"Don Rodone" ceviche & more

3383 Sheridan St, Hollywood
(954) 210-0215

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J Rodolfo C.

Amazing food The chef friendly and is very approachable Fresh food cool place in Hollywood

Leesy Y Leonardo

Que ricooo ceviche carretillero!!! Buena comida , buena música y muy buena atención

Roberto Gonzales

Really good place to have a nice ceviche with an unconditional cusqueña

Carla R.

I'm Peruvian with a very picky taste x food, I can tell you that Don Rodonde has the best ceviche in town, I've trying in many Peruvian places, by far his signature ceviche carretillero is the best!!!Highly recommend it!!!!

Katherine Novoa

Excelente Comida y Muy Buena Atención!!

Michelle H.

Delicious. The food was fresh and full of flavor. Highly recommend. We had the tallarines verdes with steak and Ceviche Caretillero.

Alex Mirea

Cursed at me on the way out. Prices advertised are not respected in store. 20 for an entree and 15 for a soup, online menu lists them at 15 and 10. Very quick to swipe the card. Their menu doesn't list the items I ordered, but the receipt has them listed with a higher price. Personnel didn't speak English. Rip off. When I told them about it they said nothing they can do and cursed at me when I was exiting the door. Don't ever go here.

Paula B.

I've been eating in this place for 3 years. They started with a booth in the Farmer's market and now they have a restaurant which is amazing. It's a family-owned business. The owner is the chef and he makes the BEST lomo saltado and arroz con mariscos ever. The restaurant is clean and the staff is super friendly.

Ricardo E.

I came twice and brought people in this place because i saw in social medias the food and i thought that was really good place. The problem is the staff doesnt know anything about peruvian food. They dont explain anything about the menu. Less about the prices. In other side how is possible that my friend wanted just a chaufa without anyprotein (she's vegan) and they charged 2 dollars more than the regular price?? Chaufa 12 dollars Chaufa Without proteins almost 15$ This is a joke right? But its true. The answer of the waitress was : its a special plate. How is possible this.?? Anyway i hope that restaurant improve the training and the service. The food its really good but no match with service.

Dianelis F.

I'm giving this place three stars because the food is delicious!!! I'm not giving it five because the service isn't good... though it's a small place with few tables the two women working here can't seem to handle it. It was very frustrating having to wait such a long time for everything, honestly dealt with it because the food is delicious but when this happens it doesn't make you wanna come back. The pisco sour was also delicious honestly the best I've ever had. Hope they hire better staff or better train the people they have now.

Howard C.

The food has a great taste! I found the prices on the higher end as you could go to a fine dining for even less price, the service is not the greatest they need to focus more on the service. Food was delicious once again.

Mike Bauman

Decided to try it again as we really enjoy Peruvian food. I ordered the Tallarin Verde with steak but the waitress said they didn't have steak so she suggested I have lomo saltado with the tallarin verde. I said ok. When it arrived, the juices from the lomo was mixed with the creamy green sauce of the pasta into more of a soup and there was really not much meat. The menu price of Tallarin Verde with steak is $14 but I was charged more than $21. When I questioned the steep price for a meal that sure seemed inferior to the steak, I was told I ordered a special plate and that was the price. If you look at reviews on another site, you'll see exactly the plate I was served - doesn't seem like a special order if its on their website. Really no attempt to make me happy with the extremely high priced meal. A restaurant that values repeat customers would have done something to make me happy, but there was no attempt. Maybe this is how restaurants operate in Peru but you'll get no Anglo customers if you operate like this.

Mike B.

Ordered the tallarín verde con bistec. Waitress said they were out of steak but they had lomo saltado so I said ok. Price on menu was $14. I was shocked when she charged me $21.95 because she said it was a special order. Never again. No wonder it's always empty.

Ricardo De Leon

The best place, don't let the size of the 8 tables restaurant fool you, BEST restaurant ever.

Luis Bravo Tejada

Excellent food, truly Peruvian. 100% recommended. ?

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