Fuji Sushi Mandarin

11362 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville
(904) 574-9244

Recent Reviews

Mary Beth Johnston

Sushi all you can eat and the food is good. The staff seems to hurry you through your meal (obviously they don't want you to stay long). Their main interest is to ensure the menus are taken away from you after your order.

khanh nguyen

Awesome sushi..all you can eat for 12.99. Great service

Brandi Mark

Amazing food. Great service. Depending on when you get there (dinner), the wait can be quite long, however, we happily wait for the delicious food that follows! Lunch is pretty quick, in and out.

Joe Hogue

They would not stop bringing me sushi, I begged and pleaded but it was ceaseless. I tried to dial 911 but was quickly buried in rice and tuna and spicy mayo, barely able to breathe. With my last breath I called out "Jesus take the wheel" and he rolled in with a 2020 Range Rover and plucked me out of the pile of seafood and dropped a stack of ones on the table to cover the charges. Dangerous but lots of umami

Kaitlin Mazza

Best sushi, best price, best staff. We're frequent customers. They do get busy during normal dinner hours so plan ahead or be ready to wait a few minutes. But I promise you, it's worth it.

Tabitha MacWilliams

I LOVE this place! It?s always a treat to go. The all you can eat food is fantastic, the staff is polite, and it?s just a lot of fun.

Alexia M.

Awkward experience tonight. I normally don't waste food, the final order I got was fried eel roll, it was over battered, tasted like "fried batter". I had couple of bites but couldn't eat it all. When we asked for the check, a male waiter came over told us since we wasted food(4 pieces) we have to pay the over charge. Instead of asking us why, he tried to charge for the fried batter, really? This is really poorly run business.

Brian C.

Horrible customer service by the manager. If you only have 1 person delayed they won't sit you. We waited an hour to be seated. Won't be coming here again.

Robert F.

This is more like tapas sushi than all you can eat. Small portions of very well prepared fish and rolls with a nice selection of Asian appetizer favorites. Choose from either the kitchen or sushi bar and write the number on the ticket. Within a couple minutes it will arrive. They are slightly smaller portions but that's ok, keep ordering until you are satisfied. I especially liked the hand rolls. Note there is a $2 charge for ordering and leaving it on the plate.


Loved this. We had a great lunch. All you can eat $12.99. Select your � sushi, hibachi, appetizers, soup, noodles and rice. Small portions which is great so you can try 10 things! Great value.

Matthew Kufahl

It's not bad for an all you can eat sushi. There are better places in Jacksonville to go if you're in the mood for sushi. I will say that the price is probably the best part. If you want to go out for a quiet dinner, this is not the place. If you have never tried sushi, this is the place to go.


Food was ok but no kids menu to be had. Also, I didn't even receive my last two sushi rolls and a waiter asked if I needed something as if I was supposed to leave then they realized that I hadn't gotten my food that I ordered. I just Paid and left instead of waiting. there are many other places of higher quality with better service all around Jacksonville.

Dre Holliday

The whole as a whole are amazing. Great customer service

Lindsay Dunivent

For being a busy Saturday. It was a pleasant experience. All wait staff was friendly and sushi was delivered fast was fresh.

Ashley B.

Can't get enough of it, so I guess I'm glad it's unlimited sushi is smaller than average but still good, service is decent. Portions are small on hibachi so make sure you order accordingly. Pretty pleased, will definitely be back !

Angie Coble

Great food fast service all you can eat sushi


You can't go wrong here unless you order a ton of food. All you can eat...order a couple items, eat it and order a couple more. Continue to order until you are content. Excellent service every time we go.

Charlie D.

The place is a zoo. People waiting in line for lunch at 1:30 on a Saturday because it's an all you can stand sushi place. I've been to this Fuji Sushi several times over the last 5-6 years and each time I go the quality slips a little more. The shrimp were old and dried out, the Rainbow Roll had mostly white fish on it. Either the rice or the soy sauces had a weird taste to it. If you don't mind a lot of noise in a cramped restaurant and don't mind gambling $13 to $15 for shrimp, tuna, salmon and some kind of white fish prepared several different ways and it's really not fresh but it is all you can eat, so who cares right? If you want quality fresh real sushi this is NOT the place to go. That was definitely my last trip there.

Ann Bolebruch

What's not to love

Amy C.

Your dinner options are all you can eat sushi. There's a 17.99 option and a 21.99 option. The AYCE is worth it if you can eat. I ordered about 8 nigiris, 2 small rolls, soup and noodles. Everything is small plated so that you're not getting full off of the very few things you order and you can try various things. They don't only have sushi for the AYCE. They have noodles and rice hibachi. You can also order apps. The 21.99 option just comes with a few more different rolls. The service is mehhh.

Cortney H.

Delicious! So glad I finally came here! Great all you can eat sushi for a great price. We loved every single roll we got. I told my husband this needs to be a weekly stop for us!

Ann Bolebrucn

What's not to love ð??? about Fuji III! Prices are set $15.99 to $19.99 plus beverages. Selection is excellent as is the service. Only very small issue is with the Beef being a bit tough. All Sushi from Tuna to Salmon is super fresh. Love the roll selections and can mix and create different trays. Place is always busy but well worth the wait. Small bar serves beer ð?º and wine ð?· at reasonable prices. If you like hot tea ð?µ bring your own (2-3) as there green tea is a little weak.

James S.

Big thanks to my sister for introducing me to this gluttony paradise. If you love sushi and can never seem to get your fill (without paying a small fortune), then please go directly to Fuji Sushi. You'll fill out your paper with the number next to the rolls you wish to try, and then you'll fill it out again, and again, and again, until you're full. Sometimes even after you've left full in the rear view mirror! Not only do you get unlimited sushi, but they also have hibachi options, appetizers, and soup/salad choices to help keep things interesting (or for those in your party who haven't discovered how good sushi is yet). I usually dabble lightly with the appetizers, but my main focus is mostly on how many different rolls of sushi I can throw down before my stomach waves the white flag. This trip I unintentionally ordered an abundance of rolls with avocado, which got a bit old after a while; but I made sure to eat every last piece, because they will charge you if you leave food on the table. But I've yet to really have a bad roll here; and their spicy tuna/spicy salmon are delicious (which is usually a solid barometer for a sushi restaurant). One last tip is to get there early. They close down for a bit in between lunch and dinner to reset (the dinner menu is of course more expensive than the lunch one). So there is a last call if you're there towards the end of the shift. Overall though I've had a great experience each time I've come here. The wait staff can be a little short, but they're understandably busy the entire time refilling orders. The food is good, and most importantly freshly prepared (unlike buffet sushi that just sits on the counter for hours on end). Make sure you work up a big appetite before going, and then let your sushi inhibitions run wild!

Dana O.

I absolutely love Fuji Sushi, what I find the most irritating are the crazy hours. Not sure how this place stays in business as it's crap shoot catch hong them with the doors open. I know I've been to this location 3 times and have YET to eat. I know the one in San Marco is awesome and the hours are much easier to manage. However this one, not so much. Three strikes and you're out, not trying again!!

Katie K.

We just hit up Fuji Sushi for our annual Sushi stuff-fest. We arrived about 30 minutes before they opened due to a miscalculation in drive time. It was a blessing in disguise because a line started about 15 minutes before they opened and we were first in line. We got our table immediately and promptly started filling out tickets for the all you can eat sushi. One side of the menu has sushi bar options and the other side has kitchen options (appetizers, salads, hibachi etc). They seemed a little disorganized today, bringing items we didn't order and forgetting items we did. That being said, we had our fill! My favorite veg roll is the Sweet Potato Roll. A little mushier than I prefer today. All in all, delicious and fun. I can't rate it vs the best sushi in the world because I don't have sushi enough...but we love it and love getting to stuff ourselves with no regard for the price of a billion individual rolls and apps.

Real R.

This place is AMAZING! I could eat here every day and never get tired of it. They rarely ever make mistakes and when they do they immediately correct it. The sushi is ALWAYS fresh and wonderful!

Ilona Daniel

Super Fast Service, delicious sushi even when it is a busy Friday Night! I highly recommend this place

Jamie W.

This was a nice place to stop for lunch during the week. They have a $12.99 AYCE luncheon daily. On the table is a menu and you have a little worksheet to put down what you'd like from the kitchen or from the sushi bar. I started with the Edamame and salmon katsu. The edamame were hot and terrific dipped in the soy sauce. The salmon katsu had a bit of crunch and the avocado was a nice addition. On the table is soy sauce, shrimp sauce, and you can ask for eel sauce. All are great for dipping your tasty morsels. I tried the hibachi salmon, and a few bites of other things from my girls plates. All were cooked perfectly and tasted great. I did get the tempura vegetables and I found them to be a bit greasy, so probably would not order them again. The servers are quick to pick up dirty plates and your reorder slips. One thing my daughter told me is if you order something and don't eat it, they do charge you extra, so be aware of this if you're just in a tasting mood. Everything served is more of a appetizer portion, but always good to know going in not to order everything on the menu!

Shannon Herod

Great food and a really fun way of ordering. I really enjoyed it and would recommend trying it. I also felt like the price was very fair.

Sofia Couchinette

Not bad for the low price! Is it the best sushi Iâ??ve had? Definitely not. Is it worth it? Sure.

Sarah A.

Everything is very delicious, sushi is made in eyesight, but prices went up and you're charged to take your food home.. so that's kind of a disappointment, but good service and fresh food. This is my forth time going and I plan to go again at the end of the month with a group of friend.

William Voorhees

I just experienced the most incredibly rude reception at a restaurant...ever. When I arrived, there were 3 person waiting and standing in front of the sign-in sheet. Rather that bull my way through them, I reach around behind them with one hand and wrote my name under the last line. When it came time to be seated the hostess/waitress (she said manager) told me because my name was not on a numbered line and not a new line on another new page, it didn't count. In essence she called me a liar, saying she didn't believe me I was next. Instead she said I would have to wait until the six other parties that came in after me had been seated. This was even after the person to be seated after me told her I was ahead of them. Ironically, the party seated previous to me was seated by me indicating they were next without anyone looking at the sheet.

Ricky Thompson

Excellent variety of selections. Reasonable price. Great service. What else can I say...other than I can't wait to go back!

Danielle Pecoraro

So good!! Fixed price for all you can eat. Just make sure you eat what you order or they might charge you. Perfect small portions to try several different items and you can order several times. The first order comes out the quickest though. Staff is super friendly. Ended up going twice in a week it was soo good!

Marcia P.

Unacceptable health violations! We went to this restaurant today for lunch. When we got there the restaurant was packed with patrons. We were excited to order our sushi and other dishes. During the second round of ordering my friend ordered teriyaki chicken and it had a human hair on top of the chicken. We brought it to the waiter's attention. Absolutely nothing was said. Until I asked questions the owner apparently was aware of the situation but never came to our table to apologize or act remorseful. When I asked for a discount or compensation on the bill he reduced it by $1.29. Really??? That's the kind of proprietors I hate supporting.

Vicki Tilden

Super clean. Nice staff and best of all great sushi. Usually a little wait but theyâ??re great at turning tables without making you feel rushed. Iâ??m there about once a week.

Rachel C.

Came in for a quick lunch with my boss while in the area. The price for all you can eat sushi can't be beat. The quality was okay. Not great and not the worst. I liked that the rolls came in 4 pieces so you could try a few. The ordering system of writing down your choices was easy and worked well enough. I found the restroom could be cleaner. Why is this always an issue I see in sushi joints? The people working there were working hard and always on the move. All in all, it was okay but there wasn't anything to inspire me to return.

CR Hilliard

When I first visited this place I was skeptical because I do not like buffets. Well, this is the only buffet where I will eat. They are super duper clean and keep the buffet spotless. Needless to say, the all you can eat crab legs, I thought I had went to seafood heaven, was delicious. The sushi is made fresh and if you desire a hibachi entree the cook will prepare that for you. Great food! Great place. Wonderful hospitality.

Dan Afl

The all you can eat had very good service. The food was just good and nothing exotic. The place was very busy but seems to be normal group of patrons. I might go back. Not really a place that I am super excited about but was reasonable. Overall, definitely a place to try and the prices were very reasonable.

Angie Coble

The best place for sushi however the staff isn't very friendly. This place is always busy because of the food being so fresh and good