Chuleta y Champus Colombian Restaurant

1947 Johnson St, Hollywood
(954) 928-6183

Recent Reviews

Lucia Mollo

I wasn't sure about stopping here I don't speak Spanish but it was easier than I thought

Nancy Denise

I come get soups everyday almost my favorite is the plantin soup... plus I love looking at the authenticity of the Columbian place all the pictures and accents are so cool 😎

Deiber Garcia

Service food and price it doesn’t correct for the things that you receive ask for many things they don’t have nothing finally decided to get an arroz atollado when the guy bring the food smells so bad and told the guy he went to the kitchen and come back and say o yes is bad sorry almost you can eat this and you can be intoxicate please be careful with this restaurant so bad an expensive

Leonardo Carmona

Excellent food and outstanding service. We'll go back for sure.

Josie Jennette

great place to ate Colombian food delicious

John G.

Very nice restaurant! The food is so delicious and to die for! The portions are big, but not overfilling. Our server was very kind and explained us the menu and the way we should order, since it was our first time there. Food came out super quick. The atmosphere in the restaurant is relaxed and traditional, great decorations. Would highly recommend!

DjTitiko Guarare

buena comida y la atencií³n de 5 estrellas

Owen Washington

Exotic taste of Colombia. I"ll be back to try more items on the menu. Eating here is like visiting granma and getting that home cooked delicious made with lots of love cooking.

Nica Romo

Barely any Flavor on my meat and Not many things to choose from.

Lissette P.

worse place i waited 30mins and i didnt receive my food!!! even got nasty looks i wont be coming here again!

Eduardo R.

I had the pleasure of visiting this authentic colombian food I had a great experience the food was everything I expected the service was so good they made feel at home i will defetnetly recommend this cosi and new place to eat with your entire family..

Toni Vigo

Great Colombia restaurants brought me back to my roots I will go here again if it's my family.

Mermaid Life

Went here for dinner on Saturday evening hoping for hot comfort food as it was a miserable rainy day. The owner of the restaurant was rather entitled I'd say. I was looking to eat rice, beans and nice steak but instead found french fries, rice and steak...if I wanted fries I'd go get fast food. When I asked the owner as to why he wouldn't have beans on the menu (a latin food staple!) he became very snobby-like about how that's not how they do it in Cali and said that if was ok if we didn't want to order anything. So we got up and left. Will not come here again.

Anna Rojas

The food was not too bad, the place is nice, but the service was very bad, my dad ordered a drink and it tasted like vinegar sooo... I understand that is a new place but they cannot give us a drink with vinegar flavor.

lila lila

Good customer service. Nice atmosphere.

Charley Last

Great!.. authentic Columbian food, and excellent service.

Walter Villa

Excelente lugar Excelente atencií³n Comida deliciosa

Edward Schlegel

I was excited to see the restaurant open but:

Simone, FL

Waiters was nice but he doesnt speak english. Food was horrible. Do yourself a favor and don't waist your time and money going there. Had to spend over $30 to have the worst food of my life.

Linda Midyette

Excited to have the restaurant open! Went with my daughter and we were very disappointed. The waiter didn't speak English so it was hard to communicate. Wanted iced tea, but all they had was soda and lemonade, which tasted more like limeade. We ordered the 2 person chicharron. That appetizer was $18. Quite expensive. When the waiter sat our appetizer down it was obviously overcooked. The meat is dry like leather. The fat part wasn't crunchy. I couldn't believe the even served us this dish. We decided NOT to order dinner. I will give it 1 more try, but I'm not expecting much. Very disappointed.

jairo gomez

Great food, great service. I personally love champus which is a drink made with corn, pineapple, naranjilla and I think a little cinnamon...but drinks like this are not for everyone so please make sure you like all those ingredients before trying it out... breaded pork is also a favorite of mine.

Dianna R.

Great service, delicious food, very welcoming environment. We need this type of comfort food in our area

Meryl S.

Clean, plain atmosphere. Very nice people, service excellent. Menu limited to mostly large pieces of either fried pork or chicken with 1 beef option, served with rice. As much as I wanted to love the place I probably won't be back.

Lara T.

Like many others I have been looking forward to trying this new restaurant. Came on a Saturday night, completely empty.. Figured obviously it is new so that did not surprise us. The waitress was welcoming. Where the problem lays in their menu. It is misleading and if your not familiar with these foods you will be disappointed. We decide to order the first two items from their typical meal section. 1.Valluno - which is described in spanish and english as a dish of pork steak, chopped rice, home french fries, fried green plantain with sauce , salad and lemon. My description would be a plate of mashed rice, disgusting and flavorless. where are my french fires and salad? This has got to be the worst dish I have ever ordered in a restaurant. I could not even try to enjoy it. I explained to the waitress that the menu was misleading but she did not even bother to offer me something else.. 2. Chuleton Described as breaded pork steak, rice, french fries and salad and lemon. Described as a very thin fatty pieces of pork steak with large undercooked french fries. And on top of all this, their dishes are highly overpriced @ $17 a plate! Not what you would expect from a local spot that looks to be a causal. $50 seemed like an outrage for that mashed rice and milanesa with fries. They need to change if they wish to survive! SPANISH Como muchos otros, he estado deseando probar este nuevo restaurante. Llegí³ un sábado por la noche, completamente vací­o. Pensé que obviamente es nuevo, así­ que no nos sorprendií³. La camarera era acogedora. Donde el problema radica en su meníº. Es engaí±oso y si no está familiarizado con estos alimentos, se sentirá decepcionado. Decidimos pedir los dos primeros artí­culos de su seccií³n de comida tí­pica. 1.Valluno - que se describe en espaí±ol e inglés como un plato de carne de cerdo, arroz picado, papas fritas, plátano verde frito con salsa, ensalada y limí³n. Mi descripcií³n serí­a un plato de puré de arroz, asqueroso y sin sabor. ¿Dí³nde están mis papas fritas y ensalada? Este tiene que ser el peor plato que he ordenado en un restaurante. Ni siquiera podí­a intentar disfrutarlo. Le expliqué a la camarera que el meníº era engaí±oso, pero ella ni siquiera se molestí³ en ofrecerme algo más ... 2. Chuleton Descrito como filete de puerco empanado, arroz, papas fritas y ensalada y limí³n. Descrito como un trozo muy fino de carne de cerdo con grandes papas fritas crudas. Y además de todo esto, ¡sus platos son muy caros a $ 17 por plato! No es lo que esperarí­as de un lugar local que parece ser causal. Los $ 50 parecí­an una indignacií³n por ese puré de arroz y milanesa con papas fritas. ¡Necesitan cambiar si desean sobrevivir!

Ricardo O.

Very nice, clean, courteous, and above all a good representation of the cuisine typical of the Cauca Valley regií³n of Colombia. Try the tostones with sofrito (hogao) two different picante sauces. Try the champíºs and specially the Chuleta, I had the chicken and was perfect, and my companion had the beef liver, and it was scrumptious. Very new!

Nicholas Pridham

I've been very excited about this restaurant and had looked forward to eating here.

Steph M

Great food and ambiance. Service and food are top notch

Chuleta y Champus Colombian Restaurant

1947 Johnson St, Hollywood, FL 33020
(954) 928-6183