Key Pantry at The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, Miami

455 Grand Bay Dr, Key Biscayne
(305) 365-4500

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The resort is right on the beach. You walk out the gate and you are on the beach with chairs and an umbrella. The hotel is very nice, and well appointed. Everyone is friendly and service from check in, to the pool service, to the bars and restaurants is great. There are two very nice pools (a family pool and and adult pool), both with drink and food service right to your chair (just like at the beach). The three restaurants are all very good with very good food and reasonable prices. The bars (which are part of each restaurant) are also nice with friendly bar tenders and great drinks. Be warned, unless you get a suite, rooms are nice (but not enormous). They are regular size hotel rooms. And it is quite costly to stay, even in August which is off season. Overall, though, we had a very nice time and are going back.

Amy B

I have been to this hotel two times before and was so excited to go back. I am an over 20 year Marriott veteran and was more than disappointed in my stay. The hotel wasn't up to Marriott standards. To say it was up to COVID clean standards would not be a good statement as it barely met Marriott standards in the common area. I am a loyal Marriott consumer but would have to be persuaded to go back here again.


When my spouse and I arrived earlier than check-in, I was soooo ready to have a nap as I had just come off of a chaotic 20+ hour emergency medicine shift. As soon as we arrived, we were informed that our partial ocean view was upgraded to an ocean view at no additional cost. We didn’t even ask for this, and it proved to be a testament to the excellent service that we received throughout our stay. The view from the room was beautiful, and I would highly recommend booking the ocean view - it’s worth it. The cantina was a great dinner, and we were pleased with all of our lounge and bar options. Most importantly given how tired I was on arrival, the bed was heavenly and I haven’t slept that well in a loooong time.


My room was amazing and with beautiful views. Our room was kept immaculate and well stocked by housekeeping. He makes killer drinks (don’t miss the watermelon margarita) and has such a welcoming, fun personality we easily spent a few hours taking in the beach views while laughing along with him. We enjoyed dinner at Cantina Beach, but our favorite dinner was at Lightkeepers. My biggest complaint was the pools and beaches closed at 5:30pm due to COVID restrictions. I don’t understand why the resort pools couldn’t stay open. The property itself was beautiful and never felt crowded. There were always pool and beach chairs available during our stay. I also have to say that the front desk is fabulous.


When We are looking for a hotel We are looking for good price, cleanliness and good service. We’re pretty low maintenance and although one would hope that all hotels have our 3 key ingredients, they often do not. The Ritz Carlton, no matter where in the world we’ve stayed, does not disappoint. This trip started off before we stepped foot on the property. I wanted to get as much as possible squared away prior to our arrival so my Bride could just chill, and Oliver at the call center made that easy! He helped my with room decisions and information about restaurants both on the property and in town, and made a reservation for us for dinner our first night. He is a great asset to the team in KB. When we did arrive Gus at the bell stand took great care of us (and also when we left). Juliana at the Light Keepers for breakfast was warm and pleasant and went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of. Stephanie in the bar provided not only great service but also was very nice to converse with. The property itself is big and beautiful. Two pools and a nice big stretch of beach. I did not see one thing out of place the entire trip. All the other staff with whom we interacted were friendly and helpful and professional. Can’t ask for more. We look forward to our next trip back.


We spent a few days here for a change of scenery. The front desk was great - always helpful. They offered a lovely room upgrade also! The grounds and lovely. We spent most time at the adult pool as the family pool was as expected a bit overrun with kids. The beach was ok. They do a nice job with umbrellas and service. Others noted the beach was under repair but it was clearly done when we were there. No issues. There was a large wedding going on at the time and it provided some people watching, but the hotel did a nice job of not impacting other guests with such a big group on site. The two dinner restaurants were good - though light keepers was much better. The cantina was ok, food was good, but the menu is very limited. The Dune bar was great - Gino keep it lively and offered great beverages. Burgers there were very good, as was the crab salad. The only negatives were some guests just ignored the mask inside the halls/public inside spaces entirely. There will be idiots everywhere of course. The hotel posted that it was required but there was no evidence of any staff member reminding guests who ignored it. Overall it was very nice. There is not much to do except the pool and beach. But it is a well maintained hotel with very good service.


We booked a three night stay at the Ritz to spend mothers day with my family who lives nearby. Here is the blow-by-blow: Thursday: We arrive at the hotel at 3:30. Despite what is described as a strict "masks must be worn inside policy", it's a pretty mixed bag. After we wait in what seems to be an interminable line at the check-in counter, we are told our room is not ready and that check-in is at 4pm, which appears to be a religious tenet here. People are not friendly but we figure it is the afternoon crush. They will call us when the room is ready. Fine. We get the kids changed into bathing suits and figure we can spend a few minutes in the pool. We arrive at the pool and are told that because we do not have a room number, we cannot use any towels. We explain that we are waiting for our room but to no avail. Everyone just walks away from us, but mercifully allows us to use a chair. Nobody calls and by 5:30 we go back and wait in the line again; it somehow seems longer and when we eventually get the key, the front desk staff seems even less friendly. Anxious to get into the room and get changed out of wet bathing suits (remember no towels?) we go to the elevator bank and discover that 2/3 elevators are out of service. Eventually we make it up to the room; our bags are not there. We call down a few times -- nobody answers the phone on the first two attempts, but the third time is the charm and our bags eventually make it upstairs and we go down and eat at a restaurant that describes itself as Mexican and that is where the similarities end. Everyone is tired; our kids who are pretty good about eating anything in a tortilla decided that this food is not worth it, and we go to bed. Friday: We wake up to a letter saying that we will not be given access to any of the resort features unless we have a resort wristband which, of course, can only be obtained by going to the front desk. Not wanting to run that gauntlet, we decide to head to breakfast after stopping to explain to someone in the hall that most of the elevators are down and yes, they will have to wait a while. We eventually go down, wait in the interminable line and eventually reach the disinterested desk clerk who gives us the wristbands. My husband takes the kids out to the beach and tries to find an attendant who can help us with towels and umbrellas. After trying and failing to get anyone's attention, we group the chairs together, hoist umbrellas and grab towels. The kids have a good time at the beach and we eventually make it over to the pool where we encounter the same level of disinterest from anyone working at the hotel; we are starting to realize that the vibe is very self-service. We return to our non-smoking room in the afternoon and there is so much cigarette smoke it smells like a bar circa 1977; apparently, our neighbors got frustrated with the rain and figured that with the lax mask policy, maybe the no-smoking rules are relaxed too. They are right. We try calling a few times, and eventually I go down to the front desk to ask for a new room. After some haggling (and a few texts from my husband, who notes that he is sitting on our balcony observing a lot of people vaping outside) I am offered a lower priced room for which they will charge me the standard rate. I have no options at this point, with two hungry and tired five year olds so I accept. We are told to pack everything up and leave the bags by the door lest anyone have to work too hard at this. After we return from dinner, we ask the unhappy desk clerk for our keys and arrive at our room. Our luggage is strewn haphazardly in front of the door. We have to call once again to ask for the sofa bed to be made for our kids. And that, dear reader, is where I leave you. We have 2 more days in this incredibly expensive hotel and who knows what further misadventures await.

Linda B

Our normal beach vacation in the late winter or early spring has been to the Ritz Carlton in Cancun. Being fully vaccinated, as a matter of principle, we did not want the hassle of the COVID test required to return to the USA. Thus, we chose to have a beach vacation in the USA. We had heard guests in Cancun speak positively of the Key Biscayne property. The property is much larger than the Cancun hotel; maybe 3 or 4 times larger. It is well maintained and very clean. There is an adult only pool on the north end of the property, which is a plus. The resort is "family friendly" with both a family pool and a "spray area" for children: quite a decent size. If you are a couple wishing for a relaxing stay; avoid rooms in the 30's ocean side. Those rooms are above the family pool and the major outside dining area of Lightkeepers. It is very noisy. A better choice would be rooms on the north end of the hotel. Why we were placed on the south end is a mystery. We are long time Ritz Carlton guests of a "certain age". About check-in: we were given incorrect information that housekeeping would be "every other day". No, it was every day. Lack of communication between areas of the hotel is an issue. Sadly, there are no beach cabanas as in Cancun. All cabanas are poolside. Beach "daybeds", a few, are available on the beach, but a better option are the chairs and umbrellas. One can move the chairs as the sun moves. The food quality is quite good, but the ambiance suffers. Lightkeepers is the main restaurant. It is quite large and we had server issues. Food was great. Wines are over priced per bottle, what one expects. Forget about having a couples' quiet dinner as the restaurant is full of families with bored children.


We just returned from a truly amazing 5 days at the Ritz. We were a bit concerned going down there because we had read all the reviews about the beach construction/renovation. I feel badly for all that were impacted by this. But, fortunately, the construction was 100% completed by the time we arrived. The new beach is just gorgeous!!! It is wide and has all soft, new sand. We did not find seaweed to be an issue at all. In fact, the water was warm and clear the entire time we were there. The beach service was great. We never had an issue getting chairs or an umbrella. We ate lunch on the beach several times and it was delicious ( the beach menu is from the Cantina restaurant). Saturday and Sunday were definitely more crowded than Mon-Thurs, so if you’re going to the beach on a weekend I would just suggest getting there earlier. Mon-Thurs the beach was far less crowded. The rooms are standard size, however, we got a room with an ocean view balcony which added a good amount of outdoor space that we used frequently. The view from our room was outstanding. We were on the 9th floor directly facing the ocean and the views were just breathtaking. We ate several times at both the Cantina Mexican restaurant and Lightkeepers restaurant. The food at both these restaurants was very good, we had no issues at all there. The room service menu is quite limited, they should probably add a few more items to it, so we passed on ordering any room service. The grounds of the hotel are stunning. The family pool is large and they have a splash pad for the kids which looked like a lot of fun for the little ones. We used the adult pool daily and it was just beautiful. It is quite large and they keep the water warm, it was the perfect temp. Mon-Wed they have beverage service at the adult pool, and Thurs-Sunday the full menu from Dune is available. Overall, it was just a wonderful trip. We did not want to leave. I am confident we will return to the Ritz at some point, it is just beautiful. On a side note, we rented bikes from the hotel one day and biked down to the Bill Baggs State Park to see the Cape Florida Lighthouse. I highly recommend doing this and then having lunch at Boaters Grill which is within the park. Really beautiful and a fun experience!!

Dean B

This is first vacation in 9 months my wife and I took. We were really looking forward to it, as the hotel has beach and tennis, our main activities while on vacation. It is close to Miami (for easy arrival), but far enough from the craziness. It is a great relaxation spot. But not this time Monday to Friday from 7am to 5pm heavy trucks were going up and down the beach. Sunrise walks on the beach were out of question, as we were going out for walk, the trucks would start driving up and down the beach. Sitting on the beach reading a book was not possible during the day, as instead of hearing waves, heavy machinery noise for enjoyment. I wouldn't mind all this, but hotel didn't notify us. I specifically sent several questions via email to the property and didn't get any warnings back. My wife and I didn't have to go last week, we could have chosen any other week to go, It looks to me that the hotel made the choice for us, not that we have made the choice. Otherwise, if you are looking for active vacation and you love tennis, it is a great property to visit and enjoy. The hotel is a bit dated, the coffee shop closes at 1pm during the week, so no good coffee available at the resort, but the staff is great.


We just checked in today and have had nothing but issues. We had to wait 2 1/2 hrs to get into our room after we confirmed an early check in. While we waited, it took 1/2 hour for service and another 1/2 hour to get a drink. The “ocean view” room with balcony that we paid top dollar for has cigar butts, moldy water and garbage littered about. This is a Ritz Carleton? This is definitely not worth the money you spend to be here.


The Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne has a genuine caring team, but my experience with Paola V. (from Guest service) was phenomenal. This young lady was beyond attentive and went beyond to ensure my stay was remarkable and memorable.


I booked the Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne for my girlfriend Maya’s 36th surprise engagement proposal because I felt it fit the romantic environment I needed to pull off this surprise of a lifetime and boy was I right. When we arrived everyone from the doorman to the valet were very welcoming. I didn’t let on what my plans were to the hotel, but when I arrived I was greeted by the guest relations mgr Paola. While my girlfriend was a away she mentioned to me she was alerted by a friend in the industry about my purpose there and she was very supportive and encouraging. She calmed my anxiety and worries about this all going smooth. I was also then excited to know that I would be upgraded to ocean front view for free because of the kind gesture from Rashaad the concierge. This upgrade made our stay so spectacular and beyond anything I could have imagined. After being escorted to the room right away by the courteous and very insightful Bellman we were ready to start her birthday celebration. We dined and drank by the pool for most of the afternoon. She was absolutely elated with the property and resort which was also a surprise for her. My plan was to have a friend set up a red carpet and illuminating faux candles while we got dressed for dinner. Around 7PM before our dinner reservation at 8PM I asked her to take some pictures around the stunning resort with me and on the beach sand with the full moon glowing above. After we captured the photo on the beach I then turned to my left to ask her “what are those lights over there?” And as we walked together closer and closer she realized what it was and began to cry out tears of joy. lest to say the proposal went off to perfection and better than I had planned in my head. After this monumental occasion we went back up to our room to cheers and celebrate only to find a bottle of champagne on the rocks, our couples picture printout with our dog and rose petal leaves in a shape of a heart on the bed. All this was even a shock to me and my new fiancé. We hugged we cried we danced. The amenities were from a friend and delivered at the right time and with amazing display by the staff of the Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne. This was a perfect ending to a amazing stay and a moment we will never forget. Thank you to all the excellent staff there who above and beyond and a even special thank you to Rashaad, Paola and the doorman Gus!


We are currently staying at the Ritz Key Biscayne and we couldn’t be more pleased. The service is top notch from the front desk, restaurants, & pool side. This is a beautifully laid out property nestled in a quiet and carribean like atmosphere of the Miami area. We definitely feel very safe and comfortable staying here during Covid based on the high level of cleanliness and meticulous property upkeep. Special thanks to Asterik at the front desk and Ray and Hassan at dining services for helping to make our stay truly special. We would highly recommend and plan to return as part of our regular favorites in the future!


Beautiful grounds, great atmosphere, great pool, excellent top notch service. With that being said I did have an issue checking in and Nick (front desk clerk) was unhelpful and not able to resolve my issue after multiple verifications of my room, which was very very unpleasant. Thankfully Jose (manager) was able to recognize the issue and correct our rooms and stay. Jose was very courteous and professional- thank you sir! We will be back again!!

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Key Pantry at The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, Miami

455 Grand Bay Dr, Key Biscayne, FL 33149
(305) 365-4500