Chipotle Mexican Grill

4204 US Hwy 98 N Ste 110, Lakeland
(863) 858-6231

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Steven C.

Sorry but it's been the 2nd time this chipotle location runs out of condiments to chow down on. It's a clean area but it's still doesn't explain why they are missing items. Fix it please , thank you!

Ian G.

Do you want a side of extra puberty blockers with your veggie bowl? Then you hit the Jack pot! If you like throat tattoos and watching people work so slow you'd think you've skipped dimensions, I've found your Friday night! Are you scared of dirty tables, kitchens and counter tops? Then this will be your nightmare! If you see a line of 3 or more people, bring a folding chair and enjoy a podcast, cause it will be awhile...This place is a Gen Z's wet dream! Barely working and hardly thinking, sad and upset that no one wants to pay them an hourly wage to play "Gears of War." Or better yet, hear them complain about their hurt feelings and people not using their "preferred pronouns." These "Zer , Zems, and Theys," served me my first non-binary, equitable, BLM burrito, with a proper diverse combination of toppings, which led me straight to the non gender specific bathroom in the HR department. As a pro queer trash panda I give it two thumbs way up! Biden 2045

Mallory A.

To quote the meme, giving a 0 is not possible so I give this location a 1. I absolutely hate this location. There is never an accurate order or you're dealing with rude staff. I have never been able to leave this store with a pickup that is 10% accurate. I just picked up an online pickup order and they really try to scam you here. Around a $50 order and received portions for the size of TODDLERS. Every meal had at most half a scoop of rice and half a scoop of meat then to cover their tracks they hide it with cheese on one and didn't even try to hide it with the other. I'm not paying $10-15 per meal to get scammed like this. This location has this problem CONSISTENTLY with online orders. Also, I ordered one large guac and one regular side of guac, they gave me two regular guacs instead. I'm mostly infuriated by the small portions. It's really a slap in the face because it doesn't matter how kind or rude of a customer you are, this location is horrible at doing their job. No number of reports on the app has ever fixed this issue. They don't pull that crap when you're staring them in the face making your food so why do it when we're not there? Simple, they are intentionally scamming their customers. I want a refund at this point. Ironic too how the app asks to leave a tip for their dear sweet widdle employees making the food. Never will I tip at Chipotle.


My order was incorrect

Christopher Riquelme

They really need to stop holding out on hiring people. They probably have stacks of applications they just aren't going through because there would be plenty of people happy to keep the dining area clean. Its unacceptable and unsanitary. There were like 3 people working the entire restaurant during lunch peak on a Sunday. They can do way better.

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 5

Service: 3

Recommended dishes: Burrito Bowl

Kaimi Howard

This place used to be on it, now my order is constantly wrong, things are not included in my order and there is no communication about it. I actually went and left with nothing because they had nothing. I have been a constant chipotle visitor, but I’ve reached my limit. I will not be returning.Also, the door has a hanging handle, the workspace looks disgusting, and so does the drinking area. I understand the workers do not own the business, but I don’t own my job either and yet I take pride in it because I CHOSE to work there. I understand they are busy, but at some point busy starts to look dangerously like lazy.

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 1

Service: 1

Cameron Toperzer

Management here sucks. Ambar the “GM” isn’t fit to be a manager and doesn’t assist her employees as they’re dealing with a lunch rush. She just stands there and looks blankly at you. Looks like you need a management change and some of your staff members are rude and unfriendly. Every other time I’m here they’re out of some protein, rice, or side. Be better and find some new management and staff.

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 2

Service: 1


Missing 1/2 my order

Kerstin H.

I have never been to such a dirty Chipotle before. Food on the floor, EVERY table was dirty, full trash cans. A girl came out, presumably to empty the trash. Nope, she just smooshed it with her gloved hands, that hopefully she changed afterwards. This place will definitely not get a return visit. DISGUSTING!

Noel A.

I've had mixed experiences with this restaurant. Although I've visited on multiple times, the food quality and portion sizes have been good only on a few occasions. Unfortunately, most of the time, the food quality is lacking. Even when I order chips, they're either too salty or taste stale; it seems like this is a problem with their mobile orders. Additionally, there doesn't seem to be good quality control because when I order an item and ask for a certain size, I often receive much less than what I ordered. The seating arrangements in the restaurants are usually dirty and have food on them, indicating that the staff may not be maintaining cleanliness. Despite having potential, it appears that the store are not receiving proper care and attention.

Andreana Hall

As an RN who works hard for her money I’m very upset! I usually like Chipotle but this location forgets things quite a bit and I’ve had enough especially since I’ve been at work since 7am and haven’t sat down or eaten until now which is 3:30pm so I would expect my order to be correct since this is my first break of the day. I hate the live agent option. They gave me 2 free chips and queso however I paid the large sizes so I’m still not getting what I paid for! I am so mad right now!

Service: 1


Food was dry & they didnt include all the items we asked for. Our driver was excellent! But couldn't finish the food


Stale chips and slimy lettuce.


I liked it!

Melissa Lampugnano

Unfortunately this was not a good experience. My daughter found a leave in her food. A few options were not available. None of the teas were filled. Eating area not clean.

Atmosphere: 1

Food: 1

Service: 1

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