Taco Bell

4466 Town Center Pkwy, Jacksonville
(904) 646-0333

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Joshua Baldridge

Very long wait times in the drive thru unfortunately. Their food was good. Little over priced for Taco Bell .

Megan McCallum

The crew there is very nice. The food comes out quick and its always good. My favorite location to go to

Matt Rene

Literally the worst taco bell ever. If you're fortunate enough to have your gas tank last long enough to make it from beginning to end of the line, your hopes and dreams of satisfaction will be more disappointing that a virgin on prom night.

Rebecca C.

The hours sign on the building and the website state they are open until 1 during the week. I have went several times 10 minutes after midnight just to arrive in disappointment to find them closed. I have been told their system was shut down for the night and if their truck delivery is in the parking lot they will not answer the intercom. I asked if their times are different because of the location and was told no. I have seen several cars pull up and leave because they were also turned away before closing hours, lots of money being missed. I really like Taco Bell and would appreciate it if the night shift would get it together so I can enjoy my dinner after I get off work.

adam geda

You can never go wrong with the Bell! If your gonna do fast food this is always a good choice! Keep it classic with the Mexican pizza or try something...

Isaac Silva

They Messed Up the entire Order, And turned off their phones, None of our tacos had Meat, Like How in the world do you forget about the one thing that is supposed to be in a damn taco?! Bout to go right back up there for a refund, I do Not recommend going to this taco bell Location, Point Blank.

Tim J.

2nd time I've been here late on the weekend and they are CLOSED before posted hours specify. Yelp, google, apple maps, along with the POSTED STORE HOURS clearly read that fri & sat they are open until 2am. I pull up to the drive through on Saturday (6/1/19) at 1:01am with no one answering the drive-thru speaker, just before all the exterior lights turning off with no explanation of why the store is closing early, with a line of at least 3 cars outside. Very disappointing for a store that usually has pretty good service any other time I've been. I will not be returning.

lauren detlefsen

Ordered 4 crunchy tacos and received the most empty tacos I've ever had. I've been eating at taco bell for a very long time and this was not up to par. There was half of the amount of cheese, lettuce, and meat that there should have been. They felt light taking them out of the bag. Nothing is more disappointing than a half full taco.

Eva Love

We are vegan and like to have something quick for dinner.Tierra at the St John's Town Center location went out of her way to make sure our burritos were dairy free. She even cleaned the prep area before making our food (her idea!). Thanks so much for a pleasant experience!

Caleb With The Hair

Though Taco Bell doesn't have the best food, it's exactly what you expect. Some mediocre Mexican food for a reasonable price, and that's not a bad thing. I would recommend the chicken soft taco.

Bailee Hollis

Very clean store and good quality food, I come here when I crave a frozen Mountain Dew and a couple Frito burritos!

Daytonsdankest .

Best Taco Bell I've been to. Super quick and awesome awesome awesome service!! Keep it up Bell!

Conan Gillam

surprisingly fast, polite and curtious service that late at night, when I went there.๐Ÿ‘

Chaos with the Christopher's

I give it 3 stars. Now the kitchen had that line on point & the food came out just like the pics all hot, but the girl at the front Idk if she was new or what, but I ordered a kids quesadilla & I got a adult one with like spicy sauce so my sone couldn't eat it. Then I ordered 3 soft tacos with a sweet tea. I just got my tacos. Then she messed up the cashier it was just a shame

Peggy Boaz

If you like taco bell ,stay away from the one at Beach blvd and St.Johns bluff......go to the one at the towne center.

Apollo Latimer

Good service. Food was hot and fast.

Anna Shay

Quick service Everytime, Brandy is so helpful.

Sean M.

Of all of the local locations in Jacksonville (and believe me, I've been to several) this is the best location I've found. The staff are super friendly and really efficient too. I've never had a long wait here. The food is always prepared properly and the place is clean as well. When I come here, whether it's in the drive thru or in the restaurant I know I'll be taken care of. That's all I can ask for.

Fjona D.

This is probably one of the best Taco Bell's I've ever been too. The employees are so nice. A lot of the time you can tell that they are understaffed, but they continue to do an amazing job. Only issue with this location is that they randomly close sometimes (probably due to being understaffed).

Todd O.

2 weeks in a row I've gotten off of work and tried to run through the drive thru and its closed before midnight. Weekend hours say it's open til 2am.

Taco Bell
Taco Bell

Taco Bell

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