Mei Wei Buffet

4250 US Hwy 98 N, Lakeland
(863) 858-8804

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Prancina Baugh

There are no crab legs...NEVER.There hold back or limit certain popular itemsAbsolutely too expensive periodDefinitely for childrenFood cold most times unseasonedRude staffAfter two rounds at the Buffet the refills stop... 6/1/2022 bathroom so old the toilet leaking. Mediocre at best! Wish I could take the one star away

George Yothers Jr.

yes i have been eating in here for the last 5 years now i love to get the lunch buffet good amount of food to choose from price is not to bad food is good the restrant is old but clean lunch buffet is 11am to 330pm

Mike Walters

The staff, while not rude definitely not friendly.The food. there was a few things that were good. but the fake crab on the sushi rolls really tasted off and the so called grilled salmon tasted like that crude that gets left in the bottom of a mop bucket smells like - rancid chemicals.In the end it left all of us fighting for the bathroom.Go at your own risk.

Wolf Feller

Food was amazing. Service was good. For two adults and two 6 year olds, (3 drinks and a water) it was under $40 before tip. Definitely recommend and probably will be back if in this area!

Angela Frey

It was pretty good. Great food varieties. I went during lunch so everything was pretty fresh.


Extremely rude and desrespectfull. Is crazy how they coming and commit with imigration that they coming to work and become americans and said that they will be nice to this country and our people. And they so rude and desrespectfull. Bad service.

Who AmI

Picture this, if you will. 7:30 on a FRIDAY night. And everything on the food bar was stone cold. We joked between ourselves about asking for a microwave. The food had flavor. It was just cold. You can see the steam coming out of the bar. But that heat isn’t transferring into the food in the trays on top.

Jade Chiara

The food is good but the staff is shady. My son and I met his father for dinner here. He was in a hurry because he was heading to his night job and wasn't sure if we would make it with all the I-4 and Lakeland traffic. So, he began eating and paid for his ticket. We arrived a bit after, and since he was excited to see his son, he forgot to mention that he already took care of his own ticket. The same hostess got our beverages and waitress attended to our table. Not long after, he left for work. After my son and I ate, we received the bill for 3 buffets. My son paid the for all 3 buffets, and I chuckled at my exe's typical dine and dash tactic.The following day, I mentioned it to him when he stopped over to visit with his son, he insisted he paid for his ticket because we were held up in traffic.

A Shark

Typical Chinese buffet. Selection and variety is good. Food is room temp. Some is cold. Actually cold. Still 5 stars. Doesn't even matter what l write. They don't give AF. Five stars

Bear Boucher

The food for the most part was just so-so. Kind of a small selection buffet. Many of the items had been there for quite some time, and you could tell it. Some of the food had become tough and rubbery. The gravy hadn't been touched in so long that it had formed a film across the top. I don't believe I'll be making a return trip to this restaurant.

Sandra Holt

The food was very good. We were there mid afternoon, not a prime time for most buffets, but they keep their offerings fresh by putting out small portions as needed. Selection is not as large as Ling's, but far better price and I especially liked how frequently they brought out fresh hot food.

Jimmy Harmon

It wasn't the best I've ever eaten but,it also wasn't the worst. Good food for a good price.

Linda Purdy

Great authentic Chinese cuisine! Quiet and pleasant atmosphere. They also have a take-out menu or select from the buffet to go. Just wanted to give them a good plug! ??

Lisa Ross

Was eating the pudding felt something solid in it spit it in the napkin and it was a fly. Will NEVER NEVER EVER go here again. Disgusting.

Lynnsey Serrano

The employees were very nice. The restaurant was cleaned and it had very quick service. The prices were very good as well. I will come here often!

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