PINCHO (Pincho Factory)

4950 W 12th Ave, Hialeah
(786) 409-2818

Recent Reviews

Irvin Rodriguez

Sorry, but I had to change my previous review from 4 starts to 1. This is the second time I had a bad experience with the restaurant within a month

lorena canto

Unfortunately the last few times I’ve ordered from this location which have been delivery, they’ve missed items in my order and have sent me incorrect items. The wrong pinchos, pinchos with no sauce when I asked for pincho sauce. Side salad without the garlic cilantro on the side like I asked, Cajun fries without the pincho sauce. Great food but poor service

Wendy B.

The bowls are amazingly flavorful and the burgers and fries-top notch! I am grateful to the other reviewers for helping me decide to give this place a chance! I stopped in for lunch during work with two of my coworkers and we tried the steak bowl, the chicken bowl and the Pincho burger (combo only $10). Everything was delicious

Ellen F.

Okay i'm not going to lie, sometimes the service is spotty on a busy night, but the food here is amazingggg. Anything you order on the menu will taste great!

Gaby S.

By far the BEST burger I've ever had. I always order the pincho burger with the Cajun fries and the quality and taste is always consistent. The staff here works very fast and you never wait more than a few minutes when dining in, even if it's packed. Online orders are very quick and ready before you get there. I love this place. The only reason I give it 4 stars is for lack of variety. I wish the menu would have more types of burgers. Other than that, this is my new go to burger place.

Guillermo Lauzurique

Food is always great, and we were treated well by the girl who was clearly in training. Never a bad experience

Ben S.

I must say this Restaurant has a great look to it ! But ... the customer service on the other hand , not too hot . I ordered two meals and only one ever arrived . When I asked if my meal was still being prepped they had totally forgot to ever enter it in . Which is okay mistakes happen ! But after waiting an additional 15 mins just for a chicken sandwich I decided to see what was going on ... about 10 mins later I received a poorly cooked chicken sandwich that was so hard I couldn't even bite it . Safe to say this restaurant bites !

Nixsa Serrano

Love their tostone chicken or beef burger & the bowls are tasty and filling

Jesus Pimentel

Quality food. Great staff. Nice sit-in restaurant.

Anita Lawson

It was everything I thought it would be, delicious totally yummy. I had the vaca frita bowl & a side order of tostones.

Lidia F.

The toston burger is phenomenal! Definitely would recommend. The place is laid back and the staff was very friendly. My husband had the perfecto burger and loved it and said the bacon cheddar ranch fries were also great. Overall a good place for a casual dinner date.

Carmen G.

This place is super good and tasty. Pretty quick service and food comes out nice and hot and well presented. I've never had an issue when eating here. Recommend when in the area.

Mel M

Food was delicious!!! Staff was super nice. I was on a day trip to Miami and decided to try this and I was not disappointed. The pincho sauce is so good I wish I could take it back with me to Chicago. I love the vibe and look of the place. Next time I come to Miami I definitely stopping here again!!!!

Buddatarian V.

I go to this Pincho Factory regularly and I have noticed that the customer service has improved. I believe there is a new night manager. Everytime I walk in he is greeting from the kitchen. He is on top of everything that is going on and ensuring everything is running smoothly. Today, I was pleasantly surprised by the great attitude of the young man at the register. My receipt says Touri. I commend the night staff at Pincho Factory for the great job they are doing!!!

Jose Martinez

Burger was burnt. Given this location multiple chances and they just dont give good service or food. The pincho in Marlins park is better. Never ordering from here again

Janny Ramirez

Love the food but twice I’ve ordered delivery and both times I ordered salad and they forgot my dressing twice!!!

Kaitlyn M.

Went i and got helped immediately! I got the tostone burger, which was delicious by the way, while my friend got a pico burger.

Miguel Madrid

Great tasting burger & the Cajun fries were stunning with the Cajun flavor. Very good food.

Teresa Escobar

LOOOOOOVED IT ! From the flavor to how well it was cooked. It was our first time here and it will be 1 of our favorite spots. Friendly staff, delicious food, very clean. I highly recommend this spot.

R Aragon

It doesn't hurt your wallet and the food is very filling. It's the perfect comfort food.


Very tasty. I had a little difficulty finding it at first, but it was worth it. The decor is appealing, and though the menu isn't huge, they have lots of good options to choose from.

Cris D.

Ive been a fan of pincho since they opened the original location on Bird Rd. I've ordered from this location a few times now since moving to the area and I gotta say big step up from the service I've received at the location on flagler. The service is great. The food is always good from pincho. I usually order a perfecto burger. It has grilled onions, pepper jack cheese, and cilantro sauce. I'm also a fan of the Cajun fries which used to have diced grilled onions but for some reason they got rid of those (they shouldn't have). They recently added the pipo's choice burger which won the burger bash contest at the sobe wine and food fedtival to their regular menu. I gotta say this is a good addition and now I will switch it up between my usual perfecto burger and this one.

Beatriz Jaime

Terrible attention, to the point of not being able to order the food. We were more than 5 minutes in front of the waiter and none were kind enough to say even a "hello" possibly we went in and out and nobody noticed, I do not recommend this place at all.

Beatriz Jaime

Terrible attention, to the point of not being able to order the food. We were more than 5 minutes in front of the waiter and none were kind enough to say even a "hello" possibly we went in and out and nobody noticed, I do not recommend this place at all.

Edward Delgado

Pincho formerly known as pincho factory is an okay burger spot. The place is clean and the wait isn't long. The food isn't amazing and that's the biggest downside. For the price, I'd expect better food.

Lily Miller

This was my first time here, a friend told me the food was awesome and wanted to try it. I have to say it is I had the cheeseburger and loved it, best burger I have had. Everything was perfect. The place was nice and clean, friendly staff didn't wait that long for the food. It is a bit pricey for burgers and fries they should have combos, and should have a kids menu more choices for them there are kids that are picky I have one. Highly recommended and will be visiting again soon.

Tee Smith

Pincho Factory Hialeah never fails me. This is the special burger of October. I have had this from this location 3xs and it taste so good. I had it at another location and it was not the same experience.

Samir Castiñeira

Great food, but price is too expensive for what it is. Long horn has better meat for less. One pincho $8 seriously?

LastlookbyBianel A.

I will give 1 star because the app will not allow me to give less. The rice was stained with blood from the meat that was under cooked (almost raw). It was very unpleasant to see the food with blood!! Will not but from Pinch ever again!!! Beware...

Amanda G.

We love pincho burger. It's a step up from typical fast burger joints. It's always super delicious and we never leave disappointed or dissatisfied. The only complaint I have is sometimes you can tell it's a chain in the sense that they do overlook burgers and such when in a rush. So if possible go during slower hours when you're food will be taken better care of. I do that and my food is always spot on now!

Robert G.

Food is awesome and the service is great. One of my favorite spots too eat out. I recommend the steak fresco pita. Always fresh. Tried the chicken California that was not disappointing. Great place to eat with family and friends

Maria P.

Food is great, price is fine, the place is pretty and clean BUT.... the kitchen is outside... and the smoke and the smell is horrible... you come out of the place smelling like food..... idk... not ideal...

Lasana S.

I'm in love with the Toston burger at Pincho's Factory. However, I've been on a vegetarian detox and decided to get a veggie version of the Toston. It was an amazing, flavorful black bean burger. Ordered it along with the sweet potato tater tots which were good but I think my friend's cajun fries were more tasty. My friend also ordered the California chicken pita which she enjoyed along with a ginger ale made from real cane sugar. The staff brings the meal to your table and everything is made to order.

Joshua S.

Visiting from Texas, hope to have a burger from Pincho but this locations didn't have burger buns. Pretty big fail by management!!

maria garcia

Amazing customer service! Thank you to “Carolyn” for greeting us in such a polite way, offering us the special of the day and proceeding to attend us so nicely. She made sure our order was correct and was very specific about everything. Absolutely one of the best. Thank you so much! (Amazing food too btw!) 😊

Emily Walner

Love love LOVE this place! Great low carb options (any of the skewers and the cheese are delicious) and the tostones are amazing! Don't forget to try out some of their delicious sauces, but the food has so much flavor you don't need any sauce at all!

Linda Medina Urdaneta

First time

marcela v

The hamburger was great! Got a double patty and well I'm coming back. Beats burgerfi which I cherish very much.

Nia F.

Went here for my birthday celebration dinner with my coworkers. It was about 8 or 9 of us. We got there and there was no line and we quickly ordered and sat down. The food came out fairly quickly, but it didn't come out all together. For example, the waitress delivered my burger, but my side order of fries came out with someone else's dish. Like actually on her plate, so I had to wait until her order came out to get my full meal. I had the Pincho burger w/ bacon. Make sure to ask them to cook it well done if you don't want and pink, because the standard is to cook the burgers to medium/ medium-well temperature. They also have a freestyle Pepsi soda machine. My only complaints were that the condiments are ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard packets. Which I think that's a good thing when you're on the go, but kind of annoying when you dine in instead of having the condiments available on the table. The other complaint was the cashier, although very nice, made some comments that weren't too professional and made my coworkers uncomfortable. All in all, I really enjoyed the food and I'll certainly be back!

David Anthony Barbier

Great food and chilled atmosphere!!