Osaka Japanese Restaurant

11701 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville
(904) 886-7778

Recent Reviews

The Green Dragon Gaming Dragon Cub

Not the best. Not the worst. Its ok and close by. A bit expensive for what ya get.

Adam Putman

Haven't been in over a year but if it's anything like it was the last 10 times I went, it is probably the best Asian buffet in Jacksonville. The sushi is also of a decent caliber even considering it's a part of the buffet. Usually the sushi at Asian buffets is subpar at best but they definitely hold the standard because their Sushi is comparable to Sushi specific restaurants around Jacksonville. I have recommended this place to anyone I know that hasn't tried it and everyone I know who has shares my opinion.

Karen Busmail

Food was greasy, plain flavors, server was not around, had to ask her to refill our drinks, and the worst part, she only show up when we're leaving to check the table and when she didn't see what she was looking for, she just asked, yes, she asked us where was the tip.. seriously? You need to train a bit more your servers, they do need to gain their tip with great service.

Neroj Taha

Server was not around, my kids used their hands to crack open crab legs. My husband paid we were walking to the car, the server runs out and chases us down asking for a tip!!! Yup literally ran outside asking why my husband didn't leave her a tip!! Train your servers on providing better service please!! Never again!!

D Estrada

Over price nasty food bad service was charged 6.99 for a 3 year old that ate nothing will never go back here

Paige Keegan

Been here a few times it has been ok for majority of the time. But tonight when we went! Wow! It was awful. The sushi looked like it had been sitting out for days. The coconut shrimp was cold & she had just set it out. The crab legs were decent but not flavorful. It was just gross! Definitely will not be back. Especially after they raise the price from $10.99 to $18.99 a person for the dinner buffet. Before you raise your prices maybe you should consider having more edible food!

Bryan Tucker

This place is good!. If you are going for the crab legs during dinner you must be on your toes!.. lots of sharks hovering so keep a watchful eye when they come out. They have a hibachi bar, sushi bar and hot food bars with a cold bar too! Spacious with TV's. Staff is very friendly and nice! Lunch is cheaper so if you dont want crab legs just go for lunch.

Jontelle Oliveira

The family truly enjoyed the amazing food and selection! Can't beat the price for all you can eat crab and they do it every day of the week! We will definitely be back and I'll spread the word!

dante angelo doit

All you can eat snow crab legs if you can get some. Food is tastes okay,. Sushi bar is also okay. But for $19 a person for dinner, i don't think it's worth it.

Jad S.

To be honest their food used to be really good and then it has just went downhill from there. Like sushi there is not that good anymore, like the rice doesn't have that soft and savory flavor and has a crusty type of feel to it. And the cooker there that you give your noodles and etc. is not the same as the other guy and it doesn't have the good sweet and salty flavor to it. And me and my family have to not go there again until they make their food good again. Best of luck! Very Cool Kanye

paul nowotny

Good food reasonable prices. Not as friendly as it used to be though. Otherwise 5 star

Ciara W.

My favorite Japanese buffet around the area. Far from the best in the state, but still very delicious.

Joey Andrew

1 o'clock lunch buffet on Saturday was not good. Hot food was cold and low pan portions. Waited around from them to bring hot food out. Didn't happen soon enough. Sushi tasted like it was carried over from the night before. Ice cream tasted like it was frozen and thawed for multiple days. Low lighting. Not sure that's a good thing given the low food quality. Will not be returning.

Mindy Pelton

Decent but way overpriced. Charged full price for 11 year old who only ate 3 shrimp, some rice and ice cream. Definitely not worth $19.

Ritche S.

Osaka : we have going to this place for how many years now . All you can eat crab legs , crawfish sushi and hibachi grill that are soo good will get my highest review. Tip : if you are a regular customer, visit them in December they gave out those big Chinese calendars which are awesome! I can't deny the fact that the place need a much needed upgrade. I base there food on two things here the crab legs and sushi. Their are days that the crab legs seems bland But most of the times the crab legs are well seasoned and perfect! If a new guy is doing the sushi rolls sometimes the sticky rice is not cooked right. Overall this place is a place to go for Chinese buffet. So far they are the best one here in Jacksonville Florida.

Alice B.

Probably the best japanese buffet I've been to in a long time. The baked seafood is incredible, as well as the coconut shrimp. The lo main and fried rice didn't disappoint either. The salmon sashimi was a marvelous and unexpected surprise. I couldn't get enough of it. The caviar was very good, and I wasn't expecting to see three types of caviar at a cheap japanese buffet. Great environment, too. I wish I'd seen oysters, but you can't have everything.

M M.

No good. Definitely not worth $18.99 per person. Food was not fresh. Hibachi meat looked unappealing. Crab legs not seasoned. Do not recommended this overpriced underwhelming buffet.

Jessica pears

Short blonde hair stuck to the bottom of a spicy tuna roll. Hot food was dried out. Went to pay the tab.. baby german roach crawling across front computer desk. Will update if we get sick.

Gennadiy Moiseyenkov

I'm not a fan of buffet style restaurants, but after renovations this one is standing out from most of them. Small batches of food, fresh and well prepared. Nice place.

Mohamed Aboulezz

Went last night for a quick bite. I like sushi, and I know that a buffet is not the right spot. However, at $22.00 dinner the quality of food should be much better. Food was really cheap and not tasty. Service was OK except for that bodyguard who was at the frontdesk (strange looking host). Did not enjoy anything there. I won't go back

T R.

$18.99 for a dinner buffet? Go to Sakura on Atlantic Blvd. It has 3 times the food, at a cheaper price, and it tastes better overall. The food had an off taste, the sesame chicken had a weird sour taste to it, and the sushi was warm not cold. The selection was extremely limited for the price. If you like seafood they have plenty, if you're not into ocean fare, good luck. Also, the "waitress" stood over us, hounding our table when trying to fill out the tip on the receipt almost forcing me to put an amount I personally deemed unnecessary for the experience. Overall would not recommend to anyone.

Deborah Mendoza

The service was excellent and the employees are very friendly. The food was excellent and fresh with the exception of the spring rolls that tasted old. I didn't go there for the spring rolls though- I wanted some crab legs and Osaka definitely delivered. Unlike most restaurants nearby, Osaka has seasoned crab legs that taste fresh. We'll be going back for more!

Diana M.

No stars if I could.. Smells like death.. I love buffets and i don't mind paying, but $20 a person for food that isn't fresh, is a complete waste of money and time. The fruit is dry, the dumplings had a terrible smell.. I was afraid to try the sushi. Yikes! I would NOT recommend this buffet..

Darian Blue

Great service and selection of food. Really enjoyed the atmosphere. The quality of food was excellent and enjoyed the sushi bar. I don't mind going there again.

Dee Jackson

Great food! Great price! Great selection. I took away one of the stars because I don't think you should be advertising a tip jar when you are there to provide a service anyway. There were tip jars at the different stations and I don't get that.

Laurina Tucker

Great variety of Chinese and Japanese. Food was replenished every few minutes. Very fresh and excellent taste

Clarissa D.

Really good selection for the price. Crab legs and sushi sounds good to me. All you can eat buffet style.


sashimi maker too very slow on purpose.. osaka is a lot better even the best lobsters were old, hard no juice


The price here is a little higher than what I am used to, but the selection and overall quality more than makes up for it.

Gabriele D.

Ignore the one bad review on here ! This place is genuinely delicious! Ive been going here for years & years! The quality is always good! Never gotten sick because they keep everything clean, heated & cooled correctly with their food! It is an incredibly variety of food they have here! They price you just cant beat!


We were pleasantly surprised by the calm atmosphere of this pan-asian buffet. I should take a star off due to REALLY poor lighting over the buffet tables, however the food we tried was delicious and the uncharacteristically calm vibe for a buffet earned 5 stars. I can recommend this, however don't expect a flashy buffet with a thousand and one choices, then again those types of buffets attract so many screaming children with large families that they are not adult friendly.

Joel K.

The food is great hear I really love crab meat, sushi, and chicken bites among other things offered here. They have a very wide selection and they do a great job of keeping the buffet full. The server was awesome too. She was quick to take our drink order and kept our cups full.

Vanessa T.

I can sum up this place with one word...Scary!! I just can't recommend, when walking in your greeted with funky smells and it desperately needs a refresh on the whole restaurant... it's old and looks like nothing has been cleaned or changed in years. The servers were not very friendly and short, the buffet looked terrible, dried out old food, and a lot of questionable seafood... it was like playing Russian Roulette with each bite, which bite could end you!! The bad reviews are accurate here Years ago this place used to be much better, but now it's really gone downhill And the kicker was $20 per person for dinner.... yea it will be a no from me

David P.

We've eaten at dozens and dozens of Chinese Buffets across the country. One thing we have noticed is that when the Hot & Sour soup is good, so is the Buffet. Their H&S soup scored a 9 out of 10... so it wasn't suprising when the food was also quite good. Good food, good price (lunch). We'll be back!

Morgan M.

My husband and I just came here! I was a bit apprehensive about a buffet, however everything was very fresh and delicious. All of our sushi was amazing, we had hibachi made fresh for us, and we enjoyed some things we have never tried before on the hot bar! Would definitely return! Crab legs and crawfish were also delicious and fresh. Definitely a hidden gem and we will be returning.


Osaka is a great place for a lunch buffet. There is a large variety of food offered We will go there again for lunch.

Edwin Cham

Great prices for seafood buffet, crab legs are not salty at all. Lots and lots of selection. Will definitely come back when in the Jax area. 2 thumbs up.

Kendra Depasque

They food is disgusting. Biggest waste of money.

Theresa Heffner

Ate there today. Staff is very friendly and the food is good. This is definitely a Seafood Buffet so it is price accordingly. They use quality food and have real ice cream for your sweet tooth. Will be back again!

Kim Leggett

Went to celebrate 2 birthdays on a Friday night. Crab legs were really good, our waitress was the best ...the rest of the food that I tried was just ok... my husband enjoyed the sushi, but my son in law only ate a few pieces of a different type of sushi and he felt ill afterward and never ate anything else. Everyone else seemed to enjoy everything just fine.