China Gate

12919 Walsingham Rd, Largo
(727) 593-1688

Recent Reviews

TT Morgan

Worst place to go we paid so much money for our food and our rice was filled with honey we had way more honey than rice and their attitude was as nasty as the food

Sarah Lunet

Never order on Friday or Saturday, the past couple of times I have ordered on Fridays and Saturdays I always always throw up after digesting. Not sure if it is a different crew or what but Jesus christ, I'm taking my business somewhere else. So sad. This used to be a good Chinese take out.


I put in my card information online already and they made a huge deal about me paying with my card in the store. I put my info online already for a reason, I shouldn't have to pull my card out to pay in store. They even said they can do it online but it's just easier to take my card. Are you that lazy? ?Your food isn't worth the price you charge to make such a huge fuss, you can deal with taking my info online, this place is a joke. The GROWN woman wouldn't even deal with me, she had her daughter who is a child deal with me, if you can't own a business and deal with your own customers, you shouldn't even own a business.

Brian G.

Good food above average . A solid Chinese spot. Everything I tried was good General Tso , shrimp egg foo young , shrimp & vegetables. The best I have found I. The Tampa area so far.

Taylor S.

Service is fast and easy for take out. Food is ok to good. On par with other Chinese take out in the area.

Michelle Moore

If I could have given less than 1 star, I would have.I went here based on previous reviews. Completely disappointed in the food. I guess people have lesser standards in the quality of Chinese food. Won't go back, worst food by far. I would stay away.

Mark Tunstill

Really great egg drop soup. General Tso Chicken not spicy at all. Very disappointed because I like spicy. The Lo Mein was bland and not the greatest.

Matt Schon

Great food. Great price. Lots of food for your money. Hot. Fresh. Delicious. Best crab Rangoon I've ever tasted. I will return

Elena De La Piedra

I am friends with the owners daughter and she told me about the restaurant and man oh man is the food good. I love how the food has a ton of flavor. Highly recommend

Angel Blue

I'm very picky about Chinese. We have a hard time finding a good place. China gate actually has fresh food. Really good combination fried rice. The shrimp was cleaned out (which a lot of places overlook) don't be deceived by the appearance, it looks like a little hole in the wall but is very good

john castellano

There's a reason this place has been in business for along time,, great food

Terry B

Can I say, THE BEST I've had since moving here 8 years ago. Crab Rangoons overstuffed with filling and delicious! Pineapple fried rice w/chicken, so tasty. Rice was NOT over cooked. Chicken moist and freshly cooked. My daughter said her chicken lo mein was delicious. Yes, it was a bit more expensive than others. I'm always willing to pay a little more for GREAT food than less for less for not so good food. ? for China Gate


Hands down the best crab rangoons in town. Maybe the best I’ve ever had. Good is fresh and tasty. You won’t be disappointed.

william Brouard

Pork fried rice is inconsistent and this time I think it's overly spoiled and reheated... Staff was rude as well...3 or 4 Chinese restaurants close to this location and are much nicer and have fantastic Pork fried rice!

Lori Brown

Loved that they have rice noodles!

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