The Market Place

3325 Sheridan St, Hollywood
(954) 963-3880

Recent Reviews

Jill B.

Great customer service. Great food choices. The cherry chicken salad is fabulous. Wonderful soups also. Emphasizing customer service. I called and asked them to bring it out to the car. No Problem.

Bradley Leib

The quality and selection at The Market Place is unbelievable. Chris has given us an much sought after sense of normalcy in otherwise trying times. Stop by and see the girls for an amazing selection of quality prepared foods and fresh meats and seafood!!

Johanna Matlow

Best prime meats, seafood and gourmet prepared food ever.

William Giordano

Great Food

Stephanie Gonzalez

What an incredible place. This is a gem. Fresh delicious food, amazing variety, high quality products, refreshing customer service. WOW. I highly recommend for anyone to try this place out. There is something for everyone. Plus the decorating and store layout is just phenomenal.

Tony Valdes

Amazing customer service. The food is good. Fresh food like if the food came out of your moms oven.

Kimberly DeSocio

Amazing as always! Had our holiday event catered with beautiful sandwiches and delicious Italian meatballs. Everything was a hit! Presentation was amazing, everyone could not stop talking about how wonderful the food was. One guy said his meatballs were hard to beat but the ones at my party might just be better than his.... LOL Our table looked so beautiful with the wonderful trays. Thank you again and I look forward to next years party!

Lisa T

Great variety of fresh food and even better service. If you haven't visited this establishment yet you need to try it.

Chris J.

The stone crabs are unbelievably good and very fresh!! The folks that run this place are super nice! Can't wait to come back and have the stone crabs again and again and again!

Lee Watts

Great assortment of foodstuffs. Good staff and service. Great food for every taste

Tomas B.

First off I am not going to rate the bevy of prepared items in this little gourmet Market in the strip mall, as although everything I have looked at appears delicious I have never purchased their prepared items. I will review the overlooked portion of the market which is their butcher shop. At 1st glance you see a few steaks & chops etc. at the far end of the showcase, but what you don't realize is they are a full fledged butcher shop and will prepare you just about anything that you like. Over the past month I have visited this place multiple times and the owner / butcher Chris has been the most accommodating nicest individual ever. If it isn't in the case he goes in the back and cuts it fresh. If you don't like the size of the cuts, no problem back he goes makes it whatever you desire. If he doesn't have it call him give him a day or so and he will get it for you and prepare it anyway, any size you like it. Every item I have purchased from Steaks, Pork, Pork Chops, Veal, Veal Chops, Chicken down the line is the freshest top quality meat around. The shop is spotless upfront unlike many current and older style establishments. Prices are on par for what you would expect for this type of quality. I certainly can't attest to the prepared foods but will update when I get tired of cooking and try some out. For now Best Butcher around!

jusy Duran

Amazing place with fresh seafood,meats and deli .Catering service fantastic with a good price

Bill King

Very good chicken parmesan

Lynn G.

What a neighborhood gem. You can't go wrong with any of the prepared foods or fresh fish, chicken and meats. I bought a rack of baby back ribs that had an incredible amount of meat on them and were tender. Absolutely delicious. You must also check out the salmon, huge shrimp and veal chops. There is so much to choose from. The salads are yummy and you can even ask for a sample. If you have time you can grab lunch at one of their tables. Everyone is super nice and accommodating. You mustn't miss this great place. If you are lucky on the day you visit there might be some homemade banana bread or brownies.

Ayala B.

My family would not survive without the marketplace. Everyone has their favorite dish ;the best part is you can taste the freshness in all of their prepared foods. The soups are unbelievable- we are vegetarian and they have a large selection and even their mushroom barley soup is made with a vegetarian base which is very uncommon. Not to mention that everything there, from the soups to the mascarpone cheese to the rice putting and all their delicious salads, are so flavorful and prepared with love

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