215 E Main St, Lakeland
(863) 688-1961

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Steve M.

Big city restaurant in a town with mostly mediocre establishments. We probably do it too often (calories, alcohol, $ of course) at a couple or more times a month but, what the heck. Try the Black Manhattan ( 2-rye, 1-cynar and 5-6 drops bitters) stirred on ice for 20 seconds and then served straight up. With a cherry. Consider too, that you're shopping local. If you take someone for their birthday, make sure to tell them and the bd person gets a menu with their name at the top. Looks good on the refrigerator for at least a week. Will Lakeland ever get good Chinese?

Steven C.

Great spot for tourist . The parking was a bit tricky but we got through . The food is portion delite. I would most definitely come back.

Heather C.

One word... Fabulous! We meet friends here on a Monday night for dinner and we are so glad we did. The food, drinks and service were amazing' The Chef really takes pride in what he does and it shows in his food. We ordered the octopus appetizer and the server came out to tell us that unfortunately it was no longer available because all they had were some small pieces and the chef did not want to send it out because he didn't think because they were smaller that the pieces would turn out the way that he would want them to. Which we intern said no we want to try it and it's OK if he's OK with cooking it We will take it. The server brought it out and it was delicious. It just goes to show you that the chef takes so much pride in his work that if he thinks something is not going to come out the way that he wants it to for the customer he will not want to serve it. The special was an 18oz ribeye (which our friends got) and the chef will only sever it cooked one way bcs it the this best way for the cut of meat.. no exception! My husband and the tacos which were amazing and I had the paella which we all devoured. The Belvedere dirty martinis were also the best martinis I've had in a while. It is so nice to go to a restaurant nowadays where they take so much pride in their food and their work and I cannot wait until we can go back again!

Tony Morelli

Had to come back for a second visit to enjoy the wonderful food and atmosphere.

Clyde Bielss

Had a great time here. Food and service where awesome. This place gets load, which I think ads to the experience. People talking, laughing and having fun. If your looking for a more quite experience I would pick somewhere else. Special shoot out to our awesome server “London”, even though he was super busy he still took the time to make us feel like we where getting a personal experiance!


First of all 5/5 for service, 5/5 for ambience, 5/5 for presentation, and 5/5 for portion size. We went on Sunday for brunch and had Ropa Veja and Vaca Frita.The issues we had were on our end. We found the beans way too acidic, the meats lacking in salt, and the dishes needing a little spice. This place is beautiful and the over all vibe is super romantic. Although we didn't have the mimosa it looked amazing.

Renee B.

Amazing Birthday dining. It's an experience that is unforgettable! The service to the food to the "Happy Birthday Menu" you will feel special from the moment of entry.

Kayla Borden

We ate here for a kid free date night and it was SO GOOD. We were a little worried because the bread portion was super small (and also super good) but the appetizer and main dishes were a good portion and so delicious. We ordered the calamari for an appetizer and it was the best we have ever had. So good. It’s a bit pricey but we did not feel ripped off at all. It was nice to sit and feel fancy and just take our time eating.

Sherry M.

This is a great spot, we save it for special occasions because it is pricey. The atmosphere is great, very clean and fancy. No matter what you order, its all good quality and tastey. We love the new location, much more convenient than the old.

Mike D.

Few times have I had such a positive experience at a restaurant that I recognize the need to moderate what I might say, not wanting to exaggerate the experience. Needless to say I love Nineteen 61; the atmosphere, the service, and especially the food. Atmosphere: Beautiful first impression, inviting, and comfortable. And although some may be more familiar with this, for me the Cuban vibe was intoxicating. The decor, the layout, and the music all fit together. Service: Friendly, very knowledgable, and patient. A group of six of us found our way into Ninteen 61 on a Sunday afternoon, thinking we were there for drinks (my 2nd visit), and instead stayed for hours with drinks leading to dinner. We were expecting this to be a great way to spend an afternoon, but instead turned into a multi-hour event of exploring both the drink and food menus. (Special Thank-You to our server (name starts with G)) Food: As mentioned above, this visit turned into an exploration of both food and drink, and with six of us I cannot list everything we tried. Regardless, it was all incredible, without exception. Starter standout is clearly the "Pulpo", sous vide & charred octopus, fingerling potatoes, piquillo pepper vinaigrette, & kiwi salsa verde. Speaking from experience with octopus, this was amazing. The "Pulpo" is so good in fact I will find it difficult to not order this every time I am at Nineteen 61. The "Garbanzo Bean" soup was delicious. And for Mains the "Ropa Vieja" was like none I have ever had before, simply wonderful. The "Filet Mignon" (from my first visit) was perfect, tender, and a great combination of flavor. Described as a "sous-vide center cut ... with manchego risotto & veal glacé", rivals the best filet's I've ever had; and the last one I will mention here is the "Seafood Paella". Unquestionably the best Paella I have ever tasted. Beautifully balanced savory & seafood. And for dessert, if you must sin make it worthwhile ... normally I might not mention desert, but in this case: The magic combination is 1) "Tres Leches", with 2) a "Carajillo" cocktail - a combination of Old 43, espresso, and a cinnamon stick. Trust me, this combination is the perfect way to wrap up a visit to Nineteen 61. Bottom line, this is an amazing restaurant anywhere in the world, and to find it here in Lakeland Fl is incredible and a testament to where this city is going.

Francisco R Torres

Awesome food and drinks very impress with the service

Maria Radford

Such a delicious dinner at this delightful Latin restaurant in downtown Lakeland. The cocktails were outstanding and I particularly enjoyed the Grand Mariner crème brûlée. The portions were enormous and so tasty, particularly the pollo alla brasa. Such courteous, charming servers,too: ask for Jack!

Melanie Magruder

Sunday brunch. Everything that we had to eat and drink was superlative. We sat at the bar and the service was very friendly and efficient. Looking forward to going again.


It was my friends birthday. They had a menu printed thst said Happy Birthday Amanda. I love good Cuban food and I was concerned about the Peruvian influence. My husband had rhe seafood Paella and house salad. He doesn't like kale, but loved the house salad that had kale in it. It was a really great atmosphere and enjoyable evening! We are looking forward to going back.

Joe Natta

Great atmosphere, great service, great fresh menu options. Food was delicious! Wonderful downtown Lakeland establishment.

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