Chipotle Mexican Grill

4204 US Hwy 98 N Ste 110, Lakeland
(863) 858-6231

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Isaac Gates

Rude girl at counter. Bossy attitude=bad service. Charged extra money for the vinaigrette. Bad experience. 7:36pm 11/9/21 if the mgr would like to address.Why would I want to go to any restaurant and give my money when the person at the register makes me feel like this? Ridiculous. Love the food but where’s Chik Fila when You need a good vibe.

Mr. Go Getter

This Chipotle location gets orders wrong more often than right. After calling to the store to get a refund on a missing meal a manager by the name of Ramirez stated they can't give a refund and to come up there which I don't have time to do today and that they are too busy to do the orders correctly, then then he hung up the phone on me. Corporate needs to get involved and retrain their managers on how to get things right and talk to customers respectfully.


Food was awesome unfortunately the customer service wasn't good at all and that's why in my opinion it was a 2 star...we will try it out one more time and hopefully we will get a way better experience

Jeffrey Keller

young lady that was talking care of me decided that my questions were holding up the line, but in reality it was all the online orders they were taking and putting ahead of people in line. I am a disabled person and what she did next blew my mind. She put my bowl off to the side to start making the person behind me bowl, leaving me standing there on my prosthetic leg after waiting for her to handle all the online orders with no regard to people in line. Terrible person. No one came out to clean any table at this location while I was there and they were dirty.

Pamela Tanke

Excellent food, excellent employees and a nice atmosphere...went there 3 weeks before this and they were out of almost every food on the menu...

Lesley Harrington

Is there somewhere to click for negative stars? Tonight I wished I hadn't spent money THERE..the wait was long..The selection wasn't good. And the little cashier girl named Yareli was rude the whole time work in customer service..Be respectful and get respect back..I'll stick to Chick fil-a ..I like my take out served with a smile not an attitude.. Their worth the wait Everytime!!


Amazing place I go in everyday the staff is amazing and polite definitely recommend going there.

Ezio Pastrana

Great place to eat, except out of too many items middle of the day, not good, step it up management

kim hess

Not a pleasant experience. First person was rude and pushy. Burrito I ordered ? was made sloppy and very messy, the aluminum foil it was wrapped in was full of food and also was messy. I ended up eating the burrito with a fork due to the burrito falling apart in my hand due to it not being adequately wrapped. I could’ve said something, but I think reviews like this have a greater impact on what needs to be improved.

Kadie Cox

This Chipotle location is my favorite one from the 4 nearby options in relation to my home. I always order to go, I feel that it’s unfair to give a bad rating for wait time for in person pickup because this location always has lines out the door, this is not a reflection on the team, it’s just a popular spot! Try to go! It’s so much easier, my to go orders are always correct. I’ve had my order stolen twice but the staff always makes my order again quickly and I’m on my way. Food is always fresh and delicious!

Michael Smith

Walked in at 9pm and they refused to put out any more Lettuce you're open for another hour and you refuse to put out more product. Do yourself a favor don't stop at this location go across the street to Moe's they'll treat you with respect.

Kristi Payne

Very disappointed in this location in not only the food but customer service. Tonight, it took husband 25 minutes to get a bowl and bag of chips. During that time, food was made for to-go orders while he was ignored, he wasn't even acknowledged during the wait. Then the person making the bowl had no cilantro white rice available (how is this possible?) and he was told it would be 20 more minutes for white rice. Next, the minimal sour cream that he asked for was delivered to excess to his bowl. The extra cheese he asked for amounted to a scant scattering of cheese. The request for a small bag of chips resulted in a large bag that was stale and chewy. Lastly, he ended up throwing out the Sprite because it was out.Chipotle, you used to do it right all the time and you were the one place we frequented several times a week. Unfortunately, your food and service have taken a turn for the worst. I'm sure you are making a ton of money and I'm not sure you will care about losing a faithful customer but there are a lot of other restaurants and businesses that would be glad for the money we give to you.I have attached a picture of the amount of to-go orders that took precedence over taking my husband's order.

Adonys Roman

Horrible experience at this chipotle got 2 burritos and a bowl all was great in my opinion. Then after being home for about and 5-10 mins while still eating one of my burritos felt full a few minutes later and relax. Then I rushed to the bathroom and had a horrible pain in my stomach that still last. I’ve had food poisoning before and it is absolutely excruciating. I’m small but can handle pain and the pain almost brought me to tears. The pain is subsiding but if I could give negative stars I sure would. Be careful with eating here it’s a roll of the dice. Btw only my second time at any chipotle and this doesn’t make up for my other bad experience over all. CHIPOTLE IS JUST GARBAGE and I say that loud an clear!!!

Michelle Marie

Disgusting cross contamination and not a clean spot in sight.

Jasmine Fox

Ordered the kids cheese quesadilla. Which is supposed to come with rice and beans and this is what we got? No beans… and whoever made the quesadilla didn’t close it and the cheese just melted onto the tinfoil.. I don’t usually complain but wtf is this?

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