Hunan Wok

3355 Sheridan St, Hollywood
(954) 241-0054

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Jennifer McCormick

Great service! Great food! The coffee shop was very tasteful decorated and pleasant. We ordered their chicken kabob wrap and a salad, both were very well made. Will go back again

David Vehbiu

I have ordered food many times from Hunan Wok for almost a decade and it has never disappointed and always remains consistently delicious. This was the first time we ordered in this place since the pandemic began and the food was as delicious as it has ever been, and very well packaged. This is an excellent Chinese takeout place and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Sébastien M

Always fresh, always as ordered! Pretty fast delivery.With that said... you'd better know what you're ordering and your address before you call. The guy is short and impatient over the phone because it's so busy. Understandable for a fast paced service business when people aren't prepared. I know for next time ☺️

Marie Lejeune

very lovely local restaurant. Have been around for years. They do not allow sit in right now, only take out. We ordered chicken with cashew nuts which was very good. Large portion. We came on the weekend so it was a little expensive but still under $10. During the week they have lunch specials that are better buys.

Garrett Lowe

Had a good experience here with my friend. The food was served quickly and the customer service is just good. Prices are fair.

Charlene Jones

The worst Chinese food I have ever eaten in my life. The food was greasy and had no flavor. I would give this restaurant 0 stars.

Charon Vallejo

This use to be my favorite Chinese restaurant but today I ordered hot and sour soup and got a bowl of grease. Extreemly disappointed

Nelson Saunders

The customer service is always quick, fantastic mood, very friendly staff. Will visit again when I arrive in town.

Mike Brent

Great job! Chicken and mixed vegetables (no salt added) is delicious!

John M.

Not good but not bad, deliver without plastic wares and I don't understand why every God damm Chinese restaurant delivery in Florida never provided menu and I ordered over $70.00 and nothing free!!!

vearing islife

Have been getting food from here for a while now never once have i had an issue with there service or the food provided from them. There dine in area really sets the mood, and that says a lot for a very fast pace restaurant. Unlike how usually with most places you'll be lucky to even have a chair to sit in. I also appreciate the open view of the kitchen, it really reassures me everytime weather i eat in or have my food delivered that none of my food will ever be tampered with in anyway. It also allows you to see the chef throw down in the kitchen and get a taste of how chinese culture prepares meals day to day. Would highly, highly recommend this place to anyone. The foods delicious and there service is fantastic! For a fast food type of environment, it has me 5 stars down the board.

James 1062

Food was good. My second time there. I had the pepper steak with fried rice extra bean sprouts and onions with a spring roll oh and egg drop soup. The egg drop soup was thick tho. My buddy had the beef and broccoli with extra beef and chicken wings. (Pictured). He paid $1.00 for extra beef tho. Probably would have gave five stars but the order taker today was not personable at all. If she's working if I go there again... I probably won't eat there. Something about her vibe..

Peter M.

Have been at this restaurant frequently during this part year. The food is consistently good to very good at under $10 without adding a beverage. My diet of choice is vegitarian and have several items on their menu that are good for me. This restaurant does a lot of carryout which seems to be their private focus. My observation over this past year is they have ample tables for those who eat in as I do.

Dave Rowe

Great food. Good value. Super friendly family that runs it. It is our go to takeout Chinese Restaurant.

Natalie Woolf

Awesome general taos tofu/beancurd! Kids love it too (they are 6&9).

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