Banzai Sushi & Thai Restaurant

3208 Lake Washington Rd, Melbourne
(321) 757-5804

Recent Reviews

Andrew Herrero

The family who owns this place are some of the nicest people I’ve met. Top quality fish and service second to none!!

Booppa Toledo

We enjoyed our dining experience very much. The service was excellent, and the food was better. It was a very pleasant atmosphere. If you get the opportunity, you will not be disappointed.

Amanda Nemeth

This is our favorite sushi place. Family owned and operated. We have never had a bad meal from Bonzai! Wish we found it sooner.

Alexsandra LeBlanc

I love this restaurant! The food is always really fresh. Some other places around town, the salmon tastes cheap and flavorless, but at Banzai, it always melts on your tongue and is packed with flavor. My husband doesn't like seafood, but there's plenty of options that he loves to eat here, too. We always end up ordering way too much. The staff is over the top caring about their customers, too. I feel like I'm part of a family when I eat there.

Janet Hall

spectacular food, warm friendly service, big portions at a reasonable price.

Julia R.

I ordered takeout from here and did not have the best experience! 3-stars is a generous review. I ordered miso soup, fresh spring rolls, and a sweet potato roll. I was handed my food fine, asked if there was the sauces I requested in the bag and was told "honestly not sure you're gonna have to check" in a rude way, as the host turned her back and went back inside, not even interested in wondering if I got it or not. The food was packaged great, however the food was just not good, and I am so sad to say that! The miso soup was not very miso-y, more like the clear soup with 1 piece of seaweed and 1 pice of tofu (lol), the spring roll was good, but I've had way better at other local Thai restaurants. Now the sweet potato roll was the worst sushi I have ever had EVER. And I have tried so many sushi rolls from so many different places in my lifetime. It's not hard to mess up a sweet potato roll, but this roll was a mess. The rice was WAY over cooked, and very mushy. The roll could barely even stay together. The sweet potato was literally raw. Hard to bite into and bitter tasting. I hate to give such a negative review, and I understand businesses are struggling but I was just SO disappointed! Will be trying new local places, and not returning.

Sarah B

I have been going to Banzai for years and never had the experience that I did last night. The restaurant is normally very clean and the staff is normally very friendly. I’m not sure if they are stressed out over Covid or what but that’s no excuse. They had stuff piled up in the back. I don’t know about you but I do not want to see a stack of boxes and junk piled up right where I’m eating.Then the waiter I had made a mistake and brought me out the wrong soup. He gave me the option of keeping that soup and just paying for what I got or return I got the soup for the one I ordered. I opted to keep the soup he gave me because they had yet to make mine. They would have to throw it out anyways. The owner(Andy) came out from the sushi bar and told me that I could not eat the soup of I did not pay the price. First of all, this was not my mistake. Second, the waiter and I discussed an agreement prior to him coming out very abruptly. Due to him being very rude I told him to just take the soup and give me what I ordered.I have never had an experience like this in my many years of going here.Banzai, you guys have really dropped the ball this time. Clean up your restaurant and clean up your attitudes. You have lost a few regulars.

Ian H.

Inedible. I am the type of person who goes into a Thai restaurant and gets spicy pad Thai regularly. I thought I would go basic tonight and just get a medium spice and holy sh*t. Waaaaay too spicy. Waaaay waaaay waaaaay too spicy. One bite and my eyes are POURING tears. Neither me nor my girlfriend were able to eat it. Threw it away after picking at it and ordered some more pad Thai from somewhere else. Hopefully that is decent because this sucks.

Aloha Life

Love this place. Husband and wife's business. Lunch was a bit busy, but they made sure to get your drink and food out on time. The food was pretty good. Omg the Thai tea! Please don't forget to get that. Def will be back with friends!!!

Haley Young

I can't say enough great things about Banzai!We've both dined in and had takeout, and the food has always been delicious. I love the complimentary crunchy roll piece we get with our meals!Their customer service was particularly excellent when we ate inside, and they always remember me when I come in to pick up to-go orders, too. Incredibly friendly, professional, and clearly committed to their business. Absolutely worth a visit!


Yes, the sushi was great. We came here because the reviews were good, and it was very good! Very attentive staff, we felt like they really were happy we came in for dinner. The best was the food was fast, and delish. The decor was a bit messy and outdated, but the food and service made up for that. We will go back!

Annie L.

Business is running by husband and wife. It was busy but they made sure the food and service were excellent. Love the Thai tea. Definitely come back!!!

Kailee V.

Food is amazing and service was great. Definitely will be coming back soon! Definitely a great business to support, the whole family is super sweet and they make sure to check up on you constantly.

Jamie Murray

Andy and staff I just wanted to tell you guys how awesome you guys are I'm the local Chef I work at Archie's bar and grill and every time I come in you guys go above and beyond to take care of me and it makes me feel really great to be a chef keep up the great work good sir thank you very much for my dinner a

Jeff Clevenger

Fantastic service and prices; they remembered us from our 1st visit; treated us like family. Super friendly and helpful. Complimentary krunchy roll on top of everything else. Brought my daughter and grandson in and they loved it. They ask us about them every time we go back. We will always come here for sushi also fantastic Pad Thai.

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