Sheridan Plaza, 3359 Sheridan St, Hollywood
(954) 987-3412

Recent Reviews

Kayla Fagenbaum

horrible customer service

Brandon Brown

Very Clean Establishment!! I highly recommend Yogurtland!! There were over 10 Flavors of Frozen Yogurt! Super Friendly Workers. Thanks Maria!!

Daisy Duke

Amazing service delicious selection great prices.

Dori Diaz

Please update profiles to let people know that you are temporarily close, lost my trip

Jennifer Perez

It’s really sad when you take your child to get ice cream/yogurt and the only flavors they have are strawberry balsamic vinaigrette / coconut and mango sorbet.. they had 4 flavors all in which a small child would not enjoy and the girl who works there says that they have been this way since the holiday... it’s already the middle of January... this is disappointing and I will not ever be revisiting this location or a yogurtland again.

Angelo Vaccarella

Walked in. No yogurt. No employee. Bathroom out of order. Half the lights on. On a positive note Plenty of toppings!

Jessica B.

Tried to take my kids and they had 4 machines open Plain Watermelon The Christmas spice thing And a fruit one We went in at 8pm, how can a business run like this if they close at 11? Extremely disappointed.

Michael R.

Another HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT. Visited this location for the THIRD time in 7 days.... less than half the machines running and and of those working....4 are are low on mix.....strawberry is the the only kid friendly. Topping bar is out of sprinkles AGAIN...tell that to a 5year-old. The assortment has gotten smaller each time I visited....it's obvious that the owner isn't involved in the daily success of this location. I CRINGE NOW WHEN MY daughter tells me she wants ice cream.....I absolutely hate going to this store since I cannot count on them having enough of an assortment to satisfy my daughter. Time someone from Corporate take a HARD LOOK at this location and help the owner get back on track or pull the franchise.....giving the brand a bad image.

Marc R.

I was a frequent yogurt eater and Yogurtland is closest to my house. I have been going there less and less because of poor selections, the same each time and the canoes looking poorly. Tonight I took 5 people and saw many machines empty and those with yogurt, having the same old boring flavors. I'm done with this Yogurtland.

Pam G.

Not as good as it used to be. 2 machines were not working. Limited selection of flavors.

Kamilah C.

It is as good as any Yogurtland around just limited on flavors. I recommend going later in the night as it gets busy during after school hours.

Milet Dancourt

Great price. Great service. Great selection. Subaru of Pembroke Pines.

B. Nieves

This Yogurtland used to be great, but now it always seems like they're about to close and only offer whatever is left in their inventory. Very seldom they have seasonal flavors, so either you get the usual ones, or leave empty-handed. But today was the straw that broke the camel's back. They had NO PLAIN TART either! Seriously?!?! So, no seasonal flavors, no plain tart, they removed the water dispenser, and let's not forget that some employees have a very nasty attitude. What is going on with this location?

Geoff Shaffer

Fewer than half of the machines had yogurt. The flavors they did have were not great.

Alexander Maier

No vanilla or plain yogurt anymore and only a few sauces - all empty

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