Viva Pizza & Wings

313 Nixon Dr, Immokalee
(239) 658-8482

Recent Reviews

Leticia Ozuna

better service

Joey Patton

Great friendly service. I ordered the Supreme Pizza to go. Best pizza I have ever ate. Prices are compatible. Will be back. Beautiful Ladies with beautiful smiles.

Joanne Gruskin

Pizza is good but we felt like we were taken for a ride. Without prior notice, they charged us each $1.80 for a glass of water... In a PAPER cup. Charge what you have to, but inform me first. I will NOT return. Felt like I was back in NJ or NY... not little friendly Immokalee.

Jessica Lewis

We ordered from here twice.

Melinda Stanford

Bought the Veggie Pizza and added Pepperoni Large Thin Crust and was hands down one of the best pizzas I believe I've ever had! The cost was around $18.00 with tax and worth every bit of it for a small town pizza shop! Asked for cup of parmesan cheese and crushed peppers with no extra up charge! I did ask for Greek Peppers(Pepperonci 's) and was disappointed that they did not have them! Just make sure I keep in my fridge lol Gave 5 stars as well deserved!


Pizza was not all that and it is way over priced !!! We went in there at around 8 ish and didn't our food till about 9:15. And we were the only ones in there.

Melinda Stanford

Had the Veggie Pizza add Pepperoni Large Thin Crust for around $18.00 and was the best pizza I believe I've ever had! Asked for crushed peppers and parmesan cheese with no upcharge! Would have liked some pepperoncini peppers but no go lol Just stock my fridge as I will be ordering this pizza again! Give 5 stars!

Levi S.

Immokalee has terrible options for pizza. Little Caesar's is pretty much the only consistent pizza place in town since the local Hungry Howie's shut down. Viva, however, consistently makes good pizza. It's not the best pizza ever, and it's not going to blow anyone away if you've ever had Marco's or Papa John's. Nevertheless, the pizza here is always competently prepared, and very delicious. Nothing special, not a lot of variety, but still fantastic at what it's doing.

Mehmet Kahyaoglu

Really great pizza. I cannot wait to come back here again.

Ismail K.

Best pizza I ever had in SW Florida. Can not wait to come back again. Reminds me of the pizza in NY.

Christina H.

We've ordered from Viva twice now, and both times we enjoyed our food. The wings are really good! Like really good!!! Deep fried and done right! You can get them breaded or unbreaded/naked. They offer hot, BBQ, sweet tai chili, and (garlic?) Parmesan sauces for the wings. The first time we got a regular pepperoni pizza. It was good. The second time we got the Meatboli, an all meat filled Stromboli. It was delicious! They topped it with garlic butter, Parmesan cheese, and seasonings. So good! I think this is going to be our regular pizza place from now on!!!


Best pizza in town. Their buffalo chicken sub is top notch.

Manuel Quintanilla

Excellent pizza and stromboli. Best in Immokalee by far!

shooter mcgavin

Amazing pizza; probably the best ive had in florida. If you eat pizza just for the fact its cheese on dough, then dont come here, (go to little caesars its 5 bux). But if you want Quality superior state of the art brick oven pizza come here. The wings were top notch here too not to mention.

C.A. Rivera

At one time I really liked this place but the last two visits have really pissed me off. Tonight I ordered a sandwich with fries. They charged me for the fries but didn't give me them. Last week I ordered a pepperoni pizza and there were only 5 pepperoni on the whole pie.

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