1720 Celebration Blvd, Kissimmee
(321) 939-4152

Recent Reviews

Marie K.

What you'd expect of a McDonald's food wise. What really shone to me was the lovely woman up front, Sherry. She was doing the job of 3 people and getting no offers to help, instead she was berated by what I'm assuming was the manager (wearing different clothes than everyone else) for not being fast enough. Although I'm sure it didn't feel good to have that happen she never let her smile falter for her guests. She went above and beyond to check on myself and my son and even chatted with him as best she could (he is autistic). They have a beautiful soul up in the front and they should show more leadership and teamwork when needed. I'd come back again just to see Sherry!

Michelle McFadden

How hard is your job? Worst food and service ever.

Wanda Jimenez

Slowest McDonalds EVER it took them 20 minutes to have my breakfast order ready. And the store was empty. I made my order at the self kiosk at the register was only person waiting to be they hell they take sooo long. Plus the machine gives you a blanc receipt I told the cashier and she was so rude about it....theirs nothing I can do! ? very fancy area but this is my first and LAST time coming here.

Karen C.

Worst McDonald's in history. I expect more being in Celebration. 45 minutes in a drive through for a happy meal and a double cheeseburger, went in to get a refund and 5 other ppl waiting for a refund. One poor kid was waiting an hour. How do they stay in business?? It's always slow here always mess up my order. Never coming back.

M P.

Worst McDonalds ever. Every time we go, we wait for 20-30 minutes minimum for our order. No matter the time of day or week. Today people around us were waiting for an hour! This is NOT FAST FOOD!!! They are seriously mismanaged and workers and manager are just rude. Managers ignore you when you ask for your money back after waiting for more than 20 minutes, and when I told them both of their bathrooms were completely out of toilet paper, she said "yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever." Don't even bother going.... Ray Kroc would be so upset as this one is in a nice town with huge potential.

Wesley Scholl

Food is OK but again charged for items without getting them. Accuracy is 80% at best and good reason why minimum wage shouldn't be raised for fastfood employees

Kara Zevchik

Skip this McDonald’s. Just waited 15 minutes after ordering for our breakfast. Then when I finally got our food they forgot the coffee drinks. When I asked where our food was that it had been 15 minutes there was absolutely no apology! Which says to me that they just don’t care. The reason we go here is because it’s quick and we are on our way somewhere. So skip it if you are in a rush!

Frank Ohh

Clean McDonald's and good customer service. Love the architecture of this location, this is how every other McDonald's should be like.

Yolanda Solomon

Staff wasnt really friendly or welcoming so the atmosphere there was really stale to say the least.

Sandy Miller Wilbur

I live here and was there right away when you opened. Many times the bathroom is deplorable and the tables not clean. I complained to the manager. It takes forever just to get a coffee! Every time I tell myself not to go back... ! But today it was good and everything was clean and the staff was nice.

Richard Doud

We had high hopes for this location when it opened, not having to travel on 192 is a treat in and of itself. For being such a new store, it is shocking how dirty the interior of this restaurant is. McDonald’s at a point in time prided itself on clean locations. Within the last 10 years, keeping stores clean has seemed to become an afterthought and this location is worse than most.

Gregory Mitchell

Absolutely love this restaurant. The staff that had been there for a while know us and we don't go that often. The food is always fantastic and keto friendly... LOL

Ulises Batalla

I gave him two stars because they were nice and kind and they redid my order. But when you ask the lady what kind of sauce they have and you can't answer or doesn't want to answer to save time, you asked for a quarter pounder with no onions and no cheese and that's exactly what you get on it it just kills you but it is what it is. And you figured out the D McDonald's and celebration would be top-notch I have now witnessed this McDonald's location slowly declining

Scott Gordon

Great service. Food came out fast & hot. Perfect order.

Juan Andres Gonzalez-Rios

Nice restaurant, mostly clean but the fast part of a fast food restaurant was missing. We had only one more client before us and our food took 20 minutes to be served after we had to ask the manager (who did not care to much about it) how much longer would it take for our food.

Kelly B.

Horrible service. Took 20 minutes to get food. Manager and employees could care less. Super rude, slow, and inattentive staff. Lots of employees standing around but not doing anything. Manager sets the tone for rudeness.

Kyle Youmans

What happened to this restaurant. Very slow. Personnel fooling around. Use to be better

Sheila Guilbeault

It was great when it opened. Great staff both friendly and efficient.. within the past couple months it's not been either.. asked for half sweet/unsweetened tea, got half filled cup of unsweetened..then asked to move to second window..waited long time for Iced pumpkin spice latte, given hot then replaced with barely filled cup no flavor iced coffee no straw... oh and the food ordered, after I had to explain I never got, and waited once again,was thrown not handed.. I was even nice to go inside to get my condiments I was never asked if needed and to have latte fixed with complete attitude from employee..

Michelle Kay

I came in on 12/30/18 at about 10:05pm, ordered a egg & cheese biscuit, large ice caramel coffee, large fry, and then i ordered a fish filet meal medium Witt a coke, get to the window and I get the whole order except the coke. Woman (Hispanic or white with dark red hair and a manager shirt) claims we weren’t charged for it (doesn’t make sense since the coke should’ve been a part of the meal) she gives the most stank eye roll and then hands me a extremely small sized coke.


Ordered Holiday pies for my daughters. I checked time stamp on pies 4:53 PM. They were old and dry by the time I got them at 9:58 PM. This is unacceptable. Manager didn't seem to care when I told her. This was on Dec 29 2019 at 9:28PM

Michelle Pascua

It’s inconsistent. Sometimes it takes a long time to get your food (if you’re sitting inside) and sometimes it comes speedily (and our order never changes, just one meal). Several times at the drive-thru they asked if we wanted a boy or girl toy and then got the opposite gender toy from the one we asked for. Sometimes the food is hot and fresh and sometimes it stale and cold. It’s a relatively new restaurant (just opened a year ago) and their automated kiosks have been broken and unusable.

Carl Abinuman

Person in drive thru taking order is usually friendly and accurate but when picking up food, the staff behind the window sometimes has the crappiest attitude. If you hate the job please, don't work where you need to talk to customers. This is a very much PG review considering how I paid XX$ and THEY STILL MISS MY ORDER BY 3 ITEMS. Next time I'm coming thru, best believe ill be projecting the same type of attitude they show the customer.

Bruce W

Second time here. Service here is very more. The elderly lady that works here is rude and feels like she’s always right and the customer is wrong when your trying to make a order. They also made my burger wrong and the elderly lady made it sound like it was my fault. I even showed her my receipt. They also charge extra $1 for a cup of water. Photo attached of my remade burger. My hands got really messy eating it. Other then that nice store.

Jonas Townsend

Immaculate interior. However 8 minutes for a breakfast sandwich with hash browns, they forgot the coffee, add another 3 minutes. They were not busy. Just so slow, not focused.

Richard Lotenfoe

Ordering stations seem out of order all the time. Either the touch screen doesn't work or the payment system doesn't work...

Kristen Thomas

This location was pretty terrible. They got our order incorrect, took a super long time to bring it out the first time and when asked to fix it, they did, but it took a really long time to bring out again. The location wasnt busy really, not until after we had already ordered. And sadly the fries were cold in addition to the wrong make of each sandwich. Probably wont go back to this location.

vianney torres

I moved to celebration fl from chicago il and this is by far the slowest mcdonalds i been to. In chicago they are soo fast. I hate this one

Jeff N.

Very accommodating when I order Ala carte due to keto diet. Food always comes well prepared and fast. Awesome location and drive thru is quick. Indoor has kiosks, but I prefer ordering from a person and have never gotten an incorrect item.

Jeremy Haney

Great service and my order was fresh and made how I asked for it great job

R Cohen

Always clean, fast and friendly.

Willie Beasley

horrible service and always something wrong with my order

Kat S.

I have been to this McDonald's on several occasions only to be disappointed time and time again. The drive thru is an absolute joke, 30 minutes?! And I ordered a mcchicken sandwich plain and received a plain beef patty. Will not waste my time any longer. Steer clear.

Robert S.

Nice new location. New I say that , because it’s new, and they have some serious kinks to work out. The double drive thru which I hate took forever at lunch time. The flow/ timing was way off. But it’s a Mickey D’s they we figure it out in due time, and get things moving along at their busiest time of day. Oh, and they need to put this double fish sandwich on the menu lol ...

Gene Bialkoski

It's so easy to get food there and plus the food is very good/ others

Edgardo Cordero

Fast and good. Every thing was fresh

Stephen Eaton

Nice staff and very clean store. We been a few times and the order is correct. Convenient and never too busy. Da da da da da... I’m lovin’ it!

Jim Bassett

McDonald’s will never earn five stars I only stop by for fries and they were hot that equal success at McDonald’s👍

Romer Hernandez

We came to this place because it's nice. But my icecream was melted and we were waiting for a long time to be served and it's the second time that this happens. It seems like they need more personal.


Find macs to be expensive now fries weren't hot just warm Why hzve big mac's become dry and tasteless only thing that tastes tbe same is tbe ketchup tbe drinks at tbe fountain all tasted to be short on juice ( r they trying to sa e money ?)

Alex H.

So this isn't your typical McDonalds since it's in a residential neighborhood. This location is brand new and the service was spot on. Our order was correct and everything tasted good. I had the Quarter Pounder Deluxe which has lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, mustard, pickles, and onion. My husband had the Filet o Fish. We used the kiosk which I like since I know the order is accurate and sometimes I don't know what I want so I'm not wasting anyone's time. We ordered our food around 5:10pm and it's been quiet ever since. This location must do more drive through meals since it's in Celebration. Will defiantly be back soon.