7155 W 4th Ave, Hialeah
(305) 557-1190

Recent Reviews

Jorge Alonso

Because the drive through was fast

Leathea Nottage

Great place i eat there every Saturday

Raimundo Martinez

Extreme long wait times in drive thru that keeps getting worst every time. Employees not wearing the face masks properly and the inside looks a messy and uncleaned. Not coming by any time soon.

Ashallee Wing

Food and drink were excellent, service was kind of slow, and manager rolled her eyes after a brief miscommunication.

Daniela Cella

Honestly, what the bleep did I just experience? There is a curfew for 10pm, and I came at 9:30, only ordered 2 mcchickens, no one ahead of me, and they told me to wait in the reserved parking. For TWO MCCHICKENS!?!! And I see like 4 cars pull up to the drive thru and get their orders, and still no mcchickens? Dont come here if you need efficient service!!!

Edgar Nunez

I ordered Sundays and Mcflurries, I paid full price and they gave me almost half empty.

Isabella Caballero

By far this has been the worst McDonald’s I have EVER came to. Would not recommend to anyone. Reason being, slow service, Frappe machine is always broken, and employees will have the absolute worst attitude towards customers. I live a few blocks away and would rather go to another McDonald’s than this place.

Jam Maas

Terrible place to go thru drive thru.. they always forget something from your order .. they assure you everything is there just to realize 3 or 4 miles away something is missing... sometimes fries... nuggets or sauce.. but they never get it right .

Jorge H Rocha M

For a fast food, they're not fast

Melissa Monterroso

Horrible. I didn’t get the sauces I ordered, instead of giving me 4 nuggets they gave me 6 which was a blessing but was not what I asked for, I was missing my McFlurry aswell, you can tell it’s a Hialeah McDonald’s, get some new baggers cause the ones u got not doing too good.

Jose Javier

Marha lugo mom mommy

Kiko R.

This has to be the worst McDonald's I have ever seen. U go in person they mess up ur order. Always missing food. U order thru door dash and still end up missing food. They need to fire everyone they got working there. Cause this is incredible don't know how u can get something wrong all the damn time.

Wild Caught South Florida

This is by far the worst fast food experience I’ve ever had the food was cold and it took about 30 minutes just to get me a double cheeseburger nuggets medium fry and an orange drink. I was served a Fanta soda. Asked for the orange drink and was brought back a Coke. Called over the manager where she explain with a very rude attitude that they don’t have orange drink take the Fanta or leave it!! Never going here again!!

R Montero

This was a pretty good experience even with all the mess going around. The service was pretty fast and easy. Everyone seemed to do their job well and probably one of the most efficient. I wish all McDonald's were this good.

Sandra Velazquez

It has improved. New mangers are friendlier and more service oriented. The fact they usually don't have coffee, items on menu has not changed. You no longer have to wait over 45 minutes while being second in line. They take turns drive tru, uber eats and walk ins. The staff is only reason why they no longer get 1 star. They try to keep it as cleaned as possible. Not just the inside; but surrounding areas as well. That is a constant duty for them, and is most appreciated.

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