Genna Pizza Company

4301 N Wickham Rd, Melbourne
(321) 242-3003

Recent Reviews

Steven C.

Best pizza/staff/variety/desserts/deals around! Whether you're feeding a party or just going out for a quick solo bite, this is a complete one-stop-shop. Charlie works so much with the community and everyone that works there, while always busy, takes time to meet the needs of the guest. I can't recommend Genna enough.

Bailey W.

Genna had me at "coal-fired". This place is great. The restaurant is very casual and unassuming, we're usually greeted by the owner or another friendly staff member immediately. Our apps of choice are the Peruvian coal fired wings, or the calamari. The Peruvian wings are huge, and blackened and crispy on the outside, juicy in the inside, as all ribs should be. They come with a nice light cilantro sauce on the side but would be good with the classics too. For pizza, we have tried several, but landed on the New Yorker as our usual. We add fresh basil to this meat and ricotta slice of heaven and it's some of the best pizza I've had. Also a big fan they have coke zero on fountain and always offer to send home home with a to go cup. If you're still hungry, or just a glutton like myself, take home a slice of Mamas homemade cakes, made fresh from another local baker. Our favorites so far has been the cookies and cream. If you are looking for pizza in the area, this is the spot!

David Seiler

Love this spot. I always get the Detroit pizza with pepperoni and sausage. They're always busy but never rude or rushed when talking to their customers. Cant say enough good things about them. Really happy I get to support this local spot whenever pizza night happens.

Lisa Cliver

Absolutely fantastic! Great food, service and staff. We are Boston and Philly people and Genna's is the best we have found since moving here. No need to look anymore!

Mark H.

Takes me back to nyc pizza. Fresh ingredients cooked well done. The place is always packed with customers and buzzing with employees.

Emily B.

Ordered pizza online. Pizza was delivered an hour late! Had to call twice to verify the pizza was coming. The restaurant staff never initiated a call to tell me it was running late, no apology, no offer to discount or comp meal, and when the food finally arrived - it was cold! Will never order food from there again.

Brittany A.

Local pizza place that treats you like family. Pizza was made with fresh ingredients, which took a little extra time to cook, but made it soo worth the wait! It was delicious!! We'll definitely be back!

Chelsea Newman

It’s alright. I’m pretty picky about my pizza, so the first time we ordered I assumed it was me. I gave them another shot today and ordered a Margherita pizza. My husband brought it home and it’s covered in shredded mozzarella cheese with tomatoes and basil. No sliced cheese or spots with just dough. Garlic knots are ok. Alfredo sauce is super lacking in flavor. Don’t plan on ordering from them again.

Felipe Miranda

Excellent pizza . 1st time trying them , so good , definitely will be back .

Gio A.

We just moved back to the Melbourne area after spending 10 years in Oregon... This place is legit as it gets! Reminds me of Tony's Pizza in San Francisco! The Chicago, grandma were perfection!!! There was a mistake with our order, they went above and beyond to make it right! Thank you so much. There's no doubt I'm gonna be here a lot!!!

Ginr R.

Used to be my favorite. I used to eat here or order take out once a month. Then we ordered a large pizza and were given a medium instead. Manager insisted the medium was a large and refused to fix it even though the box and pizza size were clearly medium. But the pizza was great so we paid for the large. Next time we got the pizza home and found out it had no sauce. When we brought this up on the next visit... just a polite sauce this time please the manager argued with us again. Then we gave up. Great pizza, if you actually get what you ordered but not worth the hassle.


We ordered pizza, wings and a full sized salad. I can’t remember if I’ve ever bothered to rate a place under 5 stars. It’s been years since we tried Genna’s and thought we’d give ‘em another try. Our 16” godfather pizza was not “coal fired”, it was burned, almost solidly black all the way around. No delicately charred or browned edges there. The inside on the other hand (about 50% of it), was soggy, undercooked and edible only with a fork. We also ordered a non-coal fired regular pie with banana peppers. It was good. Wings were overcooked. Full sized greek salad was fresh but included NO dressing, when it needed two. If our tab had been half of what it was, I wouldn’t have bothered to review in this case, but it wasn’t. It’s pricey. The bad pie was a more than $20 pizza. Maybe the food doesn’t matter too much to the donors of all their stars . . .

Jonas Zambrana

If you want really good pizza, this is the place for you. Order the giant size pizza and the box will probably not fit in the car and the slices look and taste like pizza from New York. If you dine in you get to experience your pizza being made and cooked in the wood burning oven. They also have a great selection of other items on the menu to try. The staff there have always been very polite even if you are just picking up or ordering for delivery.

Den M

Went on Sunday to get a pizza and I was very impressed! From the interaction from the employees when I picked up the pizza to the quality of the pizza was perfect in every way. I can't recommend this place enough as you can tell they care about quality.

Donald S.

Sometimes us pizza lovers tend to over complicated things, I included. Is it New York style? Neapolitan? Maybe Chicago deep dish. But wait, is it authentic? Blah blah blah.....Genna makes a damn good pie, period. I had The Godfather: mozzarella, Chicago sausage, soppressata picante, cherry tomatoes, and pecorino Romano. The ingredients are plentiful, the quality is beyond reproach, and the flavors all marry together in sweet delicious harmony. A decent sized 10 inch, fired up in the coal oven, for only $11. I'm not sure there's a better value anywhere.

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