40th Street Pizza

11394 US-98 Unit C, Miramar Beach
(850) 424-6588

Recent Reviews

Jamie LaRue

We were starving after playing mini golf next store, and saw that they offer a 10% discount with your score card, so decided to give 40th Street Pizza a try. The staff was friendly and helpful. I found it perplexing that they don’t have ready made slices. The fact that everything is made to order means that you’ll wait a while for your pizza, which isn’t ideal if you’re really hungry, but it also means that the pizza is fresh out of the oven and piping hot when you get it. We found it to be good but not great, and a little expensive, but would give it another try when in the area. The chicken bites were a big hit with our kids!

Philip Teague

Ordered there because it was close to where we were staying. What a great choice. Pizza was great with a very good flavor and homemade taste. We also ordered close to closing, but that was no problem. They were very pleasant and helpful when we ordered and when we picked up as well.

Dara Hughes

Absolutely horrible pizza! Ordered 2 pizzas, both were undercooked. The dough was not cooked all the way. Pizza had no flavor... I mean you could not taste any of the toppings. I ordered one of their specially pizzas that had sausage, mushrooms and sundried tomatoes... The plainest pizza I have ever had! You couldn't taste any flavor from the tomatoes, mushrooms or sausage. Plus we paid $60 for 2 pizzas! We are locals, do yourself a favor and go anywhere but here!

addie aillet

AMAZING pizza! We got the chicken and pesto and it was perfectly made. Brilliant flavors. Best after-beach day dinner spot!

Ron Rice

GREAT pizza joint! Staff was courteous and attentive. Great pizza with a lot of flavor. Will come back again.

Heather Stukenbroeker

Pizza was soooooo good with the honey Sriracha on the crust!!! The pizza egg rolls were Delicious!! My kids loved the pepperoni cheese bread! A must do if you want something non-chain!!

Britta E.

Can we please talk about the SAUCE! Best thing about the pizza was definitely the sauce. Cheese was perfect combo with the toppings. Medium size was perfect for my husband and I and we have 3 slices left for tomorrow! We got the house speciality - highly recommend ! Kids got Alfredo cheese and it was super good too!

Brian Baumgarner

A large cheese pizza $20. Tasted like a freezer pizza. But the shop was clean. And staff was friendly.

Travionna Parks

This was our first time going here and we will not be coming back. Pizza was subpar. We ordered a meat lover and a slice of cheese pizza. The meat lover pizza didn’t even reach a three star flavor, it was bland and tasted dry. The cheese pizza was mostly decent, it was something you could keep eating without not taking another bite. The only thing good that we bought. The mozzarella sticks were cold and we’re not appetizing in the slightest. A waste of money and time. I have it a two star because the staff was extremely polite and sweet, and the cheese pizza was ok.


I order the meat lovers. My wife has Celiacs so she does the GF crusts. Whatever you do, I recommend you add meatballs! So tasty! Thanks Ms. Trish! (But I DO MISS the boxes that break down smaller for fridge storage).

Jodie Koenigs

Fantastic restaurant! Delicious pasta and pizza!! Trish was so friendly and helpful. Would recommend!

Amy Fichtner

Delicious pizza!! Hand-tossed crust is out of this world. Baked spaghetti & cannolis are also fantastic. Trish is so kind & hard-working. Truly enjoyed our experience!!


I had the Calzone it was medium size, enough for one person for sure. I had it with sausage, onions and extra cheese. It was ok there was a lot cheese as I ordered extra but no ricotta and that was a big disappointment. The sausage was seasoned ok but it was not special. The dough had good flavor but the star should have been the ingredients and it was just ok to me. I would eat here again.

Shaughn Malcarne

Price is insane. I get it’s a tourist spot and everything but there are other pizza places with incredible pizzas for way less than yours, I tried it once night after a friend bought it and it was good but not worth the price. Being in the pizza industry I know how much it actually costs to make the pizzas and they are no where near that price. No other complaints besides the price and with how things are right now. The price of stuff plays a huge factor.

Kendra Faith Stiltner

Horrible pizza, horrible flavor. Super disappointed and a frozen pizza would have been much better. Staff was so nice but they need to put more thought into the pizza sauce and just flavor in general.

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