Taco Bell

10400 Philips Hwy, Jacksonville
(904) 262-7282

Recent Reviews

Will Hinton

Took over 40 minutes to get our order. Absolutely ridiculous for a fast food joint.

cindy davis

No kind of service, employees dish there own food, no one ever came to counter. A dirty drink left at drink machine. We walked out

Brianna F.

if i could rate zero stars i would and i'm just leaving it at that, i'm so mad. thank you for your consideration. The service was bad the quality was bad and the food tasted like cleaning supplies. Also the people were so mean. Also I do not appreciate how she kept giving us the wrong thing and taking it back but I thought they were allowed to take back the food that we already touched. Once again zero stars. Thank you.

Rob G

Gross. The inspector needs to pay them a visit. The food isn't right. Almost sent my Wife to the E.R.

Nancy Green

The woman who took our order in the drive thru wasn't very friendly, the wait time was average and the food was made correctly. I wasn't blown away by the greatness of it but I really only went there for the tacos so the wow factor wasn't an issue for me.

zaina williams

LET ME TELL YOU! I usually go to the taco bell on baymeadows/Philips and I typically get the same thing since we rarely eat Taco bell. I get the Burrito supreme for my husband and a soft taco party pk for my 2 kids and myself. Since adding the double beef option I started getting on the party pack. LORD HAVE I BEEN JIPPED OUT OF SOME MEAT. Whomever made the tacos tonight 11/21/19 @ 11:35pm needs to go to baymeadows and show them how to make a double beef taco. Every taco was filled perfectly with extra beef and was hot and over all amazing! Cassandra was my cashier and she was incredibly sweet and had great customer service. The name on the receipt was Tiesha so I'm assuming maybe Cassandra was training or Tiesha made the tacos. Either way, DREAM TEAM. The order came out hot and fast and was delicious. I will definitely be making this store MY store from now on. THANK YOU!

Tina Miller

Food is always good but always check your order before leaving as they struggle to get the orders correct. Wait time is average and staff is friendly.

Jerrel M

It nice, staff were good, order one breakfast. Burritos and breakfast taco. Gave me a regular taco instead.

Aleutia Blakeman

They nearly always get my food wrong and are pretty rude. The menu recently changed and they haven’t seemed to learn it as I’ll ask for things and they’ll have no idea what I’m talking about. Last time I asked for The iced coffee and they told me “this is Taco Bell not McDonald’s”. Well it says iced coffee literally right there on your menu. And she just wouldn’t listen. Learn your menu. I’m fine with something not being available but don’t tell me it doesn’t exist when it’s right there. I always go there at night if that helps. Get a better mannered night crew

John Bozeman

Service is always slow it has taken 20 to 30 min to get food. Most of the time it at least 15 min. I eat there at least 1 time a week. Food is good . it is clean

Christian A.

No meat in the food. They gave my mom a large drink and gave me a medium. They gave me two regular tacos with my box instead of the one dorito taco and regular taco.


AWFUL!!!! We went through the drive through and were told to wait to order multiple times. We asked why....the drive through person was extremely rude and told us we HAD to wait. We said no we didn't and she screamed "BYE".

Justin Keller

I’ve been going to Taco Bell almost my entire life. I’ve been to various chains all over the country and this one is without a doubt the worst one I’ve been to. The device is terrible and they rarely get your order right. I recommend the one in Baymeadows if you have the option.

Anthony A.

They somehow ran out of several items. I think they just didn't want to make them. Employee gave me attitude. Would not recommend. McDonald's next door is way better.

Michael Riojas

Old building, our "triple-double crunchwrap was stale. We had the do it over, but the second try was stale as well. We've had wonderful service and food at other Taco Bell(r) restaurants, this one is not up to par.

Tim McConnell

I just love Taco Bell my only fast food guilty pleasure. This one is old school on the outside but the food on the inside is what I've come to love!

Alonzo V.

I go to Taco Bell often. But as low as my Taco Bell standards are this location takes the cake. Got there at 7:40am for breakfast in the drive through. Sat there for 10 min. No reply. All the lights in the kitchen were off but there were two cars parked out front. Their food is good but when I'm in a hurry and I can't even order. We have a problem . About 3 years ago this was a decent location. I had to drive to a different location for my food. Just beware and don't order breakfast here! If you even could...

Matilyn J.

This location is TERRIBLE. My first option for was closed so I thought I would give this place a try with their breakfast menu. I was the only one there, and after I saw the reviews, I now know why. After trying to clearly say what I wanted to order, the lady on the speaker told me Just pull to the window before I was even finished. Once i got to the window, I guess they were preparing my food. Halfway through this, she asked for my order again. Then a different woman came to the window to collect my payment. I asked if I could add a drink to my order since I wasn't done ordering. She just rolled her eyes and asked in a rude tone "wanna add anything else?" Also mumbling under her breath. She gave me my order and sat my credit card ON TOP of my drink, which almost fell to the ground. These employees were rude and honestly have some kind of anger towards the customers. Will never go to this location again.

Anand R.

Worst service ever. Nobody came to take our order for 10 min then someone asked us to use machine. This machine was confusing but we managed to place the order but this machine would not give physical receipt. I asked for one and I was told that it's not possible so I ask for refund and I was told that impossible. I worked for taco bell so I know that it's not true. This employee and the manager were rude and stopped responding to me. At this point I took my car to drive through and asked for the same. A employee threatened that they will call the cops on me. I said go ahead. Now magically they were able to refund. Worst rude manager ever no apology. Refund was $2 short. I had to honk multiple times to get attention. Stay away

Michelle Wade

I wish I knew what happened to this place. It's close by my work cheap prices the food used to be good an order was always right. Nowadays you'd be lucky to even have someone working cooking food. I don't even bother going to this one anymore. Last few times I went I either waited in line for over 30 minutes to be told only one person's working inside or that it's too early at almost 7:30 a.m. to order breakfast. What a waste

Tiara Dunnan

The line was long but the service was surprisingly quick and the worker at the window was very pleasant. My special order was done correctly.

trevor manaras

Any restaurant that makes me feel like asking for food off the menu is too much worl, deserves 0 stars. Then when I went to order the second order I verbally heard the cashier complaining abou "all this extra labor" won't be back to this location


Do ever ask for beans and sauce and receipt at this location. That’s what I was told to night. And ya cash only at the drive through and no receipt is the new policy with cold thick dump of beans. I really miss DelTaco in this town

Cindy Campbell

My order was not correct but the food was good. I just accepted the order because they gave me nacho fries instead of just nachos. Lol I like the fries so it was good. The service was good and fairly quick. The young lady was friendly. She was patient while I put my credit card & receipt away before handing my food. Good day, this time.

Matt Seaman

Restroom had no lights and the entire restaurant smelled like a dirty mop. The people were nice though. We walked out without ordering due to the smell.


Drink was partially carbonated water with what tasted like some kind of cleaning agent , we received the wrong order after we ask if it was correct due to we live a good distance away and it had happened there before. Told after we ask for a receipt it was in the bag it wasn't the food we did receive was a taco salad with brown wet slimey lettuce on it we had to throw the entire order away since our receipt was not in the bag.

Agnes M.

Terrible. We asked if we can order a quesadilla for my kid that's w plain cheese and not spicy. They said yes. We also ordered a taco supreme meal. As we drove off for our journey back to NJ, I realized my taco supremes were not supremes... they were plain tacos w no sour cream. My 2 year old son also spit out his quesadilla so when I tasted it, it was spicy. Anyone with a hungry 2 year old knows what a pain this is... thank you for giving me a screaming kid and I am now an annoyed mother who just wants her taco supremes and a little peace and quiet.

Florida Coast Overhead Door

Pretty laid back location. Very clean and quiet. Staff was respectful food was hot. even the restroom was clean! I ordered my usual Mexican pizza substituting the beef with rice instead and a Nachos bell grande, i got it in less than 3 minutes and my order was correct. thankful for nicely run businesses.

Sabrina Powers

Order was not complete...thought it was fixed and drove away then realized an item was completely missing. Went back to drive thru....young cashier very nice but older female manager was indifferent. Not even an I'm so sorry.

Melissa G.

Y'all please fire that fat white chic with the bad attitude. No cars in the parking lot but she wants to rush me thru my order & serve cold food. I tossed it. Not worth my gas to get a refund. I don't trust big mean fast food workers. The only decent thing on your menu is the mountain dew.

Julian Lopez

Look don't go here for breakfast. Half the time there not even open over an Hour after 7. Decent for lunch. But they will either have no one opening. Or if they ARE there they'll look you dead in the eye and ignore you :(

Robert O'Steen

I have to say this Bell location has some great people working at it. Great service 👍

Jim M.

BAD, BAD, BAD. I drove out of my way about 6pm today to get a couple of burritos. When I got to the drive up speaker I was greeted with, "We are out of chips now." I ordered my burritos and drove to the window. After waiting about 5 minutes nobody came to the window. I could see them inside but nobody told me how much my order was or greeted me. I had to sit there and look at the dirt and grease on the wall under the dirty window. I finally left. Don't think I will be going back.

Ambriah Whitfield

Busy night waited a long time in drive thru for food BUT when I got my food it was fresh and delicious! Everything was worth the wait. I got the Chalupa Supreme Box and it was AMAZINGLY delicious! Tasted like I was not eating fast food at all. I paid $5.99 and it felt like I was ripping them off. I feel like going back to tip them for the satisfaction!!!

Brown Theinfamous

Pretty laid back location. Very clean and quiet. Staff was respectful food was hot. even the restroom was clean! I ordered my usual Mexican pizza substituting the beef with rice instead and a Nachos bell grande, i got it in less than 3 minutes and my order was correct. thankful for nicely run businesses.

Jeremy Holcombe

I’m a Taco Bell connoisseur and let me tell you that this one makes the top of the list. From great food to fantastic customer service I’ve been nothing but surprised. Keep doing the good work Taco Bell on Phillips highway in Jacksonville FL. If you happen to get Marysa then you know you’ll have a great experience.


I placed an online order and received confirmation through email, and the funds were withdrawn from my bank account. I came to the drive thru and was told they did not have my order and I probably had the wrong location, so I pulled to a parking spot to confirm I was at the correct location, which h I was. I came back through and said I had my order cofirmation number and had already been charged and was told there was nothing they could do. So, I was charged and never even received any food. In the middle of the night I received a cancellation email and was refunded my money back, however this process was way more complicated that it needed to be.

Esse Hamm

The staff was the best I've seen. Funny and very polite, they are a reason I will return to this store. The food was on point and reasonably priced, but the staff made it much better. I left with a smile and in a better mood than when I arrived.

justin cochran

This taco bell is always slow and orders are always messed up. I do not go for a while because of this and forget and come back to bad service. There can be no line at night and you will be waiting. I have only came to this taco bell late at night so service may be better durning the day shift with the GM present.

Jeremy H.

This experience is absolutely unbelievable! Friday evening at the doors were locked with customers inside! A customer opened the door for me from the inside and the employee screamed at me saying she was the only one in the building. She reluctantly took my order very rudely even though I sympathized with her. Trash was everywhere and bathrooms out of order. I felt like I was in the twi light zone! This place should be shut down and the poor girl offered another job! Absolutely gross and unacceptable!