Conservative Grounds

13344 66th St N, Largo
(727) 216-3212

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I hesitate to even give this place two stars- angry vibes here. The coffee was OK? but the atmosphere is culty.

Albatros Newel

Certainly the most unique coffee shop in the world. That is not an exaggeration.. Simply visiting is an experience that cannot be missed. It's not just the coffee pastries or choice of ice cream. It is spending a couple of hours sitting and talking with Americans if you do not go you will never understand what you have missed.


A majority of the 1 Star reviews are made in bad faith. It is a quiet little shop with great coffee and nice people.It’s a shame that people are reviewing this place who live out of state a 1 star, simply because they might not agree with views of the business.

Mikey M.

Tried it out of curiosity. Food isn't anything special, maybe more flash than your usual mess hall but it seems it is secondary to its actual purpose as a shrine to Donald. Funny that with all the freedom words I saw on the signs, as Active Duty, I doubt anyone would actually do what it takes to defend and represent the freedom they speak of so strongly in this establishment, especially after what we saw on Jan 6. Feels less of a bakery and more of a cult. I'll take MREs over this anyday.

Ryan L.

I found a cockroach in my coffee and what I thought was chocolate sprinkles on my donut, was actually rat s****

Chris H.

The coffee here is bitter and tastes like treason. Atmosphere could use more traitor flags but has an overall l**** feeling. Food has a rotten insurrection like taste that will leave a nasty stench in your bathroom.

Ashley M.

Love this place! We come here every time we're in Florida. Great coffee, donuts, and ice cream. Such a great place to meet good people - and get a Let's go Brandon t-shirt or two!

Heather M.

Do you love coffee? Do you love bald eagles and freedom? Then this coffee place is your jam. This is by far the most patriotic coffee shop I've ever been in! The coffee was amazing and strong like Lady Liberty and the donuts were sweet and delicious! I love coming here! It's a must see!

Bob Sacamano

Awesome store. Great merchandise featuring an awesome President and an awesome Governor! Great coffee too! They actually make their ice cubes out of coffee which is such a great idea!Seriously, if you love Trump, Desantis and good coffee, check this place out. If you don't love Trump, Desantis or good coffee then go to Starbucks ?

Ted Deleone

This is my second time here in 4 years since we've moved here best coffee shop around.From the veterans that sit in there all the memorabilia and oh yeah great coffee.

Gary B.

Im a Republican and the cult like atmosphere made uncomfortable. Coffee was hot and good.

Sherryl Florko

A unique coffee shop, including a back area mock-up of the Oval Office with cardboard figures of President Trump, Governor DeSantis, and a combat soldier. There is a lot of patriotic conservative memorabilia for sale. An interesting visit, not sure how I feel about about this diverse shop, but it is one-of-a-kind.

Quyen B.

Awesome place to go! Friendly people and lots of fun merch. There's a lot to look at and fun places to take pictures at! Plus tables so you can sit and chat or work on your computer. Highly recommend the place! I mean where else can you buy a coffee that supports our local heros?!


Simple baked goods and coffee is just ok. Not making political statement here, but an interesting place to visit.

Mariam Smith

Amazing business with a par of bulls too. I love it! They have a wide variety of magnets for refrigerator or car ( I just stick a different one to my car everyday). Also they have great ice cream and amazing coffee. Will come back for sure. My kids made me stay there for around an hour taking pictures to the oval office with President Trump. Love it!

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