Tropical Smoothie Cafe

4270 US Hwy 98 N, Lakeland
(863) 859-5116

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Rebecca Fisher

My Buffalo chicken wrap and the berry mango smoothie was wonderful as always. My fiance was not to impressed by his Santa fe chicken Quasadilla; it had hardly anything in it!

Christine Denico

The location was filthy and the employees were all standing around talking while a dozen people where there to be assisted. My simple order was incorrect and there we chunks of ice at the bottom of the cup.

Loyd Stewart

This used to be our favorite location, but it seems to be going downhill fast. The last few times I’ve been the service has been extremely slow, and even with order ahead, they didn’t have my smoothie ready anywhere near on time. Last time I ended up having to wait over 25 minutes in store, on top of the time I waited after I ordered at home and then drove here. This completely defeats the purpose of ordering ahead and is a waste of my time. I have personally heard multiple staff on multiple occasions whining about not getting enough breaks and working too hard, and while they might have somewhat of a point, that is not the customers problem. You’re here to do a job, so do it. I have also seen them mess up multiple orders, something that is not that difficult to correct, just pay attention. Lastly, the interior of the building is extremely dirty, as if they don’t ever clean it, with straws and trash all over the floor. Management needs to get this location straightened up ASAP, this is not how to run a business.Update: Moved down from 2 stars to 1. Went back to the same location and had the same terrible experience. After seeing multiple people who ordered after us receive their order, I decided to ask. Turns out they has forgotten our order. We waited at least 20 minutes for our order and saw multiple staff just standing around. Also, just as last time, there was trash all over the place.

Yaralismar Diaz

DO NOT COME TO THIS LOCATION!!!! We got there at 8pm. They close at 9pm. There was a guy cleaning the floors, and putting all the chairs on top of the tables so nobody could sit and dine in. When we order, they were all so disrespectful and had an attitude. The girl making the smoothies got SLAMMED with many orders and nobody came to help her. My smoothie took almost an hour. Then the guy cleaning the floor told my family and I to move since he needed to mop the area we were standing in. I said “you know you still have clients here”. He said, “I’m trying to go home so I need to clean.” Honestly the worst experience I’ve ever had at Tropical Smoothie. Everyone was so rude and I’m so disappointed!!

Wren Fleming

took them an hour to make my smoothie after ordering at 8:3- it wasn't ready till 9:30. Staff and manager just standing around staring at the screens taking their time while there's about 30 people in the restaurant waiting for their order. We ordered 2 smoothies and that was it and it took them 45-1hr to make it. Staff was unresponsive to the complaint

Nikki Roark

I love tropical smoothie but I have noticed that in the last few months the cleanliness of the restaurant has went downhill went in there today and the floor was so sticky my shoes were sticking to it I will be returning as I do love my smoothies but I hope the floor gets cleaned better

Dre Mutis

For my four time coming to the Lakeland site and has been horrible . 2 times I order online .. my food has been stolen, 2 other times including today I order only ahead of time by 15 mins , show up and food is not ready , yet people have came in , order after I been waiting , get their food and go and I’m still waiting for my order. Unbelievable. Not going ever again to this site.

Having F.

We use to love Tropical Smoothie but today will be our last time going. First all of the girl at the register was very rude. She acted like she didn't even want to be at work. She wore a mask and talked in such a low tone. I don't mind her being safe and wearing a mask but we literally couldn't hear her. When the smoothie machines start running she didn't try to talk louder. She was very frustrated that we had her repeat our order 3 times but we couldn't hear her. And we were glad we finally did because she had us down for additional items we didn't order. One of the meals we ordered was a kids grilled cheese. The sandwich was not grilled at all. The bread was like it just came out of the bag. Super soft and not crispy. I'm guessing it was microwaved to melt the cheese ... Everyone working was super young it didn't look like anyone was in charge. It use to be a great place to run and grab lunch but not anymore. It was very disappointing experience.


Our flatbread and quesadilla were good. The three smoothies we got were more like fruit flavored slushies. Mine was so icy I couldn't even drink it. We drove an hour home and it was still frozen and had chunks of ice by the time we got home. Definitely not worth the $30 we spent.

Kim Kaniecki

First time going to this restaurant. I will not be going again. I have never seen such a disgustingly, filthy restaurant before. Trash was totally overflowing the trash bin. Trash was piled on top of it even. Tables were grossly dirty, chairs were scattered all over. I couldn't even set my purse on the counter to pay because there was slushy spilled all over it. They were out of the smoothie I wanted and the wrap is just ordinary. Very disappointed.

Becky P.

Super busy during lunch time so order ahead or bring your patience. Everyone working here was pleasant even through the chaos of busy lunch hour. We just ordered smoothies today. Try the watermelon mojito!! Its super refreshing in this FL heat!

Caitlin Sealey

We love Tropical Smoothie but will make a point not to return to this location and do not recommend it. We waited 30 minutes tonight for 2 smoothies and watched approximately 8 people that came in after us get their food and drinks before us. The staff didn’t remotely care or question why my son and I had been sitting and waiting an eternity for our drinks. After we were clearly the very last people left in the store, I had to stand up and address the fact that you’ve now served everyone else and we haven’t even been acknowledged. There were 4 girls behind the counter that lacked the most basic of customer service skills and the only response we received to our frustration was, “we are under staffed.” When we received our smoothies, they were like water and the girl handed them to me without an apology for the ridiculous wait and only a dirty look. I told her we would never return and the service is some of the worst I’ve ever seen. If you are expecting a quality product, a clean business, and great service, I would not recommend this establishment to anyone.

yomerolero lero

So far the dirtiest store I've been. I had to leave before I put my order due to the slight of the dirty blender containers, the overfilled trash can and all the flies around the food trays. It's a shame for the franchise having a store as filthy as this open.

Mish H

I ordered a mango magic that ended up tasting like water and protein add in. I took it back to have it corrected. The young lady behind the counter casually says, “I’m not gone lie, I mixed your smoothie with another one”…… WTH and you felt that it was ok to serve me that?

Pyper-Jamie Cooper

The girls who work here are the ? BOMB. LITerally, they make my island ?️ ? green ? smoothie puuurrrrfect EVERYTIME! AND AND AND! I frequent so much they know my order and have it basically ready by the time I'm done paying. Appreciate these lovely ladies sooo much. Can always count on a good one. And the food is dope too. ?❣️☀️

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