Just Juice Me Cafe

214 67th St, Miami Beach
(305) 397-8028

Recent Reviews

Juliana V.

Ok so sad I got this tasteless açaí­, it's purple water. Well places food, below average granola. Go and buy açaí­ bowls somewhere else.

Cimone Campbell

I live in sunny isles I drove there last Sunday at 11:30 am. As I walked in the girl was on the phone taking an order. So I proceeded to the back to inquire on yoga with the lady who was extremely helpful. Unfortunately the young girl was not! After waiting several mins in a EMPTY PLACE, I proceed to ask how long is it for her to just take my order. I saw making acai bowl back turned to me the entire time. She said 10-15 mins she is doing one now and has another one after. How do you ignore business off the street that comes in your place. I told her I have to work at 12 and the girl could not care less. I walked out and went to another One on Collins it’s called ATHENS! Way more fruit Variety and cheaper. Assisted me right away! I would never put a costumer on the phone priority over a client in the store. Horrible judgment. The 1 star is for the rude girl but the açaí­ bowls I tried once were ok.

Christina McDermott

Just ordered delivery. For the price it was incredibly underwhelming. The salad was just a mountain of kale. The juices I reccomend. Overall overpriced and low quality.

Andres B.

This is my go-to place for açaí­ bowls. Quite simply the best of the best. Generous portions, crunchy granola, as natural as it gets açaí­. The staff is super friendly, and there is yoga studio in site.

Nina G.

The acai in this place is mediocre at best. Going through all these comments, i walked into this place with such high expectations. The atmosphere is very cute, and zen, but quiet. The service isn't as exceptional as One is led to believe. The server wasn't very helpful. She just stared at my friend and I and it wasnt until after some awkward silence she told us to just let her know when we were ready. She spoke really softly when asking us if we wanted specific toppings, but didn't add them when we agreed to them. She also forgot to put protein in my bowl and gave me 10% off so that was nice.

Milagros Medina

Best place to get a juice in miami beach. If you’re ever around you need to give it a try! Super nice and friendly staff. Lucia was amazing

Amira W.

UPDATE: The owner directly contacted me about the experience and was very kind in resolving this issue. Based on this great follow up experience, I would definitely return to give this place another try! --- Came here craving a smoothie bowl while I was on vacation. Huge mistake. Service was very slow and smoothies were flavorless. One of my friends smoothie was only filled halfway when she received it. Another smoothie was not fully blended. Would not return.

Cassandra C.

They really impressed me and went out of their way to turn my experience around!! I ordered through grub hub and an hour and a half later the driver still didn't pick up my food! A nice lady called me from Just Juice Me to inform me that no one has picked up my food and that she would call Grub Hub to see what's going on. I really appreciated her trying to help me! She called back and told me that Grub Hub couldn't get a hold of the driver and that the owner of Just Juice Me would deliver it herself! I did not expect that at all! I thought they would just cancel my order but they really cared and felt bad that I was waiting so long even though it wasn't their fault!! The owner came about 15 min later to give me my order and she was just so sweet! I tried to tip her and she didn't even want to take it! She just wanted me to get my order! I appreciated that so much! Even though the delivery process with grub hub was very frustrating Just Juice Me turned it around and made the experience so much better by providing amazing service and to top it off, great tasting juices and food!

Maxine T.

I absolutely love love the Nobe Master! It has all healthy ingredients needed for a mid day boost !

Grace M.

Incredible! Went here for a snack after the beach, ended up getting an açaí­ bowl and my friend got a smoothie. The woman working, I believe she was the owner, was so sweet. It's attached to a yoga studio so the vibe was very nice. The bowl was amazing; so fresh, organic, and real ingredients. One of the best bowls I've had. They also offer so many other food options too lie avocado toast, wraps, sandwiches etc. Would highly recommend!

Oona Q.

This place was so cute! We were in Miami on break and felt super bloated from days of drinking and eating unhealthy food. Coming here was such a nice breath of fresh air and the ladies who helped us couldn't be nicer!! We told her our avo toast was amazing, to which she said "it's because of the secret ingredient - love" So adorable!

Apollo A.

This is my second home.. they take care of me every time, im being they costumer for over 3 months and I actually eat there everyday!... 5 stars food and 5 stars service..

Jenny Lynn Gregory

I ordered from them several items from Uber eats to my order being around $40 and they delivered one of the items to my door than when I answer the phone when finally somebody called me back they claim they were not open even though it was 11 o’clock during the day they never refunded me or brought the correct order the one item that they did give to me was awful I would never recommend this place to anyone

Nadine Drummond

Excellent service mediocre smoothies at $10 a pop, they need to be better.

Sabrina S.

All I can say is yum! Place is very clean and staff very friendly. I ordered the Apply tropically açaí­ bowl and it was delicious! Very colorful with banana, granola, coconut flakes and chia seeds. The portion was great for the price. Would definitely come back again as it was very yummy!

La L.

Love, love, love! My husband and I were staying at the hotel across the street and this was our favorite breakfast spot. Great juices and açaí­ bowls for a healthy start to your day. If ai were local I would take yoga here too.

Alexa S.

The açaí­ bowls are delicious but it's literally the slowest place on earth. Came here two days in a row and waited 20-25 minutes for 2 açaí­ bowls which was frustrating.

Jennifer V.

My girlfriend and I came in for Pitaya bowls and are so glad we did! The bowls were delicious !! Everything was so fresh. The place is really charming. The owner was very sweet and personable. We'll definitely be back!!

Dan F.

Fantastic juices that are made to perfection. My wife and I have been here over 10x and we have loved every juice we ordered. Happy to have a place like this in NoBe

Anna P.

Delicious açaí­ bowl in a yoga center on the 67th street Calm atmosphere and amazing choice of healthy food. Bowls like an art here ! Thank you for healthy breakfast

Pack-It Movers

We had a great experience. I came to get a fresh juice and we left with the most amazing juices. High recommended and its all natural which was very important.

angela vidal

The best ACAI BOWL in the city, the staff is so friendly, and the founder is so passionate about a realty lifestyle, you can find her there daily working on recipes and master her craft

Mariela Cotes

The best place in Miami Beach for a delicious and healthy meal. I highly recommend it 💯 😋😋😋😋❤️😍


Came here to cure a hangry spirit. Been waiting here for 30 minutes and I'm one of the only people here. He is just now starting my acai bowl. He could use a lesson in friendly language. Would win a Grammy for snail speed. I'm not really this negative but this was just plain annoying. Speaking of plain, the bowl tastes of it. "Cold mush" my friend just said, as he has begun drinking it like smoothie. If your looking for a quick refresher you'd have better luck waiting in line for a porta potty at an outdoor concert. And those are free. I'm down 13 bucks and am leaving with the hangry spirit I walked in with. Sad.

Christina Pominvlile

We were in town for a couple of days and so happy we found Just Juice Me! The cafe is tucked in the same storefront as a yoga studio and the owner was so welcoming. The juices were amazing... we loved Kale me crazy and Drop the beet. They were fresh and flavorful. We can't wait to return and visit Just Juice Me again!

Mira Samarik

Amazing Açaí­ bowl! Excellent customer service. The avocado toast was delicious! Would definitely recommend this place!

Hasan Siddiqi

Acai bowl was good , guys its not gonna tatse really sweet because its organic acai so dnt be shocked servers were nice and friendly , good place

Beth Murphy

Came here to cure a hangry spirit. Been waiting here for 30 minutes and I'm one of the only people here. He is just now starting my acai bowl. He could use a lesson in friendly language. Would win a Grammy for snail speed. I'm not really this negative but this was just plain annoying. Speaking of plain, the bowl tastes of it. "Cold mush" my friend just said, as he has begun drinking it like smoothie. If your looking for a quick refresher you'd have better luck waiting in line for a porta potty at an outdoor concert. And those are free. I'm down 13 bucks and am leaving with the hangry spirit I walked in with. Sad.

Johnathan Naranjo

Lovely new spot, with a very friendly staff. The acai bowl was delicious. Thank, will be back soon.

Nestor A.

This place has great wraps and amazing juices . The staff is great Also yoga in the location . I recommend this place highly . Everything is fresh and custom juices .

Angela V.

The best kept secret in Miami Beach. What a treat, the Veggie bowl was AMAZING. All of the Essentials and the ingredients were tasty and fresh. The service was so friendly and there is easy access parking across the street.

Hye Su R.

Was in the mood for something healthy yet refreshing so hopped on the Yelp app to find something near by I saw they had great reviews so I decided to try them out. I only wish I had time to go back for more but I'll definitely keep them on my radar for the next time I visit the Miami Beach area. Super friendly service five stars all the way. Sorry if this seems like a duplicate as I just got a new phone and didn't realize I was on a different account lol.

Shir F.

WOW - Everything is SO GOOD!!! I've tried a lot of different green shakes but the Kale Me Crazy Juice is by far the very best I've ever had! It tastes really good and light and refreshing and it was made fresh and fast. The Açaí­ bowl was also really good and looked so beautiful. Definitely recommend this place!!

Marissa M.

This place is so adorable and their açaí­ bowls are beautiful and delicious! The owner Jessica is so hospitable and informative. It truly shows in the quality of food and ingredients. I got the Purfection Bowl with almond butter on the side and the Cold Press (chicory, coconut sugar and vanilla almond milk). Everything was great (and so aesthetically pleasing)!

Nolan M.

Service was annoyed and uninterested in our group of 4. Food was even worse, very bland with unripe fruits. Ratio was off too from granola to berry mix. I'm literally eatting a liquid smoothie. I asked for peanut butter with my acai bowl and received less than a teaspoon. Worse $25 I've spent on food. Go to Green Life if you get the chance. They are amazing.

Alli M.

First of all, look at this picture of my beautiful bowl!! It's a work of art. And it tasted delicious too. I ordered the Apply Tropically, and while it didn't come with raspberries, she added mango, kiwi, and strawberries instead- even better! I was looking for a healthy, filling meal and this really hit the spot. The smoothies and juices on the menu sounded equally delicious and I also saw the gal behind the counter making a wrap of some sort (although I didn't see that anywhere on the menu, but would like to come back and try it)! Sadly, I don't live in Miami and am just here for work but I will definitely be back the next time I'm nearby. PS The sign out front says "Yoga + Juice", so if you're looking for a sign that says "Just Juice Me", you won't see that! It's connected to a yoga studio (which I will have to combine in my next visit!)

An V.

A chill spot where you can get amazing smoothies and healthy food We stayed 5 days in Miami Beach and we had the healthiest breakfast at this place. The ambiance was great and Jessica, the owner, was the sweetest ever! She even helped us find our way around town. Thus far the best customer service experience we've had on Miami Beach. Will definitely come back next time. Highly recommend!

Julienne W.

Quick service and friendly staff. They have great smoothies and acai bowls. I ordered the apply tropically bowl which was great.

Yenssy L.

Quaint and so homey. Not just a juice bar or just another yoga studio.. The green juice I had was delicious and the mushroom empanadas were hands down the BEST empanadas I have ever had in Miami. I can't wait to try their yoga class and to come back period! Jessica is so great and makes you feel just as great when you visit. :)

Dolce A.

I came across Just Juice Me while searching for nearby Acai bowls. Being a bit of a health nut, I took it upon myself to inquire about each ingredient. I was pleased to find out that every ingredient used to make the bowls are 100% organic ! The acai is of the highest quality from Hawaii and the owner mixes it with high quality organic berries. Topped with yummy seasonal fruit and the most delicious edible flowers! Very unique flavor and esthetically pleasing. I frequent miami and like to search out the best acai bowls.. This was by far the best acai bowl in Miami... actually the best I have ever had. Just Juice Me is located in the same store front as the NOBE yoga studio. Very convenient for a juice after a yoga class.. I will definitely be back !