Kan-Ki Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar

11148 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville
(904) 292-2400

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Elena Cunningham

I called ahead of time and the restaurant informed me that they were closing early at 9pm! I arrived at 7:25pm and they said they sat their last table for the night literally 3 minutes before me! I watched the couple walk in!!! I am livid as I drove ALL THE WAY FROM THE WEST SIDE FOR THIS FOOD!!!! The hostess at the front seemed lost when I questioned her about what I was told on the phone! They didn’t even ask to seat me as accommodations! I tell people about this restaurant all the time and we always spend a lot of money here but I guarantee I WON’T BE BACK!

Ashley Cabetas

Andrea and Joe took care of our family last night! The whole family was entertained, felt special and was well taken care of. My four year old was especially smitten with Joe who entertained him with the grill, but also his knowledge of dinosaurs. Andrea was attentive and also thoughtful with the children, bringing out children's chopsticks and ice for their soups without being asked. We'll come back again for sure!

Ben B

There were 5 adults, a 4 year old and a 10 month old. We go here at least once per year for someone's birthday. Went yesterday (Sunday 3/8/20) and had the best time ever!

Max Spriggs

I like the food and atmosphere. Hate the waiting for a full table to eat. I recommend that I'd you are going here go as a group of 7 or 8 to have a table to yourselves... that would help with the waiting. Other than that it's always a good time.


I liked it. Good food. Not bad but not the best entertaining hibachi scene. But they did comp a situation without even asking. Probable return.

Deanna F

I was very happy with my experience here. I got sushi because of some food allergies, it was fresh and tasty. Everyone I was with really enjoyed their hibachi and it looked fantastic. Ask for Brian! He was an amazing chef, very friendly and funny! He also told me that they’re allergy friendly and can cook me whatever I want, so next time I’ll be ordering hibachi. Will be back for sure.

carey macon

Went here to celebrate a birthday before going for drinks. The only thing and I mean the only thing that was good was the the guy on the grill. Food was nasty. No one finished their good. We all left pretty much all of our food on the plates. I have to say that i wouldn't go back. Just being honest


Atmosphere is welcoming, lighting is ambient. Little bit noisy from the Habachi Chef's cooking at the tables but expected. Came to try the Sushi only for the first time and I was a kinda disappointed. For some reason the sushi was rolled with extra rice around it and oddly the seaweed wrapping under the rice was very chewy so I really couldn't enjoy it. The content inside the Sushi was great and fresh but what a way to ruin it. I think the there may have been extra seaweed wrapper and rice on my Sushi to sum it up. I wasn't upset though because my daughter and her friend had sushi and they enjoyed it. All that mattered was that my little girl was happy. Word to the Sushi Chef "Stick to the Script" on the Sushi please. As far as service it was rushed to order the food and hand out the drinks and food but slow check out. Those poor waitresses were understaffed and they were busting their butts to get around and cater to the tables. They did make sure our drinks were full. May come back but not for Sushi.

Grace Kennedy

Their birthday offer brought out 15 of us for my mother's birthday last week. They had a lovely waiting area where we could all catch up!! Considering that I forgot to call the day before, they squeezed us in to a spot in a respectable amount of time. Thanks, see your again in March!

Cole Hanna

Fantastic restaurant with great service and good prices! Highly recommend the shrimp. If you're not looking for the frills of having a chef cook the food in front of you, the traditional restaurant tables are a great option.

Mike Oakes

Had a great time!.. Cooks are real entertaining! Foods great too

Veronica Farris

The Teppanyaki or hibachi chef was good but other than that...it was a poor experience. Service was excruciatingly slow. We had to ask for refills and remind the waitress to bring us our salads. She was in her own world it seemed. If they had been busy I would understand but really they weren’t. More than half the restaurant was empty and on a Saturday night. Now we know why they had 2.5 stars on yelp. Every time we looked for her, she was talking with other staff members. When we were able to get her attention and get her to the table she was very sweet but just not a good waitress. Food tasted great so again the hibachi chef was good.

Wayne Hawthorne

Best food ever with the best cook.

Jenna Cassity

I had a birthday dinner planned here for 16 people. We had made the reservation at 7 pm and created the reservation almost a month in advance. It took us 2 hours to be seated and then another 30 min for the chef to start. Our chef started out with saying " I am tired." And was NOT entertaining at all. My husband asked to speak to the manager and they said the only manger on staff was a chef working at the time. It would have been a nice gesture for us to get a discounted meal or a free app or drink, but we didn't get anything at all! We will not return to say the least.

Charlie Smith

Great place for the family Awesome and friendly people and wonderful food

Miles F.

Went for my free Bday meal. Totally regret it, won't be back. No management on staff, only 2 chefs for the whole restaurant. Was told 20 minutes when arrived. After waiting 20 was then told another 45. Decided to sit in the bar area, waited an hour and a half for food. Which was not good and had a rancid taste in the vegetables. Not one to bash a business but where are the owners???

Paul S.

We celebrated a good friends birthday and their wedding anniversary last night. Our server was Adrian and she was there for us all night. My wife and I ordered the dinner for 2, it consisted of scallops, steak and chicken along with a mound of fried rice and vegtibles. The birthday / anniversary girl ordered steak and lobster. The tail was a little bit on the small side but more importantly it was delicious I was told. The husband was happy as were the 3 children. We brought a cake, they came out beating their Japanese drums and saying what ever it is they say without and feeling in it. After they walked away we sang Happy Birthday to the one under the spot light. Also my Rum Runner from the bar was so good I had two, good job Chasmine ! The Chef did a good job, he took it easy so not to scare the littlest one with his Fire & Flames.

Kelly Lane

I wasn't impressed with the hibachi here. They were very slow, and no real show to talk about. Not much personality to the chef, and the food was pretty bland. The prices, on the other hand, not so bland. I thought they were pretty high for everything. The waitstaff was adequate, overall, just an average restaurant with average food.

John Tidmadt

Went here for a friend's birthday, which her meal was free with our group. The chef at our table was entertaining... Dining hint, instead of veggies you can ask for double rice

Bill Beine

Always go there with our Grandsons - the 9 year old really likes the chefs Entertainment - foods good too - a bit pricey but guess the show is worth it.

Taylor Lantz

Our chef was super cool and the food was delicious. The server was very sweet and helpful with everything we needed even though he looked super busy. Always a good spot to grab some hibachi, we will be back :)

Raphaella VonMercer

HUGE restaurant!! It's got a moat like fountain outside and a bamboo atrium inside. Birthday dinner is FREE with proof of ID, great value. Delicious sushi and you get a good show from the table chefs. Tuna steak was much larger than I anticipated, steak and shrimp combo is absolutely wonderful.

Lakeshia Clark

Kan-Ki is delicious! The food is fresh and flavorful. Very clean atmosphere and nice people. Excellent prices as well.

Brad Walton

The food was good. I would go again. Everything was good and service was good ...

Ciara K.

Nice place, staffing very friendly. Our cook was below average. Food wasn't what I expected!! Overly priced not enough food. Plus the chef forgot to cook our chicken. Probably because he was talking extremely too much about his personal life. We went there for my son's birthday. If it's your birthday you receive a free meal! Next time will stick to Okinawa Japanese Grillhouse & Sushi Bar on Roosevelt Blvd. Food is way better and you get a lot for what you pay for!

Emily Anne S.

Kan-ki is great! There is usually a wait, which is a good thing. It is worth it It is one of our go to restaurants, family favorite or date night, or girls night or birthday! Everyone is so friendly and nice. The best chef is Joe! He is so super fantastic, and amazingly skilled. He remembers the details of how my kid likes her food cooked, what activities they do and what is their best subject at school. They want to bring their homework in to show him their grades. That is a connection. Joe is amazing! He is the ultimate Jedi (check our his knife handle) ninja Japanese chef. He has cooked for the stars and makes us feel like stars when we sit at his table. Even when it is crazy busy he makes you feel like royalty. He has the jokes, the knife skills and the personality to always delight! Thank you Kan-k!

Jason Kerkezi

Food was good and the table chef was funny, entertaining and professional. But it was my birthday and I told them at the beginning of the meal. Not only did they not take off the $21.50 for my entree, they also included an automatic gratuity and didn’t verbally tell me. So basically I overpaid by about $45 for a party of 4, and now have to go back in to complain and have this corrected. A waiter who doesn’t verbally tell their guests that a 20% gratuity is already included is just dishonest and unprofessional.

Carol Nikielski

I liked the interaction between the chef and the people he was making food for. It was so entertaining.

Philippe Dupont

Long wait due to only 3 chefs working. Arrived at 7:35 pm .. got first food off the grill at 8:45pm. Prices shown on website are only 80% of actual menu prices. Waitress explained it is very hard to update the web. I nearly walked out.


Staff was fine but they added a roll I didn't order. This was just take out so I didn't really sit in the restaurant to eat. But it looks really nice.

Starlight Lifter

I had to wait extra long but the chef got to work and provided conversation while preparing our food. Food was great, chicken, shrimp, steak all delicious.

Angela Rae Collins

We have a great time whenever we go! Love the free birthday dinner. Our Chef was hilarious and you could tell he really cared. Food was delicious! Looking forward to my leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Thank you for the amazing service!

Samuel Hoepner

Good food, great service, but would've liked to have seen more variety of vegetables and even a different option besides rice(zoodles would be an awesome option!)

Christina Grant

The food was great, our chef was very personable, and they give free birthday meals

Kelly Seguin

I have been all over to many Japanese Steak Houses. This was a terrible experience. I had scallops and they tasted freezer burnt. We were rushed thru dinner at 8:30. While eating a maintenance worker mopped the floor around our table with a strong chemical. Never going there again. Party of 4 Goodbye

Crystal Rojas

Food was good as usual, but timing for the meal was completely off. Took a long time for them to take the order for our table. Then the chef was at our table and half our meal was on the plate before our appetizer came out.

Kimberly G

Food typical Japanese food and or chef was boring. Bad enough that you know their routine no matter what Japanese steak House you go to but where was my Shrimp Toss into someone's pocket or in to his hat? Guess the funny witty chef we had in Palm coast is a once in a lifetime...chef Leo you were awesome wish you never left.


The food is fine. The pricing is acceptable. The servers are very polite and attentive. The chefs produce fine food and a good show. Now if the hostesses would learn not to put the dirty menus on top of the clean plate that you will eat off of! Keep the plates off the table until the food is going to be dispersed by the chef.

Bobbie Jo Crews

Excellent service! Amazing Chefs! Delicious food!

Nisha N

I have been to this location many times. You can’t beat the price for the amount of food.. The chefs are always delightful and the waitresses are a delight. . I was amazed when I entered and the server remembered where we sat last time and that I am a teacher. Incredible!

Kan-Ki Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar

11148 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32223
(904) 292-2400