Smack Wings - Viera - PERMANENTLY CLOSED

7181 Lake Andrew Dr, Melbourne


Reviews for Smack Wings - Viera

You can't order but online and since it's a shared kitchen with Tijuana that makes no sense. Then Tijuana will only let you order their flavors of wings....why it's all the same place they act like it's a different place. Everyone doesn't want everything delivered by a stranger and something they're putting in their bodies. Oh well I guess no wings for me.

TL;DR - Great food, completely unreliable food prep time and service; your DoorDash or Uber Eats order is guaranteed to be wicked delayed or likely cancelled.Let me first say, the food is amazing (if you can get it - that's the key here); however, it's ultimately let down by the fact that this is a VRC (virtual restaurant concept). So, you can't physically get takeout to grab your food and go, you're forced to order it through either DoorDash or Uber Eats.That would be fine, full review