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6001 Sandpipers Dr, Lakeland
(863) 859-5461

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Guy Lewis

Very friendly staff and the course is in great shape. Also enjoyed the clubhouse atmosphere and great food. One of the few places you can afford to take the family for a round of golf and lunch.

Richard Chin-Sang (305506HELP)

I'm generous with the 3 stars because there was some effort to mitigate my poor reception. The holes are challenging and the grounds decently maintained.They still use gas carts, and seem to believe this course is a 'Good ol' Boys ' club, but definitely could use some new energy and blood!Seems like the are walk-on and drive-on golfers who don't care for decorum or tradition. I left on the 16th hole because balls were landing everywhere and the interlopers seemed indignant that I wasn't playing fast enough!Otherwise it's alright Holey Ground. I'll go back.

Kevin Hastings

Liked the driving net next to 1st tee box but overall wasn’t impressed. Greens were in great condition but everything else needs work. I could tell they put money into the greens but not much of any thing else. We played on a Sunday morning before our flight home and wasn’t great. They had a leauge on Sunday morning which was weird and we asked the starter if we could tee off on the back because we were a twosome and we couldn’t play threw the leauge and they said no. Who the heck has a 18 hole leauge on a Sunday. Course layout was weird back to back par 3’s and par 5’s save your 50 bucks and play somewhere different.

Robert Budd

Staff is very helpful and pleasant. Course was in good shape for the price. Good value! ?

david tavlin

Well I am glad to see at least you acknowledge your golf etiquette was lacking, we had a call of complaint that a group of 6 was playing - obviously that is not permitted, our ranger was dispatched to correct the situation and while on the first tee, here comes all 6 of you right up to me and yes I am the owner - by the way holes 1 and 5 are right next to one another, but maybe counting holes between one another is not your strong suit, I explained we had a complaint and while the course was crowded you left as a 4 and 2 and then joined up - after my explanation to which you asked me if I worked there instead of complying with simple rules of any course, our Ranger doing his job also caught up to you after you passed me and did his job, not aware we had already crossed pathsI hope that you do not return as it is obvious you know little of golf and would be better suited to a driving range where there are no rules. I am glad to see this course is not for you as we would much rather have mature individuals who understand golfthanks

Nick Ward

Went with some friends and the owner yelled at us about our group size from 3 holes away then told us OUR etiquette was bad. Then he continued to send out more staff to interrupt our game to “make sure we were golfing right”. Don’t waste your money there’s better courses in the area anyway.

Matt J.

The Owner is the absolute worst person ever. Got in the face of a 24 year old and threatened to fight him because he was taking to many practice swings. Also, was completely drunk and was cursing our entire crew out like a white redneck. Never go here and give them service.

Seton TV

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME!!! The owner is the problem!!! Worst experience golfing in years place is a total wreck tee boxes torn to pieces and overbooked. The owner Dave Tavlin harassed me my mother and my fiancée pointed a golf club in her face cursed us out and continuously harassed us then continued to come back and harassed me more as I loaded my bags into my car never come here I wouldn’t waste my time or my money at this playground. The owner has serious issues and is unbelievably disrespectful to women

Chris D

As I sit waiting for a 2some on the 14th tee. With a foursome on our heels. And the other bottlenecks we incurred. We will probably stop playing here. The ranger needs to do better with managing the player flow. It's ridiculous. I understand the wild west reviews now.

Maximum Truth!!!!

I use golf now app to put my courses and I get here and he's like well you can't start off the whole one but you can do the back 10 and you can do it as. Because of all the construction all the teas are poorly marked on which way to go this course has just gotten awful and I shouldn't be nod to play all 18 holes and at that even if you let me play as me as I want He's only charged me for nine holes since I couldn't play the front half. Also the grains are in terrible conditions That's about all I have to say Good luck if you play here You're going to need it.

Mike Still

Great golf course. Prices for non members are very affordable and the course is kept in amazing shape. Was able to walk in without a tee time and go straight out for 18 holes. Carts are kept clean and well serviced. The greens were a little bit fast, so it did make my short game a little worse than is typical for me, but all in all, a great time on an excellent course.The last time I played here was around 6 years ago and they have done a complete 180 in the management and it definitely shows. My previous outing the grass was dead or dying and the course while serviceable was definitely showing signs of neglect.If you find yourself in Lakeland and want to kill 4 hours on a fantastic course, definitely come here.

ava riley

Owner was very rude and didn’t know how to properly treat his customers. Also the course is in really bad shape and the owner cut us off on our tee team cause they had 6 golfers, so we had to start on the back 9. Quite rude. He yelled at us, i believe he was hammered. Also if you think about going here, simply don’t. The chicken quesadilla was also rubbery. Don’t waste your time or your money.

Charles Lash

I used to work there I work 75 hours in one week they refused to pay me they still refuse to pay me they won't even let me on the premises to pick up a check I have video of the owner threatening me bodily harm

Steven L.

Great food excellent service. Love the bar plenty of seats and great bartenders. Dance floor is a little small but it works.

Carlos odgers

With all the rain we have had lately the course was really dry. All in all greens and fairways in good shape. Stopped in the clubhouse and had a bite to eat and drink. Food was great and service was great. All around good trip to Lakeland.

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