1720 Celebration Blvd, Kissimmee
(321) 939-4152

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Chantale Suttle

Super great manager tonight helped my son with Avengers toy. So nice!

Stacey McElroy

Most of the time its great. But there is one young man there that NEVER gets the order right and always laughs it off when asked about the problems like he could care less.

Jeal P

It is fast food taste was good but waited 15 mins for 2 cheese burger and 1 large fries.

Heather Lyons

Sherri went above and beyond to accommodate my requests. So friendly!

Keith Armstrong

It's McDonald's, so you pretty much know what you are getting. Consistent taste, wide menu choices, and friendly staff make the Celebration FL location very nice. Newer design of the restaurant is clean and modern, with self serve kiosks as well as table delivery.

Tracy Brown

For the first time in a very long time this McDonalds was lick it was in the beginning the food was fresh it looked good the employee's were friendly and polite. I would rather drive to this McDonald's before I go to the one right next to my house. I hope it stays this way and not go bad like the others have.

Ellen Michonski

Stopped specifically for breakfast all day menu & wanted pancakes+. Full menu not displayed! So got other items. Kiosks were full. As we waited for food, we saw pancakes, breakfast burrito were indeed still available to order! Not pleased. Amend signage = ☺️, simple fix

Amy B.

There were two people in the restaurant, and one person at a kiosk, when I arrived. Took 14 minutes to get my order (hamburger and coffee). Took my family 16 minutes to receive their uncomplicated orders (french fries, hamburger and soda).

Jesse Gunning

Sweet tea wasn't sweet enough but got a fresh steak bagel.


I was so happy that this store opened. Along with the 7-11 next door we needed these options. But I can personally say the following about ordering at night .... * Food is often cold/old. Avoid the fish* Time from order to receipt is crazy at times. 17 minutes waiting for apple pies- 17 minutes!!!!!* Night supervision seems overwhelmed and unfamiliar with what is going on customer service wise. I actually had to ask for a refund last night and was shocked when the refund showed up $.72 less than what I had paid. WOW


This is a nice place right in celebration, few miles away from Disney and othe attractions. The nice thing about it for Celebration residents, is its convenience, cleanliness and friendliness of the kids who works there. It is a nice change from all the older restaurants on 192 Irloo Bronson. Most of the restaurants there are old, dirty and pretty outdated. This is a place where we run at night, grab a couple of quarter pounders and enjoy the action of the people there. Definitely a place to go to on regular basis. Winner location.

Cinnamon Young

Very friendly staff, clean and organized. Love the location! Very nice manager!


Very modern. Very techy. Nice environment but a bit "sterile" for me.

Jessica Ramos

Been to the celebration Mc Donald's three times, first time realized not a 24 hour location and it was closed believe I was there in the very early morning around 1am, all other locations in the area are operated 24/7. Second visit the location did not have the item I wanted, had a craving for a milkshake and was told machine used to make those was down. I found this odd considering it is a brand new store/location and should have been functioning as the store had been open already for a few months. Was around 9 pm. The most recent visit purchased small milkshake and 2 apple pies. I actually Inquired about the item I was purchasing as there are times that not all locations will always have Apple pies depending on the time. I was told they did. Opened the bag, then the box to find a pie which was not apple but some cream filled holiday pie with sprinkles. I did not at all like it nor could I give the other away, no one wanted or cared for them. Chocolate milk was very good, ordered with no whipped cream, that part of the order was correct.

Brian Reinhard

On vacation visiting a friend, and having that McDonald's there now from when I was last here is nice. The service was good and the cleanliness was excellent!

Samantha Smith

Ordered a big Mac meal. Got home and it ended up being a single Mac with extra buns... Staff seemed nice though.

Meik Bartoschek

No Strawberry pies, ice cream machine broken! How am I supposed to spend my hard earned money if they don't get their act together.

Marvin Kessler

Amazing McDonald's new 1/4 pounder is 1000 times better than before. I just wish they would be like other fast food places where you get it your way without having to pay $.30 for lettuce.

Entertainment on the road

Very accurate order, staff focused in the job and the burgers very well served. Love this place

Mackly L

It's not their fault but the two drive thru is a hassle. Sometimes someone gets to the other intercom after you but drive ahead of you. No fair.



1720 Celebration Blvd, Kissimmee, FL 34747