Unbranded Brewing Co.

1395 E 11th Ave, Hialeah
(786) 332-3097

Recent Reviews

Alexandra F.

Place was great, beers were good the sours were a little too sweet but still very good but the service was ehh. It took forever to get the girls attention and then took forever to pay the bill. But over all I would go back again to try out some more beers and give it another shot!!Cheers!

Karl G.

My first time visiting this beautiful brewery located in the industrial area of Hialeah, FL The space of this brewery is amazing so big one of the biggest one in south florida I believe. The beer is amazing the staff was super friendly and knowledgeable about the product. They didnt have at the moment I went however the was a local pizza spot I ordered delivery and beer its the best combo. Cant wait to bring ny family back and try some new beers. Beers stood out: Guava Wheat Ale & Golden Ale

Matt M.

Order the promoted tacos, waited an hour and told me they were out?? Place is nice, beer is great but get it together Hialeah style!

Jazmina H.

Its an amazing place, great atmosphere but not a full kitchen. We ordered some tacos and a hour later after an hour it was no tacos all gone. The only thing to eat was chips, popcorn and chicharrones from a bag. Very disappointing

Ed W.

I got here on a weekday to try it out but they only had some of their can beer options. The place looks great and it has lots of space. With an open view to brewing tanks and bar area, lots of TVs and usually lots of beer options it is easy to spend a good while here with your friends and or family. I didn't get to try anything from the food menu but I saw that they have lots of pizzas and small tapas.I tried one of their dark beers and it was really good. Not bitter and very flavorful. Nightman was rather refreshing and light for a stout type of a beer. I will come back to try a few other things.

Barbara M.

Cute brewery with good beers. My fav beer was Invictus but their beer menu is pretty big and has beers for all tastes (even a peanut butter one).We also had a pizza since we were starving (they only have pizzas + snacks) as they do not have a real kitchen and only had 2 little ovens. The pizza was good, nothing out of this world but it was perfect to have sth to eat while tasting their delicious beers.

Antoine Livingstone

I would say the best thing was by far the view. It was pretty loud in the restaurant though so it made it harder to talk. The waitress we had was very friendly and overall the service was good. The food was good not spectacular.


Beautiful location great staff amazing beer!Highly recommended the Golden!

Denis Xhurxhi

Top of the Top this Brewery have all you need best local craft beer and best Pizza in Miami Verace!The Best!

Damolens Jean-Baptiste

Great brews and pizza, the IPAs were great. Won't recommend one particular beer, you'll just have to go sample and pick cause they're all great. The railroad tracks are right next to the spot tucked away in the back of an industrial area, it just gives it this feeling, the young lady who served us was great too. I'll be back.

Tiffany Krause

Great spot in Hialeah. Inventive beers, quick service. Food truck on site. Pick up ventanilla is super convenient. If they ever have Eggplant Emoji on tap, give it a try.

Joe M.

That peanut butter stout rocked my world! I made the trip down to Hialeah because I heard about a cool new brewery that was opening and I wanted to give it a shot. Unbranded didn't disappoint, and, as I mentioned earlier, the peanut butter stout was amazing. There's lots of space here for social distancing, as well as corn hole games, retro video game consoles, a book area, a great outdoor patio, and plenty of tables. I hear that they're eventually going to serve food, and if the food is anything like that beer, it will be amazing. Can't wait to head back to Unbranded for a fun night out with friends!

Jenny O.

Have you ever had a Guava Beer ? Well, I never thought I would because I really dislike fruity drinks or beers. They have a great selection of beers , Alexis recommended Guava so I tried it . Good thing I was feeling adventurous today because the beer is refreshing, delicious and perfect for this insane Miami heat ! You can sample beers, so give it a try!I brought my daughters to Unbranded to get out of the house and enjoy a Friday lunch together. They have a huge outdoor terrace where you can be way more than six feet apart, get fresh air and enjoy the urban view. They also have a really cool sanitizing station.We ordered Pizza for them and beer for me . Their margherita pizza gives you about six slices of goodness and goes great with the beer. The beer and pizza are really good but my favorite part about unbranded is their location. Yes, Yes , Yes East HIALEAH , this is an up and coming cool area filled with other awesome places and really cool graffiti all over the place. The brewery is next to the train tracks which makes the experience there so much cooler. #supportlocal

Stephanie G.

Amazing beer selection. Really happy that we have this new addition in Hialeah. Service is always friendly and knowledgeable. Artisan Pizza with the the guava beer is perfect

Damara Martin

I am a beer lover. Oh how I love beer. Let me take a moment to express how much I love this place.First, the selections are out of this world. Mango milkshake IPA? Golly Jolly? Yes, please!!! I am only naming a couple here, but the sheer amount of (oh so delicious) flavors that this brewery offers is nothing short to amazing.The facility itself is spacious and accommodating. The staff is welcoming and knowledgeable. They really know what they are doing, and you can tell they have a passion for beer!Please go check them out, you won't regret it! They are doing pick up and delivery (local) orders during this interesting time in history. Even if you don't want to be out, how about taking some beer to go?

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