Deauville Beach Resort

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6701 Collins Ave, Miami Beach
(305) 865-8511



Reviews for Deauville Beach Resort

How are you people leaving reviews on this hotel??? It has been shut down since July 2017. I know because i arrived there from michigan the day the fire happend. I had reservations there for almost a week and they had to put us in another hotel because the fire happend hours before we arrived there.

I wonder how it is possible that there is a review from 8 months ago, while the hotel is closed for two years (I stayed in Collins hotel near Deauville four months ago, so I know for sure it is closed) Most strange of all: the owner of the hotel responsed on that review! How????

I love this hotel! Have been there twice already. It has a beautiful lounge area and indoor bar. Rooms have huge windows. The outside lounge area is amazing and opened late or maybe even all night. The pool is huge. Has a nice jacuzzi right next to a bar and food stand. Prices are decent. Has access to the beach. It has been closed for remodeling for two years now since they had an incident with some wiring in the building. I really hope they open soon.

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