Kan-Ki Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar

11148 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville
(904) 292-2400

Recent Reviews

Emily Anne S.

Kan-ki is great! There is usually a wait, which is a good thing. It is worth it It is one of our go to restaurants, family favorite or date night, or girls night or birthday! Everyone is so friendly and nice. The best chef is Joe! He is so super fantastic, and amazingly skilled. He remembers the details of how my kid likes her food cooked, what activities they do and what is their best subject at school. They want to bring their homework in to show him their grades. That is a connection. Joe is amazing! He is the ultimate Jedi (check our his knife handle) ninja Japanese chef. He has cooked for the stars and makes us feel like stars when we sit at his table. Even when it is crazy busy he makes you feel like royalty. He has the jokes, the knife skills and the personality to always delight! Thank you Kan-k!

Angela Rae Collins

We have a great time whenever we go! Love the free birthday dinner. Our Chef was hilarious and you could tell he really cared. Food was delicious! Looking forward to my leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Thank you for the amazing service!

Samuel Hoepner

Good food, great service, but would've liked to have seen more variety of vegetables and even a different option besides rice(zoodles would be an awesome option!)

Christina Grant

The food was great, our chef was very personable, and they give free birthday meals

Kelly Seguin

I have been all over to many Japanese Steak Houses. This was a terrible experience. I had scallops and they tasted freezer burnt. We were rushed thru dinner at 8:30. While eating a maintenance worker mopped the floor around our table with a strong chemical. Never going there again. Party of 4 Goodbye

Crystal Rojas

Food was good as usual, but timing for the meal was completely off. Took a long time for them to take the order for our table. Then the chef was at our table and half our meal was on the plate before our appetizer came out.

Kimberly G

Food typical Japanese food and or chef was boring. Bad enough that you know their routine no matter what Japanese steak House you go to but where was my Shrimp Toss into someone's pocket or in to his hat? Guess the funny witty chef we had in Palm coast is a once in a lifetime...chef Leo you were awesome wish you never left.


The food is fine. The pricing is acceptable. The servers are very polite and attentive. The chefs produce fine food and a good show. Now if the hostesses would learn not to put the dirty menus on top of the clean plate that you will eat off of! Keep the plates off the table until the food is going to be dispersed by the chef.

Bobbie Jo Crews

Excellent service! Amazing Chefs! Delicious food!

Nisha N

I have been to this location many times. You can’t beat the price for the amount of food.. The chefs are always delightful and the waitresses are a delight. . I was amazed when I entered and the server remembered where we sat last time and that I am a teacher. Incredible!

Mia V.

We ordered take out tonight and my dad and I both found hair in our food. This is absolutely disgusting and we will not be returning.

Keith Brown

Very very good people and it was no wait and the employees are amazing

shannon girton

A yearly tradition. My husband loves this place! Always delicious food

Laura H.

This is our go-to place for holidays, especially birthdays because you eat free on your birthday! We always request Joe if he is there because he is just awesome and is amazing with the kids. We have never been disappointed with anyone else we had though. Great food, always leftovers!

shayne connell

The chef cooking the food for our table flung hot oil into my sons eye, definitely never going back. Be sure to wear your eye protection when you go.

Lisa August

I took my mom, niece and nephew to dinner on Friday evening on 6/15/29, and we each ordered Teriyaki chicken and brown rice. The service was terrible and the food was awful. When we got home and everyone of us got sick. My nephew eats there quite often, but he will never step foot in there again nor will I.

David Thibodeau

Great experience as usual

Paul G.

Very fun experience. Portions were larger than a typical Japanese steakhouse. Price was quite high, but it matched the large portions fairly. Entertaining chef as always and the food had plenty of delightful flavoralong with great presentation.

Donna Grimes

AC too hot. Everyone was hot and management would not adjust AC to cool place better. Interior design needs refreshing/updating.

Dean R.

The first time I went here, I sat at the regular tables not at the hibachi, and it was excellent. I ordered the chicken Teppanyaki and it came out juicy and the rice and vegetables were cooked perfectly. I was excited to finally find a decent Asian restaurant in Jacksonville. However, the next several visits (once at hibachi and other times not) did not go so well. I ordered the same chicken Teppanyaki and the chicken was overcooked and dry. The restaurant has a consistency issue and I am not sure what I'm going to get if I go again.

David S.

We literally JUST got sat, and the host/manager said, "you need to hurry because we have a party of 65 coming in and need the table." We are here for our daughters 10th Birthday. She's been talking about coming here for WEEKS. I want to leave RIGHT NOW, but it would break her heart. Last visit unless they substantially redeem themselves ... but right now, I seriously doubt it. If they do, I will fix my rating.

Mrs T.

Our waitress was extremely rude we had a party of 5 and she wanted our child to sit at a different table and we did not want to split the family up and have our child a minor sit at a different table without us. We almost left. It took over 30 minutes to get our drinks and they had plenty of seats and chairs. She had such an attitude when we ask if we could at least order drinks. Our chef was good but it does not make up for the waitress rudeness.

Derek Clifton

I have loved this place for years. We went regularly when there was one on Southside Blvd. Tonight was the worst experience we have had. We arrived at 6:05 and was told there was a 35 minute wait. We were sat at 7:30 we were told they had to seat reservations first. The staff needs to be trained better to explain actual wait times. The reservations are known ahead of time and they should be able to half way plan ahead for that. Hopefully the food is still good.

gary nye

Loved the chef interactions. They keep you laughing and enjoying your time. Will definitely go with the family again.

MoonRiver Me

just had a takeout. Only found out no rice that was said came with it. The Shrimp and steak was expensive and yet it's not enough to feed a small person weighs only 120 lbs like me. After spent $24 for the dish I'm still hungry. Should have gone to Fuji Sushi down the street for all you can eat.

Sharon Gerlach

Waited in the bar eating area for 15 minutes while making eye contact with 3 wait staff before apathetic teenager informed us they were not serving that eating area. Meanwhile people who arrived after we arrived were being served at the bar. When I spoke with the manager, he said they were short staffed while allowing others including an elderly gentleman with a cane to be seated though they would not be served in that area. Worse service ever. We were regulars for years. Not likely to return.

Eddie M.

We went there Wednesday 5/15/19 and had to wait because they didn't have enough 'chefs' to accommodate a Wednesday evening! Three of our party had the steak and shrimp. The shrimp were ok but all three of us couldn't eat the fat filled spongy so called 'steak' or whatever it was and ended up leaving it on the plate. It was gross to say the least. It's probably an 'ok' place for the most part as long as you stay away from their 'fake steak' in my opinion.

Heather Bonnello Taupier

Great food, friendly staff! A wonderful place to eat for any occasion!!

Christen S.

Food and service was amazing!!! Request JoJo as your chef, he is amazing. What a pleasant experience. Will be going back!

J Martinez

This is probably my favorite Japanese Hibachi restaurant in Jacksonville. The food is always delicious and perfectly prepared. My only complaint is that the portions seem to have gotten smaller over time. I always have leftovers though, so I suppose I'm still getting quite a bit! The chefs are usually really friendly and funny, too.

William S.

Absolutely horrible service over ten minutes waiting at the door for them to deny me because now that I've been waiting its 10 minutes to closing and they are "cleaning" the grills. It is 920, and they show they do not close until 10, really?

Molly Youngblood

Great food and customer service, went there because it was my birthday and to my surprise I got my dinner for free! Ordered the Shrimp and Scallop dinner and it was delicious. Great atmosphere and had fun feeding the Koo fish in the pond. Definitely recommend visiting if you are in the mood for good Japanese food. 😊

Denis Ndregjoni

It’s... ok

Sandra Caples

Awesome staff! Fun fun fun!

Jessica Clack

Fun Fast Fresh Great Clear Soup Wonderful Staff.

Nike C.

My gal-pal Lynn and I were looking for a Friday evening place to eat and we decided on Kan-Ki. I looked at it's website and found out it's a family owned business that has three locations in Jacksonville. So we were seated at a Hibachi table with a grill. Two other families (of three people) and already been seated and the each had a birthday celebrant. So they went for it and ordered Sushi as an appetizer, ordered grilled shrimp, steak, scallops, salmon entrees. Lynn and I weren't celebrating anything, just out to eat and we ordered the Chicken Teriyaki. I asked for mine with fried rice and Lynn wanted steamed rice. BTW, three young women came out with drums and sang their own version of a happy birthday song. They did this at every table with a birthday. Our chef was very conversational and entertaining. The food was very good. We started out with a clear broth type soup and a salad. I asked for the ginger dressing on my salad and Lynn went for ranch. The diner to my right was a highly conversational gent and he and the chef were having a great time. It was his 17 year old daughter's birthday. Lynn and I enjoyed out food. There was plenty of it. I ate all of my chicken and half of the rice. I took the remainder of the rice home along with all of the veggies. Two other people at the table took food home. There was a lot to eat. All seven people at the table thought the food was good. I see some of the one star reviews and don't understand them. The tables seat seven people. I will say this, if you have a group larger than seven people you will have different dynamic at the different tables. If you have 21 people and three different tables I can't see how you could possibly have one big unified dining experience. I hope that helps. The only point I can make is that the servers and staff were rushed. They have many hats: taking orders, serving beverages and food, banging the drum and singing a happy b'day song, removing dishes from the table. I think this rush is kind of typical of Hibachi restaurants. A lot is going on. I gave five stars because it was what I expected, plus. I wasn't disappointed at all.

Jillian Martinez

The food and chef was awesome! The server took a long time which is the only reason it isnt 5 stars. Also, they only seat you when all of your party is there. So just be aware in case you have any late guests. It still took then an additional 10-15 minutes after we got there. For example, we said 6:30pm. All guest in our party were there by 6:45. No one sit us until 7pm. I just wish service could be a little more prompt but the food and chef was great and we would definitely go again.

John Bryan

We had never been to Kan-Ki before tonight. We were looking for something fun to do for dinner with the kids on New Year's Eve and this turned out to be an excellent choice. The food was good but almost equally enjoyable was the experience of watching our chef prepare our dinners. The kids (11 and 15) had a great time. If you've ever been to a Benihana, the experience and the food are very similar.

james knight

We come here with our four kids many times a year. The wait staff and cooks are always great. The food is consistent. The staff greeting us at the door on 12/23/18 at 7 pm were awful. It took 5 mins or more to be acknowledged even by eye contact, though we were the only family waiting and standing literally 10 inches from them. The restaurant was busy, which was understandable, but customers should be acknowledged immediately. For a family who gives lots of business to the restaurant, it hurts us to see non-committed staff give a negative first impression. This is the lowest hanging fruit. We want to see this place succeed, therefore the 4-star rating. Please discuss with your front door staff. This was unacceptable.


Didn't eat due to the LONG wait. Went to Mikado's.

Kan-Ki Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar

11148 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32223
(904) 292-2400