Taco Bell

5151 University Blvd W, Jacksonville
(904) 731-8678

Recent Reviews

Kyle Ford REALTOR - Florida Homes Realty & Mortgage

This location always does great for us #kylesellsjax

Maritza Polanco

This is getting ridiculous. We wne tonight and my husband ordered a combo that comes with a drink. The lady tending to the drive thru wanted to charge him for the water (just andwanted to achange the soda for a cup of water) huge attitude problem! We ended up just having to leave. It's weird because the other day we had the best service but tonight was a complete 180!

christina barner

The best Taco Bell hands down..Not up for debate.? The employees are Great and the service is better than any Taco bell. PERIOD❗❗

Crystal Blackburn

This place is gross my food was cold and tasted old. There was really shady guys hanging around the drive thru window. Worst taco bell ever....

Ruthie Johnson

Rolled chicken taco are awesome.

Andre Dupre

I love that you can feed a family of 4 for 12 bucks. I'm obsessed with the diablo sauce and wish they would sell it by the bottle ?

Dawn Lindner

It is great for fast food. They have several vegetarian options which is fantastic. Unfortunately, the service tends to be slow whether in the restaurant or the drive-thru.

Jay C M

expected good food. A little more meat on tacos would be nice and what is advertised. request it.

Jessie Smith

Smiling faces! Fast service! Great food! Bathrooms were a bit dirty but most places are worse! Very happy with them and will be back often!

Dawn DiRito

Love that they have a vegetarian menu, with several options. Cheap on-the-go meal. The last two visits, at this location and another have not been very"Fast" unfortunately.

Jay Chucho Maya

expected good food. A little more meat on tacos would be nice and what is advertised. request it.

Beerbear Jax

Cannot process mobile orders. Specific to this location. Missed 3 of the last 4 mobile orders and the one that they eventually found, was then filled incorrectly. Employees seem over-worked and unfamiliar with the Taco Bell Mobile order process. Please train your employees to keep up with what your company advertises.

Jay C. M.

expected good food. A little more meat on tacos would be nice and what is advertised. request it.

Eli B.

Incompetent, rude staff. No matter what time of day you go there, getting a correct order, much less ANY order is a challenge. FORGET Mobile Ordering- the employees DO NOT KNOW how to find your confirmed mobile order. You can provide an actual confirmed Taco Bell App generated order #, a name, what you ordered, etc. And they still cannot find your order! Even after showing them the actual order on my phone - confirming that I AM at the correct Taco Bell location, nothing. Aggravating more than anything, why can't they train ALL of their employees in using THEIR OWN systems??? *** UPDATE 11/09: AND they STILL billed me for this order- even though I never got it! Disputing- HY!

Gary W. Richardson

Had a lot of fun creating odd dishes with the computer cashier. It allows you to really specialize your order and experiment with all their ingredients

U Martinez

Bullritos are fine but no a great flavor

Shane jeffers

Hit and miss with this location (university blvd 32216) thankfully it has been a hit the past view visits. Food fresh and staff friendly and helpful. Let's keep this trend up!

Bob Tomes

They take away a very good cheesy gorida and it was the BEST YET.

Louis Luyando

Taco Bell is quickly failing to provide safe food. Also the advertising doesn't apply since they are independently owned

David Benavides

Absolutely the best American-Mexican fast food

Louis Luyando

Taco Bell is quickly failing to provide safe food. Also the advertising doesn't apply since they are independently owned

Pamela Alewine

Food was good. Service was fast.

James Wallace

The food was lest then satisfying and when you see it on the menu dont expect it to be filled with the same amount in the pictures.

Tiffany's Imagination

Love the food. I love the nacho fries

Noah Miller

Terrible, the workers here are incompetent and consistently get my order wrong. (About 5 times, my bad for being a repeat offender) Its sad that your fulfilled orders are dwarfed in comparison to your dissatisfied orders.

Sindy Lee

It’s neither fast nor food. Don’t bother trying to order ahead on the app - I ordered at 12:40pm today and the app said it would be ready by 12:46pm. When I arrived at 1pm they hadn’t started making my order yet. Although there was a total of 5 customers in the store and maybe 2 cars in the drive-through, it took me 15 minutes of waiting to be able to even ask when my order was ready. Then they made the order of everyone in the store who ordered after me. Even those people who needed their drinks or nacho sauce needed to wait a long time before catching a staff member to ask for missing part of their order. Although I’ll give the staff the benefit of the doubt as they’re probably understaffed and overworked, they really didn’t care at all about customer service. The food was all right, but god what a frustrating time trying to get my food quick and to-go.

Iris M.

This is probably the dirtiest, outdated Taco Bell I've ever been! I hope Taco Bell sees this and do a serious demotion move on the place! I can't believe we ate here, but I ordered before deciding to go inside and sit down. I wouldn't come back, but the people are nice and courteous. They're cleaning how they can (someone was literally walking around sweeping in the tiniest crocks). It's not the workers who make this place bad (hence the 2 stars).

Cheryl Meneely

Your Food Is Awesome And The Staff Is GREAT. Mr. Chaz. Deserves An Extra Bonus For Going Above And Beyond.

Rafael Nazario

The worst car thru service ever. The employee did not know how to take orders. He should be not working there. We did not understand what he was talking and too long to take the orders.

J. Thompson

My once a year taco Bell stop. Doesn't disappoint.

brandi prevost

The guy at the counter kept wiping his nose with his hand no gloves then tried to get my food with the same booger hands no gloves nasty

Scotty Cook

Waited a clocked time of 15 minutes in drive though. They were out of fries (so no nacho fries), cinni-bits, and even change (so I couldn't pay in cash). Employees had no since if urgency and service sucked.

Alix Walker

They don’t take your order. Make you sit in the drive-tho and won’t answer at all. They don’t care for there customers and only them selfies. I would give them no stars if I could. This Taco Bell is the worst I have ever seen. At least the other care about you. These guys will let you sit in the drive-tho for 30 mins and not help you at all.

Carrie Nichols

Worst taco bell ever. I ordered a party box Supreme Tacos 6 reg crunchy 6 nacho locos. I ALSO ordered extra 3 cheese blend on all tacos. I ordered 2 Carmel apple empanada and a cinnamon twist. Got home opened it up swear I got 1 just ONE nacho loco taco in the pack of 12, I got 1 ONE taco with extra cheese most of the tacos didnt even have a teaspoon of meat. No Carmel apple thing and Not Supreme I paid Extra for supreme No tomato No spur cream they messed up the whole order and our dinner. Look at the One taco with extra cheese and the size of the two next to it. Rediculous


Easily, the dirtiest Taco Bell I've been to in 20 years. Employee says it's a franchise store. Don't know what that means, but if it means trash around the exterior, employees lounging by the doors on their cigarette breaks, broken drive through signs, and more...he hit the nail on the head. I'm afraid to eat what they put in the bag.

Christopher Rigle

Been stuck in the drive thru for close to 20 mins, and haven’t been spoken to for almost that entire time. The drive thru line doesn’t have an option for get out of line.. but one of the workers had a chance to walk out to take a smoke break. Absolutely disgraceful

Melodie Jones

Every time I eat there they mess up my order. They either forget things or don't get it the way I ordered it. Employees don't act like they know what they are doing.

Dee Jackson

Toca Bell is very good. The cashiers are always nice and friendly.

Mark Harris

Ordered 2 cheesy bean and rice burritos. The cheese wasn't real cheese, but cheese sauce. Not much beans and rice in the burritos. Very disappointing. The food could be better. When Bill Bell owned Taco Bell, the food was real and decent proportions.

B. Gossett

fresh food clean store Friendly people. I love it. Byron and Pamela Gossett Jacksonville Florida