785 S Babcock St Space 4, Melbourne
(321) 724-8751

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Emily F.

Hey what's up, it's yo boy! This place was just fanfrickentastic. I mean if you like steak that just tastes great or any food that's on their beautiful menu, then wow this is the place for you. I'm so excited for your mouth, I'm jumping for joy. The seat that they put us in, wow my tush is just so happy right now, it's never been happier. Well that may be a lie but that's a review for a different app. I cried half way through this meal but the food isn't the only reason for the crying. I just have to think of my life and boom there's the tears. The place is just gorgeous and it makes my stomach happier than a Democrat in a pedophile ring. This review may be depressing but makotos definitely is not. Just fanfrickentastic.

Emily R.

Our server Jeff was extremely kind and personable. Great guy and gave us amazing service. 10/10 recommend Jeff as your server. Our cook was personable and great fun as well. Good food and great people. I got the shrimp dinner and the shrimp was cooked perfectly and the rice is always my favorite.

Ryan Noke

At the hibachi tables, the food is very good and they give you a lot of it. Amazing value for money.

Ashley Zerwek

Fried rice is always my go to. I'm super picky and always get the chicken tenders and rice very good.

kiel vincent

Made reservation, had no wait, and great food. Cook was enjoyable to watch do his thing.

Omega Donisi

Always enjoy eating here. They are doing a great job with the social distancing and sanitation requirements. Our server was very attentive and quick. Highly recommend Makotos in Melbourne.

Manny C.

Makotos is a small owned business in Melbourne. It's located in a small shopping plaza but this place has a real bang for buck vibe. You can come for lunch and get a snippet of the dinner menu snapshot. Prices range from $10-15 and you can have a variety of items. You can also get the hibachi menu to go which is good if you don't feel like dealing with strangers or the steam. I tend to opt for the low carb version which has zucchini and onion instead of carrots and rice. I love their steak and shrimp combo while my wife often gets the scallops. If you've been hesitating don't and come give them a try!!!

Sue Robertson

Nice place to go for us on a special occasion. Its a little different with COVID right now but still delicious

Jordan Martin

ordered food to go and when i got home and started to eat found this in my food. so disgusting. manager was nice about it and refunded me at least.

Niqua R.

Delicious, as usual. Never a bad visit here at this place as far as food is concerned

Diane Healy

ItConsidering what is going on with the coronavirus, our experience was very pleasant. The hostess and our waitress were super pleasant. They had the parties all sitting 6' apart which was great. All in all, a great dinner and night out. Thank you and be safe.

John Healy

Its always great food and service. The staff wore masks too

Val Williams

Been a faithful customer since the beginning in the 80s. The food is fantastic, staff is always friendly and professional. My favorite dining choice in Melbourne. Thank you Makotos!!!

Michael P.

By far my favorite hibachi restaurant of all the ones I've tried. All I have to say is if you're in the Melbourne area definitely try them out. Food is consistent, plentiful, and very yummy. My go too is the chicken and yakiniku combo. Best white sauce (aka yum yum sauce/seafood sauce) you will ever try and the ginger dressing for the salad is so good (you can buy bottles of each to take home if you love it as much as I do). The chefs are funny, friendly, and interactive while they cook for you. If you're not feeling the hibachi they do have a sushi bar as well. Definitely worth taking your family, a date, or with friends just bring your appetite. Trust me try Makoto's you won't be disappointed!!!

Katherine Uzel

I came in with my husband for his birthday. Right now they are going on reservation for the hibachi but have seating in the lounge. Note: It's not listed on Google but good idea to cal ahead to anyone right now. We were fortunate it was just us two and someone was a no show so us and a trio got to sit & eat.The staff is wonderful. They are all professional, friendly, and attentive. The chef even answered some questions we had about cooking on a hibachi. Food tasted awesome! They are making good practice of social distancing and masks. Parties are separated at the hibachi so the trio sat at one end and we sat at the other. Overall great experience.

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