630 N 15th St, Immokalee
(239) 324-0264

Recent Reviews

Libra Fairy

horrible experience took 30 minutes to bring food and had 6 cars waiting as well. got order wrong 2 times.

William Parker

Was on the road traveling and stopped by to get a bite to eat, got on the road and opened my box the chicken was dry and burnt. Can't blame them I should have checked my food before pulling off.

leo hernandez

Very good food ,they just need more employees ,slow prosses

Michelle Brooks

Always good food and staff is friendly!!!

derrel foss

Pulled into a parking spot to check my order and I guess because the restaurant had no customers and not a single car in the drive-thru a overweight lady manager comes out and tells me to leave that this spot is for waiting only...really...maybe if she spent more time checking the orders I wouldn't have to check my contents before I leave every time...please get someone who can straiten this place out..sorry but she should be flying food...

Thomas Greene

This is the worst KFC IN FLORIDA very rude and disrespectful...... To say clearly they believe they are the best but they are horrible

Evan Fisher

Chicken is ok when they have itOrdered 30$ fill up 3 times forgot tenders.Been there 2 they don't have cooked chicken for real a chicken place that has no chicken. What is going on there

maureen moran

Good chicken sandwich

Samantha Aparicio

Clean location, nice trying customer service. The food was good. 4 stars because the chicken didn't taste fully cooked

Jacquelyn Taylor

Pot Pie Is Good.

Snooki Bear

Yummy will go again

Theresa Baldazo

Cashier very friendly. Many cars in drive thru. Orders were done quickly.

Chris Peters

This KFC was very good. Compared to others

lanny gaffin

Good foodv

Dina Tobar

(Translated by Google) Delicious(Original)Delicioso

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