IL Giardino

1236 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach
(305) 397-8804

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Tania Rodriguez

They have such a great customer service. Our waiter was Adrian he’s such a nice guy really helpful. I really recommended to go eat to this place. They follow all city rules with everything what’s going on with the pandemic. If you don’t have a mask they offer you one, + b4 siting on your table they give you hand sanitizing. I really recommend to go eat to this place. The food was delicious + they had this offer that kids eat free.


The food was good pasta drinks 2x1 we love it steak and fries very good music very nice nice atmosphere Milica serve was amazing we recommend we came back again !! Barbara manager was very nice she’s providing mask at the door thanks


We have the best lunch drinks 2×1 fried calamari was good but pasta home made was delicious we recommend the server Adrian excellent hostess Sandra VERY nice music great atmosphere we come back General manager Barbara was amazing for take care of the curfew

Daniel Mitchell

We were down in miami for my brothers bachelor party, had some great drinks and better service with Gustavo! Perfect spot to chill by the beach and cool off! the South beach vice is amazing! Also thanks to Moe the manager for taking good care of us!

Sandra Evans

Gustavo Was our waiter. Gustavo is Perfect! Service from Gustavo was impeccable the food was delicious. The hosts and restaurants is more than expected. GUSTAVO IS THE WAITER TO ASK FOR. Will be back because of him.?

Maria Fernanda A

great lunch mimosas 2x1 lobster pasta very good salad salmon delicious best service tecomend amazing Barbara general manager provided mask and hand sanitizer at the door great custumer service very clean we come back soon

Callie S.

DO NOT SUPPORT THIS ESTABLISHMENTnever have i EVER had such a bad experience. from the manager yelling "fxck you" to being coaxed into the restaurant by the host, i will NEVER be returning. The hostess watched me walk past 3 times and convinced me to come in to the restaurant to eat the 3rd time by emphasizing their "buy one get one free" drinks. When we were sat i asked the server about the bogo deal and she told me that there was no happy hour after 7. She sat at our table for a good 5-10 minutes pushing us to decide on our drinks. After we finally order drinks, she brings our drinks back to us 15 minutes later and starts demanding we order food bc their kitchen will be closing at 930. After immediately ordering food, our group waited for our food. Our server checked back in with us to tell us our food should be out shortly. THEN next thing we know she is running over to us DEMANDING us to leave bc they close at 10. She TELLS us that our food is being packed togo and we HAVE to take our drinks to go. The same drinks we have barely drank. After multiple attempts to speak with the manager and our server, they finally come over at 9:58 waving their phones in our face again DEMANDING we leave. The only thing the server had to say was "it's not my fault it's my manager" and the manager said "leave the fxcking restaurant. fxck you get out"


the best seafood in ocean dr great service erick was fantastic drinks bogo 2x1 we recomend because is very clean nice atmosphe barbara manager was amazing shes provided mask and hand sanitizer thanks for great custumer service

Yamaneka Brice

Omg what an amazing experience. The food better than wonderful. The people and the owner had such a wonderful vibe as well the look out for the people of the city I love it here can't wait to come back

josh palmer

I went out to eat here on 6/29/2020 with my girlfriend. I bought two 32oz drinks which were $29. I went during happy hour and I was informed that the drinks were buy one get one free. I also bought calamari for $15. I was charged $92 that’s including the 18% service charge. When I got home I realized what I was charged. I called the manager “Mo” and he informed me he was really busy and to come back tomorrow for a refund. When I arrived he complained to me that I should’ve paid more attention to my bill. Then had the server give me $30 back in cash and proceeded to walk away. I walked back to the manager “mo” and told him $30 isn’t enough I need $40 back. The bill was 92, so $92 - $29 - $15 = $48. Adding the 18% automatic tip comes to $8. So $48- 8= $40. “Mo” told me “I’m not giving you the extra $10. I explained to him the simple math and he said “ no I’ll give you $6 “. I didn’t want to argue with this man over $4 so I just took the money and left. The younger male waiter was polite but he knew he over charged me. Even if as they claim they didn’t know it was happy hour, if they would have charged me for both the drinks it still would’nt have came to $92. The manager was rude about the whole situation and blamed it on me. I did nothing to any of them and was polite the whole time but I still got an attitude and did not receive all of my money back.

Eduardo Galego Ginory

Great place in ocean dr lunch was delicious paella seafood was perfect drinks great deal 2x1 we recommend 10 stars Erick server was very good Barbara manager amazing customer service the provided mask and hand sanitizer we come back soon


What an amazing time. food was better than amazing. The atmosphere was even better. It felt like family


I LOVE LOVE il Giardino!!! Best food, music, and staff ever. The general manager Barbara is simply the best. You have to stop by if you’re ever in Miami!!!!

C. V.

They have a huge variety of drinks and food. But the service is bad and slow, overpriced (as everything at ocean drive). Food is "ok" definitely not coming back

Pedro A.

Visit this restaurant this past Sunday for the first time for dinner and take a tremendous experience and a very good impression with the service and food, when you arrive at the place the welcome is super special they make you feel at home with all the attentions, the truth is that I recommend, and please do not forget to order the Octopus, Salmon Tartare as an appetizer and as a main dish the Spinach cheese Ravioli which is a very delicious, I want to special thanks to all for the attention, especially the GM Mirko, Chef Andréa, Vincenzo and Roger, If you you live or are visiting Miami Beach this is one of the authentic Italian restaurants that you must visit

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