New York Bagel Deli

6546 Collins Ave, Miami Beach
(305) 865-2522

Recent Reviews

gayle z.

Been coming here for years with my family and loving it. Opinionated Fox News drove us away today:(

Mars G.

Best BLT with avocado I've had in ages! Loaded with bacon and other stuff, very fresh, perfectly made. So big I ate 1/2 for lunch and 1/2 for dinner. Highly recommend this hard working team of employees. Don't forget to tip for great service!

Brent Nance



They have everything! I love that they have EVERYTHING! Easy to find a healthy meal! Kind of bland but I don’t mind it! Every kind of juice as well!

Robert L.

The staff were very friendly. At first we thought that the menu was overpriced, but when the breakfast sandwich came out, and it looked bigger than our head, we quickly realized that was just the price you pay for great value. ALSO, the food tasted as good as it looked! The iced/frozen coffees were very tasty and amazing too!

Jilli C.

Never write one star reviews but ordered off ubereats. Got sandwich only to find a long brown hair running through the cream cheese and salmon as soon as I picked it up.

Larry H.

The food was fantastic and service great Only thing that was odd was the tables were not clean- had to clean off table both times we ate there prior to sitting down

Veronica L.

I ordered food from Uber eat. The food quality was the worst ever. First of all, the fresh orange juice and apple juice added sugar. Secondly, the food is not fresh as well. The chicken in the bagel was so hard, it seems be left from last week. Last, the label on the orange juice cup shows the price is $6.99, however the price on the menu is $8.99. I was so confused. Actually, We ordered bagels sometimes from other bagel store before, the food from this restaurant is the worst food ever. I'm so disappointed and won't try it again.

Kelly Anderson

Everything is fresh. Tons of vegan options and the people are really nice.

Bianca G.

Me and my boyfriend were visiting Miami and ordered takeout from here. What I can say is that the sandwiches (I had the turkey & pesto) were delicious. The pesto (cream cheese??) is flavorful and the turkey was fresh and thinly sliced. It's a messy experience but definitely worth it! I ordered my sandwich on a bacon bagel, as did my boyfriend, and this could be from lack of knowledge but there wasn't any bacon. He did love the bagel and cream cheese, again everything was really fresh. I also got an immune booster pressed juice that was amazing! My boyfriend got the peanut butter smoothie and he really enjoyed it as well. I hope to order from here one more time before I leave, an amazing breakfast/brunch option!

Rich H.

Despite the name this place does NOT have New York bagels. Instead of chewy dense dough with a firm crust, the bagels here are light/airy with no crunch when you bite in to a fresh one. Scallion cream cheese was ok, however, rich and full of green onions. Strangely they call whole wheat bagels 'wheat bagels,' as if regular bagels have no wheat. Barely ok if you're in the neighborhood but definitely not worth a special trip. Hopefully Miami has better bagel places.

Julian C.

The best bacon egg and cheese in Miami Beach by far. It's heaven and makes you feel like you got it at a deli in nyc. Scoop and toast the everything bagel. Credit where due

Emily L.

Bagels don't taste fresh. Being from NY, I'm very picky with my bagels and this could be interchanged for lenders...unimpressed. They even smeared barely any cream cheese on the bagel. Almost $5 for a disappointing bagel.

Rob P.

Recent East Coast transplant and bagel connoisseur. Amazing bagels ! They cook their eggs perfect. Fluffy and light. Great little spot !

Alexis E.

This place is amazing. Their vegan bagel is delicious. The preparation and flavor of the bagel is there. By far some of the best i've had here in Miami. I switched things up and ordered the strawberry pancakes and WOW. the best pancakes i've ever ordered from a restaurant. Crispy edges, flavorful, and fluffy. Love this place!

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