Matador Tacos & Tapas Bar

120 Broadway #102, Kissimmee
(407) 777-9767

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Just had lunch… food, atmosphere and service was amazing. We will definitely eat here again.

Lucy Fonseca

We had a great time at the Grinchmas event today. Food was delicious and the Grinch was great! There was live music and a dance show.

Frank Bartute

Be careful when going to this place. They leave brooms right next to the door. Which caused me to knock over wine bottles which I was charged for. Even though it was their fault for creating a hazard.

Joe Lipman

Waitstaff was great, food was not. The guac was bad, had a vinegar flavor. Taco meat was dry and tasteless other than the hot sauce I put on. Connected to the diner, they use the same kitchen.

Bob B

Not impressed. We (4 adults) were disappointed in our food unfortunately. All the meats were dry and overcooked. Even the plantains were dry and like a cardboard box with a little taste. The rice that was with the paella was tasty. It may be a great place for drinking, but you’d be better off with fast food or something else.

Francis Falcon

Service was great! The place was tidy and clean, as well as restrooms. We went around noon time on a Friday, very calm, only a couple tables. I believe gets busier at night. I ordered the churrasco with Mexican rice and beans, my boyfriend ordered fried pork with tostones. Our server was very emphatic on noticing I didn’t touch my meal due to the acidic smell coming out of the beans I ordered. I was hungry and left hungry ? She took my plate off our bill, thank you for that! At least tostones were great!

Antonio Matos

Service was fine but the food was awful. Taco Bell’s nachos would have been better and the empanadas come with a ketchup based sauce! Amateur hour for tapas. I don’t give reviews like this ever but my hope is that they up their game because the staff was great and I love the location.

Bill Rodriguez

Don't let the nice vinyl stickers on the window fool you. THIS PLACE IS HORRIBLE. The water and the bottled sprite was the best thing we had. Carne Frita was like chewing on a tire. This is not a TAPAS place. Side for Carnes reads carnitas and tostones then says plantains, it's not the same thing. They DO NOT have plantains at all. This place reinforces my belief that you should not eat anywhere rated under a 4.3. The fact that it's also connected to a "diner" now speaks volumes after eating here. How is this place still in business will be the 8th wonder of the world. Had to add ketchup just to get some kind of flavor to the food. Using the leftovers for my dogs, hopefully they will eat the overpriced fried rubber.

Christine Rodriguez

This is my 1st time here and the food was amazing! Super flavorful. I had the churasco, it was perfect, I definitely recommend anyone to come here and eat. Even their chips salsa dip was the best salsa I've had. We finished our meal with the fried cheesecake. Johnnie was my server he was great!

Kathy Martin

Stopped in this restaurant on a whim and so glad we did!! The atmosphere was warm and inviting! The bartender Johnnie was amazing! Very attentive and took great care of us. The food was amazing! Best salsa ever!!! Loved it!!! Will be back!!!


The only reason we ate anything is because we were extremely hungry. The guacamole was store bought, the food came suspiciously quick. The tostones were frozen and lacking flavors, they did not even bother seasoning it with some salt. The fried pork was dry with no seasoning. The paella was horrible, characterized by a sour tasting chicken.

Manuel R.

26$ for tacos just think about that fake Mexican food. Want real better tacos go to haines city taco trucks for a quarter of the price

Kenneth Lineberger

Spectacular. Great service and excellent ambiance. Get a latte, they're superb.

Josefina L.

Our first visit to this restaurant was a non pleasant one. We ordered a paella and 10 mins later it arrived which obviously was re heated and not made at the moment as a paella should be and as it is stated on their menu. Horrible and greasy. Other items on the menu that we ordered never arrived. The ceviche had one single shrimp and it was frozen. Instead of a ceviche this was an onion lemon soup. It didn't have any of the ingredients listed on the menu that the ceviche should have. The Mexican rice with chicken that we ordered had no flavor. It tasted like a boiled chicken breast. The only thing that was average were the chips and queso and it was because it came already prepared. The prices are outrageous when we had to pay $30 for 2 bottles of Sprite and 2 small bottles of beer. The waiter gave us a horrible service. Not attentive or servicial at all. He had an attitude and didn't care about the service he was giving us. Needless to say we will never returned to this place and do not recommend it. Avoid it at all cost.

Cari W.

My husband & I were in Kissimmee to check out a new shop that had opened recently & stopped in to Matador Tacos and Tapas Bar for lunch. Wow. Truly awful. Their menu is odd (mozzarella sticks on a tapas & tacos menu?). I ordered a side salad and a side tostones. The server didn't bother to ask me what dressing I wanted for my salad. I figured that meant there wasn't a choice & it just came with some unknown dressing. My husband ordered the chicken breast salad. The server did ask him what dressing he wanted & he asked of they had oil & vinegar & the server said they have a vinaigrette so he asked for that & I said I'd have the vinaigrette too (since she didn't ask me). Literally less than 5 minutes later our food came out. My "salad" was a plate of chopped up lettuce with one tomato slice on top. My husband's salad had the same lettuce and tomato slice, but at least included other salad ingredients like hard boiled egg, shredded cheese and diced onions. But the chicken was so dry it was actually hard. It was obvious with how fast our food came out, and how hard & dry the chicken was, that it had been pre-cooked (that morning, the day before, the week before?) and had been sitting under a heat lamp forever. Oh, and the lettuce on his salad was gritty like it hadn't been washed and had dirt on it, and a couple of leaves were beyond wilted to the point of being slimy. My tostones were bland and unseasoned, no salt whatsoever. And they came without any kind of dipping sauce, no sour cream, so salsa, nothing. The food was truly terrible. If they can't even do a simple salad, I can't imagine what their actual tapas & entrees are like! Seriously some of the worst food I've ever eaten.

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