The End Zone Family Restaurant and Sports Bar

6206 US Hwy 98 N, Lakeland
(863) 858-7226

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Britney Jade

My family goes here all the time. Great service, lovely waitresses. Great food and daily specials. Still looks great inside, would recommend they get new booths/tables but that's just my opinion.Food: 5/5

Brandy Baker

We indulged in pancakes and sausage, husband ordered meat lovers omlette with potatoes. Food and service were great, was a bit sticker shocked when we got the bill. $14+ for 3 pancakes and sausage links was a bit overkill, in my opinion.Food: 4/5

Jo Jurkiewicz

End Zone is our normal go to for Reubens, tonight was Reuben night - disappointed they did not have Reuben. My 2nd choice was Buffalo Chicken Sandwich which was good.My husband was disappointed with no Reuben, his 2nd choice was French Dip which is one of his go to's - disappointment. The sandwich did not have the meat it normally has, tasted old and only half the amount of aux jus. The small amount of aux jus would not be a problem if the sandwich was good. The fries were also noticeably burned.He said the service was okay, I say he was being generous. Service was not bad, best I can say. Our trips to End Zone used to be a regular go to, now are fewer and further between and each time seems to be more of a disappointment.

Lisa Roxztar

We usually order to go and overall the food and service are good. Haddock is our favorite. Big mouth burger is excellent too.Food: 4/5

Randi Jackson

I give this place 5 stars because the food was amazing and the staff was friendly. Yes I waited a while on my drink and an uncomfortable amount of time waiting on a fork. But the food was so amazing and the server was so sweet it was fine. I had dinner with my family and we ordered wings to share and then I personally got a taco salad. My taco salad was perfect and the wings were incredible. Maybe close to the best I have ever had. I did the house sauce as suggested by a local who sent me in this restaurant’s direction. I was thankful for that because even my son who doesn’t normally like wings, loved the sweet flavor of the mild wings. I later ordered 150 wings to go for the guys who helped me move into my new house and again they nailed it and everyone was happy. This is a local hot spot so you may find yourself waiting to be seated but I say it’s worth the wait.

Kylie Odparlik

This is a nice place to go to when you want a home town feel. We always come when they have specials though. They do all you can eat chicken wings and AYCE mix and match on certain days. The chicken wings are massive and sometimes too juicy actually so maybe ask for them to be cooked longer. However, the sauces are tasty. Fried shrimp are good. Peel and eat are a little too dirty though (I wouldn't recommend). The portions of the food are big so come hungry. The service fluctuates but all the employees are friendly. Also, don't be surprised but they use their phones to put in orders, they're not texting while you're talking (well, hopefully)

Ro Scu

Beware if you are not “Special”. I was a bartender and server for years. I would never ignored a new comer at my bar then proceed to ask the other customers or either side of new comer.Ask them if they needed anything when they are eating and have drinks , then decide yea now Ill greet you. To make them know you are not welcome at our restaurant. Just plain disappointment in people. Thanks Savannah

April Robbins

We have eaten here for many years, we have always gotten good food and kind and patient wait staff. We have tried breakfast, lunch, and dinner here. All have been good they have some great deal and fun event nights.We particularly enjoys their burgers, wings, chicken tenders, and regular fries.Keep up the good work!

ed martin

I've been going here for years always enjoyed the food and staff. But the last 3 times had to send the burger back for being over cooked. So last week I figured id take a chance and go for wing night - well that was a bad decision: wings were so dry small and freezer burnt, and i wasnt sure if they were chicken or pigeon..... I hoped that round two would improve, well that was only a tad better. And server was really slow (they weren't all that busy...) So im assuming management must have changed - now I'm at another place. I sure hope for their sake they get it together soon.

Kathi Lowe

Always have a good meal here with excellent service. My husband had the french dip and he said it was very good. I had the best ever spinach salad with blackened shrimp! One of our faves in Lakeland!Parking: Big parking lot with plenty of spaces.

Lisa Diaz

Servers were nice the 2 times I went recently. I tried lunch and then breakfast on another occasion. Food was good for lunch... ok for breakfast. Breakfast for 3 was $60-65 so definitely more expensive than I expected. I don't think I will be a regular.

Amanda Alba

The service was great they were just short staffed and doing what they could to help everyone. The wings were delicious I haven't had good wings in a restaurant in a long time. Would definitely get all my wings from them.Food: 5/5

Karen Hartigan

I prefer smaller wings, the the sauce was good. Had a nice cold Avalanche. Now that was very good! I was having a difficult day. I was refreshed.The wait staff were XDvery nice. It appeared they were short staffed. I sat on the patio but, no one came out. So I went inside to be acknowledged. Not much activity. The patio was nice & cool, ?☺️breeze blowing.


Busy place on the weekend. They had sold out of the normal fish available on the menu. This is what we'd intended to order. Buffalo chicken sandwich and county fried steak were tasty substitutions. Portions were healthy.Food: 4/5

Dennis Leones

I ordered hash browns and got home fries. The server, who was great, did offer to correct it. I said no. I got an omelet, hash browns and an orange juice. My wife got coffee. The bill was over $20.Food: 3/5

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The End Zone Family Restaurant and Sports Bar

6206 US Hwy 98 N, Lakeland, FL 33809
(863) 858-7226