place we'll be coming back to

Dana H.

I guess this place is known for the dim sum. I can tell you that it shouldn't be celebrated for the entrees. Even though we're from NY and have had amazing Chinese, we try to keep an even attitude when eating elsewhere. This is just ... awful. Orange Chicken that is soupy and so sweet that it tastes candied. Chicken and broccoli with so much salt that you (mercifully) cannot taste anything else. Shoulda gone to the Thai place across the street. Live and learn.

David Lee

Exceptional! I was quite surprised to find an excellent Dim Sum option in Gainesville. This place does not disappoint.

Louis B.

Couple weeks before we ordered the Singapore meifun too much oily every bite like eat the oil taste but too much oil the hot and sour soup is good''

Triana L.

Personally, I think this is a great place to find Asian cuisine. I've always loved dim sum and how you can occasionally be offered a large variety of dishes to share with a group of friends or family. It feels like Ike a meal at home. The taste and quality of the food is very good. It's not too heavy and not too light for me. For those of you who haven't gone before, it's definitely worth trying to experience Chinese cuisine in such a unique way. I love Yummy House, and honestly if I could, I'd eat here every day!

Javier D.

Delicious food and great service! I've previously only gone to enjoy the dinner options they offer but recently on both Christmas Day and New Year's Day my girlfriend and I decided to take the family to try dim sum and it was absolutely delicious and a great experience both times. The service was very quick, we hardly had any waiting for carts to appear with great varieties and options. Considering making this a New Year's Day tradition!

Amanda Paradis

My husband and I love this place. Excellent food, prices,and service. I highly recommend this place.

Michael McIntosh

Best Chinese food in Gainesville. Outstanding and friendly service. Wonderful eating experience every time.


Went for dim sum lunch with my wife and then dinner the next day. Great food, efficient staff, clean restaurant... Best Chinese food in Gainesville!

Pam Bishop

Honey walnut chicken was delicious. Seafood combo appetizer and duck were superb, my husband's scallops were tender and delicious. My only complaint is pur waitress was slow. Restaurant was warm and welcoming.

Rachel M.

A okay for chicken corn chowder soup lunch and shrimp dumplings. We came for lunch for the soup and the dim sum options but really there weren't many options for dim sum. I asked for sesame balls which they don't have. I have no idea how long the food has been hanging out in the dim sum cart but seems like it's been quite a while. That's a bit of a turn off. I'll stick with the Yummy House in Tampa on Kennedy. This was just ok!

Jason Johnson

Dim sum was great. The sweet foods are sweeter than most would expect for a traditional dim sum, but I'm not a traditionalist and I thought it was good.

whitney sundrla

Very very picky when it comes to my chinese food. I've tried alot of places around town and Yummy House I tried for the first time tonight. We ordered sesame chicken and sweet and sour chicken and some chicken fried rice. It was amazing. Definitely recommend!

Christian Bluth

An absolutely amazing upscale Chinese place. Clean, beautiful modern interior. Great, speedy service and helpful staff. The food is amazing! Everything on the menu is absolutely delicious, the noodle dishes especially in my opinion. It's a little on the expensive side, but the portions are generous and the quality definitely makes the prices worth it. One of the best places to get Chinese in Gainesville!

Kimberly Coleridge

I had never had Dim Sum, but this place is rockin. I have told many patients about this place so hopefully they are getting more business because of how awesome they were when I went! :-)

Amy M

It had been a while since I had dim sum and I truly enjoyed the Yummy House. The food was hot (steamed) and fresh and you could order off the menu if you wanted as well. Fun and festive!

littlemouse Raia

This is not the typical Chinese restaurant. If you are looking for American style Chinese food, this is not the place. If you want authentic food, this is probably what you want. I gave it 2 stars because it was not what I was looking for, not because the food was bad.

Christopher D.

this was my first visit to yummy house, it was referred to me by a friend. i was totally impressed by their menu, many authentic dishes to choose from. i always judge a asian cuisine by there sweet and sour pork. i was not disappointed by the dish. i wasnt disappointed either by the great amount that was given. the perfect crispiness of the chicken. the sauce was phenomenal. the veggies were el dante. the sticky rice was perfect. i give it a 5 out of 5. also the service was great, even as busy as they were, we were seated without much wait time. i recommend going there.


Decent Chinese food. If you like beef you would love the beef here cause it’s super tender and JUICY!!!


We have visited other locations down in Tampa and the service and food exceeded my expectations. We'll definitely visit again when in Gainesville. They were very friendly and the food came quick. Would definitely recommend.

Korinna A.

On the weekends, Yummy House is my favorite spot because of their above average dim sum. My most recent visit, we went for dinner and thoroughly enjoyed the experience as well! Much like Asian inspired restaurants, food is served family style rather than individual plates. It is helpful if you get 1-3 entrees and a rice platter. We got fried calamari for an appetizer and beef and chinese greens with house fried rice. I highly recommend the calamari and house fried rice (I get these every single time I visit!) Calamari is perfectly cooked with a good amount of spice, while the rice has all the meats and fits perfectly with any entree. On a final note, we no trouble getting a table for a small party on a weekday evening, but if you're going for dim sum on the weekend, it gets rather busy so consider getting a reservation.

David Borenstein

As someone who has spent a half decade living in China, it can be tough finding the real stuff in a smaller place like Gainesville. But Yummy House is legit. Milder southern flavors as opposed to the spicier and more fragrant cooking over at Gator Suyaki, the other legit Chinese place in town. Try some of the classic Cantonese dishes, especially the stir fried clams.

Alyssa Lowder

Really great spot for a group dinner. 8 of us went and enjoyed the family style experience; and appetizer, 3 meats and two sides were plenty. Food came out fast and to order which was impressive as we made some customizations. And on top of all of that it was very affordable! Only 12 per person. Servers were very friendly and accommodating.

Slate C.

Very good food. You get a ton for your money. The atmosphere is very nice and quiet. The service was great. You should def try this place for lunch.

Na Z.

I have been to Yummy House several times. Overall it is a good Chinese restaurant for me. The flavor is reasonably good and the price is acceptable. Moreover, the hot pot is nice but much cheaper than Nine Spices hot pot.

Tiffany C.

On my first visit for take-out about a year ago, I couldn't stop raving and craving more! The Buddha delight was so full of extravagant veggies that I had never seen before,the seafood udon and the egg drop soup make the most interesting and delicious combo. But since then, I have ordered take-out a handful more times and been less and less happy each time. Someday, I will actually get to dine-in and that will hopefully be the deciding factor. Yummy house is better than cheap Chinese knock-off, but sadly not as good as it once was.

B C.

Just not worth it. I have tried to stay loyal, in spite a steady decline in food quality and service all while increasing prices. Today was the last straw. I came in lunch and the service was terrible. Dim sum server gave me the wrong order. Ordered chicken corn soup and got crab. The fried rice special came out in less than 3 minutes. It was not fresh and obviously had been previously prepared. Then the waiter completely ignored me and had to ask dim sum server for a set up and a plate. Since I'm not Asian they must think I don't use chop sticks. When I asked for some, the waiter looked at me and said "you" want chop sticks?! The icing on the cake was I got crab soup. I cannot eat crab. I got up and will never be back.

A Buck

Extensive menu (not for the indecisive). Personal recommendation for salt and pepper calamari. Dim sum lunch is fantastic. Good service. Have gone many a time and will be returning.

Nick N.

You can't dim sum in most cities. It's simply great to get some in Gainesville. It's ok dim sum. We are in Gainesville so we go and it's solid for the experience.

Doktor Huxtible

For a sit down/Quick Asian this place is AMAZING. I am a huge fan, the food is authentic and the portions are HUGE. I go for the lunch special and usually either get the Mongolian Beef or Spicy Yummy Chicken. 7-8 bucks for a lunch special that comes with a heaping fresh portion of the Main dish, side of white rice and a drink.

hunter borman

I was disappointed by the fact that dim sum is not available all night at this location like it is in Tampa, but I did give me an opportunity to eat an actual meal. I ordered the Peking duck as my entrée and the duck was amazing. It had perfectly crispy and excellent meat. The pricing on the meal was also incredibly good at only $38. If you want good quality food with large serving portions come here. I wouldn't necessarily say this is a good spot for something romantic such as a date though. The overall atmosphere was much more informal than expected from a fine dining restaurant, but that is more of a stylistic mention than an overt criticism.

jesse fletcher

A great options for real Chinese in Gainesville.

Thomas Zapor

Excellent lunch served fast at the same price as fast food.

Patricia H

Excellent dim sum, large menu, adjacent bakery, reasonable prices. Popular. Service is efficient, fast.

Al A

The food is pretty good. The service is about a 7 on a scale of 10. The menu -- particularly the one encased in plastic -- is difficult to understand. The atmosphere, as another reviewer points out, is a little disrespectful.

Nicole N.

Hands Down some of the best Chinese food I've had- including in NY. Yummy House was recommended by a friend at work and it did not disappoint. The dim sum was special- packed full of flavor. It's a good sign to see a restaurant packed full of locals and this was no exception. We had the orange chicken, eggplant appetizer and salt and pepper udon beef. All were excellent. Can't pick a favorite.