Fresh Garden Bowls

723 N Lincoln Ln N, Miami Beach
(786) 757-1468

Recent Reviews

Johanna S.

Well, this place might be potentially good, but there was one poor new guy behind the counter. Both our bowls took a really long time, so long that the acai was melted and the bowl was basically fruit soup. Also, one daughters' came out about 10 minutes after the rest of us had our food, and my second daughter's another 10 minutes after that. The fruit was fresh and beautifully prepared, but the service was terrible. Again, not the server's fault. He was there alone taking orders and preparing food, and he was new and therefore slow. Bad management.

Taylor Ray

Do not waste your time. Ordered a shrimp wrap, took a bite, and ALL of the shrimp were still in their shell with tails! On top of that it was cold! Also the employee who made my wrap did not apologize for leaving the shrimp in shells....not worth it.

Esteban Mellini

Great quality wrap with many option to customize a great meal.

Elisa K.

I had a raw energy bowl here and it definitely delivered. The customer service was great and the guy making my bowl made sure that I had it made exactly how I wanted. He also checked when I was done eating to make sure everything was to my liking. Overall solid experience.

Martina P.

I loved the smoothie ( the green one) and big portion of best Ceasar salad i ever had! I was reall full after salad, i took some in the box with me. The staff was helpfull and ready to mix in my salad anything how i liked it. Definetelly coming back

Jenifer St. Clair

I wish I could leave no stars. Ordered through uber eats. My whole order is completely wrong. Ordered an omlete and recieved yogurt?!?!? They wont fix the order unless I go pick it up. And the manager/owner hung up on me. No wonder they have only 2 stars.

Silvia Slobodová

Very happy to grab a quick salad to go from FGB. I tried several of their food bowls that were very tasty and always received a welcoming service. Good job.

Silvia Slobodová

Very happy to grab a quick salad to go from FGB. I tried several of their food bowls that were very tasty and always received a welcoming service. Good job.

lorna belkin

Nice idea, bad food. Don't waste your money.

Alejandro Manuel

great place to gather with family and friends, business meetings, with great food, small local vendors not national franchises and cool vibe, a must visit in South Beach!

Gabriel Acosta

I was there few days ago and the service was not good ... the men there was super strong with me because I just asked him about something to drink I don’t recommended, the place is nice I will come back but definitely I don’t eat again in fresh garden bowls surly I take other opcií³n... 0 ⭐️ 👎

Allan Perelis

Great selection of specialty foods, great atmosphere just off Lincoln rd.

Martina Polinova

Great portions and delicious food, will be back!

Dorothy G.

Ordered almond butter smoothie--guy decided to replace the almond butter with peanut butter with no notice! When told there was an allergy after a sip, attendant was angry he had to make over again. Insane. Service terrible and smoothie wasn't any better than something you make at home in a rush before you go to work.

Rebecca Brown

Great place to meet up. Open and beautiful inside; many choices as you walk along, on both sides. Then a nice but small patio outside. Lots of doors to enter the place, not just a tunnel feeling.

Peter Photelo

Nice clean spot, delicious food, friendly stuff. Great place chill n meet friends. Enjoyed every second every bite

Stephanie Chilbanian

love this spot

Juraj P.

great salad from Fresh Garden Bowls, big portion and fresh. Great service and very quick to preparation. thank you

Davina S.

Really enjoyed the Thai Chicken Salad. The mesclun greens & arugula really gave the salad depth. I almost went back for more dressing but once you mix it all together the avocado and mango makes it more moist. On the other hand, the garden fresh açaí­ smoothies was just ok. Too much banana for my taste. Miami Beach employees get 20% off. Just show your business card!

Manny Yoko

Very nice place. Good food. Good price. FAST!!

Trae T.

Food was trash. Overpriced and not fresh. Smoothie was sugary like a milkshake and salad had brown lettuce and chicken was bad. Breakfast sandwich was cold.