Osaka Japanese Restaurant

11701 San Jose Blvd, Jacksonville
(904) 886-7778

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Alisa L.

It's pretty disappointing, we used to love coming here. I understand post Covid newness but if you're going to open the restaurant, do it right. The buffet was extremely limited portion sizes of everything looked like it was the last of the batch, nominal sushi. There was a ton of empty sushi plates and hot items. It looked desolate and the prices were the same. Strongly DONT recommend until they can get up and running at full speed; especially if you're going to charge full price.

Thang Cung

They had two options for all you can eat crab legs or without the crab legs. Dine-in was available! The food was amazing!

Marisa McCarty

My family and I have been going to Osaka for years and love it there. Not all the food is amazing but if you like sushi then this is a great place to eat as much of it as you want! The crab if cooked right is worth the higher price for dinner, as well as the special rolls.

Duke Nukem

Friendly staff

Andrea F.

Walked over here with my daughter to try it and it was not very good. The house chicken is the only thing we liked. The rest of the chicken was over cooked with hard pieces and maybe some small bones? The wonton soup didn't have much flavor either. We didn't even come close to finishing what we put on our plates. For both of us it was just over $23. The waitress was nice but the hostess was clearly on the phone, using her air pods. Definitely not worth the amount they charge.

Laurie T.

Tried it for Sunday lunch. Food was hot and constantly switched out. Servers and kitchen staff not overly friendly or attentive. Freezer broken and had to ask server for ice cream. It was served in a small dressing container Cannot believe how rude people are at a buffet.

thruhiker A.T. 2010

My family and I absolutely LOVE this place! Everyone of the employees are super kings. There are a ton of food options. And the best part...the sushi is ALWAYS fresh!

Ann Bolebruch

Since its Ash Wednesday we wanted a fish meal and arrived at Osaka Buffet. The restaurant was clean and the price was $18.99 each for the buffet so after quickly looking at the offerings decided to stay. We started with an ample offering of shrimp, mussels and oysters all were good but on the small size. Tried the Hot & Sour soup that regretfully was neither as was the Wanton. Went for the rest of the fish and shrimp items on the Hot Buffet which were good but not exceptional including the Crab Legs which were a bit over cooked as were several of the fish offerings. Next Bill tried the Sushi...every piece was outstanding!! The Salmon was fresh and firm as was the Tuna, White Fish and several of the fish filled rolls with the white rice being just right. They also have a Mongolian Grill area that we did not try but everything looked nice and fresh. Desert area is OK just nothing to write home about. If you're in the area I would stop in but make sure you are hungry.

Sixto David Hernandez Acosta

Excellent place, many varieties of dishes with diversity in seafood and vegetables in addition to other dishes for different tastes, excellent and fast service

Glenn Clark

First time eating there. Food was hot and tasty. Price very reasonable well worth it. Great selection of sushi too. Crab legs where hot and delicious, as was all the food.

Dorris W.

Food isn't too terrible however the service is AWFUL! WE were getting up from the table and two waitresses jump on our table cleaning it before we were away from the table. We were yelled at by the waitress and we were yelled at and put down by the waitress. We asked her to put our ticket together and she turned the paper over adding and bitching the whole time at me.

Sergio Menezes

Wonderful food at an incredible price. excellent service. I liked it so much that I came back several times. Highlights for Salmon and seafood my favorites.

Brande Wester - Inkspireart

Used to be such a great place but seems to have gone downhill. The lights on the buffet weren't all working, dim around the buffet and the fried items tasted like the oil was bad. A couple of the baked items and the sushi were good. Great price for lunch buffet. Just not sure if we will give them another try in the future.

Becky Prew

Huge variety of choices. Food was pretty good, but $18.99 per person is steep, unless you eat crab legs. I'm not a fan of crab legs, but suppose the price of the buffet would be more reasonable to someone who was.

Andy Busch

The food was good. The staff were very polite and attentive. We had a lovely Christmas lunch- decided to do something different. I would rate the food as 4 stars. However, we arrived at about 1245pm and were charged the dinner price. I guess because it was Christmas maybe...? There was no indication of it being dinner price. So that'll be our last trip for sure.

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