Fuji Sushi Mandarin

11362 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville
(904) 574-9244

Recent Reviews

Staci Ybarra

I have nothing but amazing things to say about this place. I've been to the one in San marco an it is definitely night and day. I will never go back to the San Marco one again. And will forever stick with this place. The Quality And the Quanity are both amazing, as well as the menu options along with specialty rolls. We eat there about once a week.

Ke Ha'a Wahine

Read the reviews to see it anyone had similar experience as I have. My family lives walking distance from here so we’ve been a ton of times. The good. We love the sushi, it’s good and consistent and the price isn’t bad for all you can eat. The bad. The “manager” is AWFUL. She is probably one of the most rude people I’ve ever dealt with in the restaurant industry. She will argue with you and basically call you a liar if you say you didn't get the food you ordered. I was completely flabbergasted by her behavior. I see that others have commented about her below as well. I also asked her what the cost was for kids because my bill was never the same every time we went and we always get the buffet. She literally refused to tell me how much the buffet was per age because she wanted me to tell her how old my kids were first! Unreal!

Aidan Chau

It was a great place with a great atmosphere! I went there for lunch for their unlimited sushi and had a blast. Foot tasted great and I especially enjoyed the salmon nigri. Overall, an amazing place to dine at. Would go again!

Nicole Pocol

Great options! Large menu. For $18 per person, you can’t beat some of the “all you care to

Angela N Tom Dooley

Wonderful service and food

Donald Heaton

This was our first time to Fuji Sushi in Mandarin. We are very familiar with the location in San Marco. Comparing the two locations are like night and day. Nothing stood out other than the sushi itself. My wife committed several times how good the sushi tasted. I don’t eat it so sushi lovers it’s a winner. Hibachi side was ok to good. Nothing was bad per say but definitely not any where close to the awesome level of the San Marco location. The portions were very small. So small in fact that I had to put in a ticket for four hibachi steak to get a normal sized portion. The steak was cooked very well and was juicy goodness. The staff was mildly nice. Not rude but rushed and so not very attentive.

Shannon Baker

Excellent Sushi! For 2 people, it'll cost $21.95. This includes 2 drinks each. Then you can eat all the sushi you can stand. The only drawback, which is understandable, any sushi left on your plate will cost an additional 50¢. My wife and I never have to pay that, though, and we get our $22 worth, lol.

Christopher Vance

Sushi and service are outstanding.

Fe s

Dinner - Great variety for the price. Quick service, Awesome food and the turnaround for orders is second to none. Highly recommended and the lunch special is also suggested.

jarret marinez

Good food, made to order from a small order sheet. 90 min stay limit. 50 cent for every piece you dont finish eating.

Rose Duffey

I come to Fuji Sushi anytime I come into Jacksonville. It’s a great price and good food. I love how you get to sample a little bit of everything, yum! Unlike most all you can eat places, where you go fish your food from tubs that everyone has touched, here they bring you fresh food right to your table. I can’t wait to visit again.

Javier C.

Extremely good and you can't beat the price. Good variety on the menu. Will definitely recommend and return.

Patrick J.

The best part about this place is that their sushi is all you can eat! Its what keeps me coming back. The quality of their sushi is not the best that I have ever had, but when it comes to an all you can eat place it meets standards. My biggest piece of advice is to come hungry!

Amirah Johnson

The options are very limited. The menu is the same for the all you can eat & regular price. The quality is at best mediocre. The service is sufficient. Even the miso soup could have just been dish wash soup w tofu. Spicy crab meat salad was the only star.

Ciara W.

This place is my favorite sushi place in the area. Everything is fresh and absolutely delicious! I love the ordering system too, and that they make an effort to reduce waste and provide vegetarian options.

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