Parguito Gourmet

1940 N 30th Rd, Hollywood
(954) 232-0184

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Anna-Kay B.

One of my new favorite spots at YG. I never even knew this place existed here until about 2 weeks ago when my friend wanted to make a stop at this restaurant to pick up a large empanda for her boyfriend that she claimed he absolutely loved. I was curious to see why her bf was so hype about these empanadas. So, the foodie in me ordered a medium vegetarian empanada to find out myself. OH-MY-GOD, I instantly fell in love too. I see why they have dubbed themeselves for having "The World's Best Empanadas!" If they don't have the worlds best empanadas, they definitely have the best at YGFM. The empanadas are made to order, so if you love fresh hot food you would not be disappointed. The breading on the empanada is crispy and delicious. The combination of cheese, plantains, black beans and crispy crust had my taste buds dancing! I'v already stopped by two times times since my initial visit. The next time I come by I will definitely be ordering a large empanada with NO regrets. My only regret is not knowing this gem existed sooner.

Orlando Puche

Great venezuelan empanadas, fried snapper and papelon.

Vic O.

Went here on our weekend vacation to florida. Had my friends try Venezuelan food for the first time and I'm glad I took them, the staff gave us a nice treat as well. I wish we had more love like this in Illinois! I'll miss it! #EmpanadaCulture

Kitty Cat

Fabulous! Very large empanadas.

Pabe G.

Where do I start... I've been all over the US for the past two years and I've never found a place quite like this one. Food is always great, place is amazing, and Staff has a welcoming aura with a smile to go with every single weekend. Truth be told, is the only place I've ever been since I started my journey that even comes close to home. My life is a little better every time I go to that place; it gives me strength and hope. So to everyone who wants to get and see a piece of my beloved Venezuela, there is no other place in the world better than the Farmers Market's Parguitos Gourmet.. FYI: Look for the beautiful-rebel SEVEN star flag with the cool pool table.

Mariale Padrino

My fav place in the market to eat Venezuelan empanadas ... omg !!! Excellent.

Buy Duran Group

One of the best places for a bite when you’re at the Yellow Green Farmers Market. The sauces to spread on the empanadas are delicious! The performer today that plays in front of the seated area was playing the guitar ? like a BAMF

Josè Francisco Burneo Gonzalez

Nice food but no enough tables to sit

Julio Diaz

Amazing place, awesome empanadas and nice nice live music ? ? 100% recommended ❤️

Farien F.

So good, best empanadas I have ever had. I had the shredded beef and guanábana juice. Son riquísimos!

Valentina Bolaños

Best quality service, food its just amazing. Definitely 10/10

Gustavo Diaz

Very good, people are super kind and the food has an authentic venezuelan flavor. The prices and portions are very reasonable. My only complain is that thw place has not any fans of any kind, so you'll be sweating as soon as you get there.

carlos andrade

I went to parguito with family and friends because a friend recommend, empanadas are good, I order fosforera, bad as hell to be honest, tostones with cheese and salad? No way, little cheese and to much salad, and just 3 tostones. Definitely not going back. Thank so much

Ignacio Rangel

Getting an authentic Venezuelan cuisine experience is almost impossible even in South Florida. However Parguito Gourmet manages to deliver classic empanadas from the Margarita Island region with their baby shark (cazí³n) empanadas. Friendly and courtly service, and reasonable prices.

Iriana Q.

Not impressed at all!! a little bit under flavors to greasy and too pricey. The wait was ok no too many people, they cook by the time you order I guess the food is fresh, too many flies when you are sitting and eating, need more fans around the seating the temperature was really high Definitely I will not be back! Too pricey for the quality!!

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