Pepe's Hacienda & Restaurant

3615 Dupont Ave Suite 900, Jacksonville
(904) 636-8131

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silas lewis

The food was wonderful here. The servers understood our order and special requests. We did have to flag down a server to take our order and to get the check which was a minor inconvenience. Also, the atmosphere needs some work. The decor is tacky and the music is a little overbearing. Overall a good restaurant with decent prices and outstanding food. I did not go to the grocery part so I might have to come back for that another time.

Niki Higgins

My husband and I have been going to Pope's for years. The food is consistently delicious and fresh. They serve you fast and are always friendly. My friend from Mexico said it was the best authentic Mexican food she's had in Jax!

Jonathan Moore

Having a great Mexican restaurant just a couple of miles from your house is wonderfully dangerous, in every good way.Be prepared to take food home. It is delicious and tastes great the next day.

Shan B

Consistent horrible customer service. This will be my final time. When ever I shop at their market, I never get a friendly face or a Thank you, you’re welcome etc… English or Spanish. I find them to be rude and definitely don’t appreciate my business. I’ll give my business to other Latino markets that appreciate it. I’ve had decent service at the restaurant but definitely not the market. Never again.

Stephen Cha

I walked in on Sunday morning, ordered 3 burritos to-go, paid for the food and even added 20% tip to the order total. As soon as I signed the receipt, the cashier mocked me, an Asian person, by putting her two index fingers to her eyes to do slanted eyes pose and shouted loudly "Chino!"While upset, I stayed calm and picked up my food later and left the place. While I have personally moved on from the incident, I do feel that the owner probably needs to be aware of this before she does to any other Asian person and create a bigger problem. I don't understand her behavior but perhaps a better training could help. Obviously, you don't gain more customers by offending them.Not sure if I was being picked on or not, but also there were two other customers that ordered after I did and got their food before I did. The order was also mixed-up; I asked for 2 carne asada and 1 chorizo but got 2 chorizo instead.All in all, a very disappointing experience, this could have been my go-to place every time I visit Jacksonville, but it does not appear that will be the case.#badservice #raciststaff


Excellent Mexican food at reasonable prices.Edit July 2022: prices are not accurate on menu. Price was double what was listed on menu for guacamole and they don’t seem to care. Food is still good but the value is gone. Tacos still decently priced but when the menu is not accurate how can you trust them?

Matthew L.

We ran across Pepe's restaurant while looking for a good place to get Mexican candy. We came back to try the food and have been back multiple times to try more items on the menu. First thing you need to know is that most of the menu is in Spanish. There are a lot of items on the menu to try. All you need to know is that bistec is steak and pollo is chicken. The chips are made from flour tortillas so they are different from other Mexican restaurants. They are different and can sometimes be very crispy/chewy. But don't let that deter you from trying this place. * The menu prices haven't changed so you can get a great meal for two for less than $30. * Dishes are authentic so they may be different than the what you are used to at other Mexican places. But be daring and give it a try The best dish we've had so far is the Taco's Pepe Bistec. You can get this as three tacos or a plate. Be sure to get the plate if you want the rice and beans. The Chilaquiles Bistec are good - be sure to get it with the eggs. I'll be back and try more items on the menu.

Janice B.

If you want authentic, this place is it. I can't believe I've never been here before, and I cannot wait to try more things on the menu. On top of that, the prices were great - especially compared to some local chains. Then after you eat, ensure you stroll around the store! There's a meat / butcher shop in the back and a huge pastry and bakery section.

Will B

Great place, great food, great people!! Best Mexican food in town! They have a butcher inside, and bakery with fresh bread. The grocery store has a big variety of South American products.

emmanuel lopez

What’s there not to like about this place. They have it all you can think of. Service is great, Cash your check, go food shopping (great variation of meats, and the seasoned picaña to throw on the grill YUMMYYYY) and don’t forget their restaurant you can choose anything on their menu and you’ll be back. Trust me I’ve had plenty.

Ariel Rodriguez

I’ve gone to Pepe’s for about a year now and every time I go there’s always the workers don’t salute you when you walk in and when I go for the bread, it’s ALWAYS hard. Besides that, I’ve seen many mosquitos and cockroaches in the store. The workers have a bad attitude and never seem happy. I tell people when they go there to take a good look at the bread because I’ve seen many bugs in the store.

Joanna C.

Today was the day I found an authentic Mexican Restaurant/grocery store! I recently moved to FL and I have not been able to find any AUTHENTIC Mexican restaurants, but today everything changed, I had a OB appointment and wanted a quick bite after looked up on Yelp "Mexican Restaurants" after searching because for some reason they always decide to put the Americanized Mexican restaurants first, anyways I came across them. Once we pulled up to the restaurant I knew this would be my go to, this was all me lol we were greeted by two lovely waitresses, one who ended up being ours, we received great service. Not only was the waitress sweet but attentive as well. Definitely will be coming back here! Ps. LOVE the selection on the Mexican candy they have, oooo and the menu selection makes it so hard to pick an entree, but I went with the shrimp cocktail since I was craving one & they killed it!

Kathryn B.

This use to be one of the best authentic mexican places to eat and my favorite. The quality of the food has gone way down. The last three times (in last 3 months) my food was clearly microwaved. The sauces were not fresh at all. The prices on the menu do match what you are charged and nobody bothers to tell you. The food had little flavor and tasted "old". The last time I went, I found plastic in my "cheese" in my microwaved enchiladas. It is sad that they don't seem to care anymore (due to being so popular) they assume people will keep coming. I wish they would go back to cooks who cooked with experience fresh Mexican food and owners who cared about the quality. The staff NEEDS to be up front about prices. Nobody eve tried to make it right when plastic was found in my food.

Sierra B.

The service was so rude to me and my friends and when our food was incorrect she still tried to make us pay extra to have it replaced. I had no complaints with my food but the experience was a big no, especially when the manager was rude as well.

Elizabeth M.

This Review is for the Market side of things. I haven't been to the restaurant side in over 7 years. The meat market in the back is where it's at. Want some delicious carne asada meat so you can make steak tacos? Ask for the meat called "Diezmillo ya sazonada". It's pretty well seasoned and all you have to do is throw it on the grill for a few minutes. It's soft and tender and it's got a decent marbling of fat pieces to keep things juicy. Just don't overcook it or else it gets dry! Also try the smoked pork chops! Soo good. Make sure you get some of the fresh tortillas that are in the cooler by the front door. You won't regret it. Honestly, with the price of tacos being so high, I've been coming here and getting my taco meats so I can make some authentic Mexican tacos at home. Their produce has been pretty good the last few times I've been and their sweet breads are still fresh in the case. They also give you a free two liter soda after spending $50 which I think is very nice of them. They have a huge variety of Hispanic candies and ingredients that you really can't go wrong.

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