Stubborn Seed

101 Washington Ave, Miami Beach
(786) 322-5211

Recent Reviews

Harsh Koppula

Outstanding cuisine! Our friends in Miami took us for an amazing dinner when we visited. We started with the best oysters we have ever had. It was followed by a fabulous selection of appetizers. Each had the freshest ingredients and the entrees that we shared also included a fabulous diver sole, chicken that was juicy and tasty. It is a must visit created by Chef Jeremy Ford.

Margaret G.

What a dinner experience!!! Everything on the menu is considered shared plates. Food is delivered to the table and explained to you in detail. Beautiful presentation, Great service and Delicious food! One of my favorite restaurants.

Grace K.

My friend was raving about Stubborn Seed, so I decided to make a trip here. Executive chef is Bravo's Top Chef Season 13 winner, Jeremy Ford, who provides fresh, locally-sourced ingredients onto the table with his eclectic twist. It is located at South of 5th. There is no free parking, so you must either Uber/Lyft or street park. There is also a parking lot a block or two away. Frankly, I did not go past the left side of the bar so didn't have the chance to see the open kitchen (from what I read on a prior review). Overall, the restaurant is quite modern with a homey feel. Upon entering, the bar is straight ahead, seating about 10 people. The actual main dining area is not large, but the tables are separated a good distance from one another to allow a better dining experience. FOOD: Florida Tomatoes & Beets (4/5; local stracciatella | meyer lemon | pistachio | scattered herbs): Simple salad. Fresh and light to start with. Loved the beets. Warm Celery Root (3/5; crackling maitakes | creamy mustard | herbs & blossoms): This was a bit salty for my taste. My friend really enjoyed this, as it seems to be one of the popular dishes. Very interesting concept with a lovely 'whole' presentation. Hawaiian Wahoo (5/5; habanero yogurt | mint | snow peas | passionfruit): This was delicious. My friend and I agreed this was our favorite of the night. Wahoo was fresh and perfectly paired with the habanero yogurt. The passionfruit also added a faint, sweet twist at the end. Bell & Evans Chicken (3/5; pomme purée | truffle butter | brussel sprouts | gnocchi): This was just OK for me.. probably because I'm generally not a big chicken fan. It's more of a Southern dish with the puree and the chicken, that did not stand out from other Southern dishes that I've had in the past. Chicken was not dry. Also, I did not try the gnocchi so cannot comment on it. Service was great. Server was amiable and recommended his favorite dishes. The manager was also very pleasant, as he checked on us a few times. No complaints. Would I come back? I wouldn't be the one to initiate it, but I would come back.

Viola Jacobs

I came here as a party which had over twenty. But they served their meal good timing. And food is enough delicious , to think of price.

Scott Gabrielle

Great service. Unique and interesting dishes beautifully prepared and presented. Great cocktail menu. Meals can be ordered a la carte or they offer a great tasting menu - which I highly recommend. They say the dishes are made for sharing but the portions are a bit small for sharing between more then 2 people.

Shaoyu Xue

Well crafted dishes and excellent balance of flavors. We were initially disappointed that they were out of the pork belly (primary reason we came for brunch and appreciate that they tried their best to accommodate), but the rest of the dishes were absolutely delicious. Would love to come back for dinner next time.

Brian Hass

Simply amazing! This is a spectacular experience that ranks up with the finest meals in the world! Ash was a fantastic hostess and Jake F. was a special server.

Kenna Pollard

Have been here many times, but came two nights ago and had a horrible experience right when we walked in. Made a reservation two weeks in advance and when we got there they told us to go ahead and “pick a table outside”. Their outside area consists of three small tables out on the sidewalk and there were 25 mph winds, and they didn’t even offer to walk us to the table, but told us just to pick any table. For a high-end restaurant this is uncalled for and unacceptable. The hostess and manager were very unaccommodating and not at all apologetic. We did not request outdoor seating, and especially on a night with bad weather. We ended up leaving and going to a restaurant a block away. Will not be coming back here...awful service from the hostess and manager!

Jeannine M.

The place brings sophistication to south beach. No mesh dresses for the ladies here! The service by the whole team was excellent and we have special note for our waiter Steven. The food was excellent just melts in your mouth. The chicken liver butter, the charred octopus, scallops and ribeye nothing was less than perfect. We even had a wonderful wine, but had the opportunity to try a great cocktail the Facundo. This place better be here for my return trip.

Knowing L.

Oh my stars! I just love this place. The decor is focused on food, not distracting novelty. Open kitchen let's you watch the magicians create their magic. The oysters were perfectly anointed. The tomato and beet salad had all these surprising flavors. My favorite was the steak. How can something taste like Christmas? Well it did! I cannot even put words to the decadent dishes served here. I keep coming back...

Ellen J. Snyder

Five star restaurant, without a doubt. The food was incredible, we ordered to start a bib lettuce salad and the octopus (both were amazing). For the main course, the beef cheek was incredible. It was covered in truffle and absolutely delicious. The scallops were large and full of flavor and cooked to perfection.

Alex Young

I was looking for somewhere that was not a chain and was cheap. I had ordered and looked very interesting. Will definitely come back on my next visit.


Quirky but superb food. Amazing array of flavors. Recommend the beet/tomato salad, the smoked fish toast, the beef cheeks, the wagyu and the corn pavlova dessert.

T. Bernie ..

This eatery has been on my list a few years since its opening. Finally experienced albeit only for an appetizer and cocktails. Chose to be seated outdoor on sidewalk this past Saturday evening and the weather temperature, charming views plus passersby of South of Fifth neighborhood and the items I ordered felt akin to being out in Paris. Similar to many other posts, I cosign the Warm Celery Root, delicious for both vegans and carnivores, as well as the complimentary garbanzo chili with house made potato roll. Definitely a cocktailian place; our orders were Tears For My Enemy a bourbon blast, Sunny Day a spicy watermelon cooler, Park Lane Sour unique take on a whiskey sour all well crafted and unexpected. The ambiance and design details are great, from the cloth texture and color of napkins, the branded swivel case the bill is presented in to the menu font layout, varying cocktail glasses and fresh baby's breath tied with silverware. David was a very polite server. Everything about this restaurant personifies top rating of my 5-star rubric. For now, to be fair, I must only score it a 4-star as I did not have enough items on the menu to judge food although the inventiveness and unconventional plates read mouthwatering. Cannot wait to return, at such time an updated review will be posted. Definitely a #foodie must.

Debbie Holmes

Surprisingly delicious food. It’s an upscale place but still cozy and family oriented. The chicken was outstanding- very moist and cooked to perfection. Our server was very attentive, caring and cheerfully helped us every single time we asked for something. 5 stars

Jolie M.

Great farm to table style restaurant experience. Everything was delicious and uniquely prepared. I believe their menu changes daily but we shared the wahoo ceviche, lavash (like a homemade bread/cracker hybrid topped with chicken pate- great bite), chicken with truffle butter, wagyu beef and the cookies for dessert. It was quite the meal and we will definitely be back.

Albert M.

Stubborn Seed was definitely worth all the hype. The south of 5th location lends nicely to the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, but make no mistake, the food is definitely fine dining. We ordered the 8 course tasting menu and everything was fantastic. Chef Jeremy finds a way to offer something new and unexpected, even when presenting a dish as simple--and so often overdone--as ceviche (which was a definite highlight). The service was excellent and I cannot say enough about our server. She was the right amount of attentive without being bothersome, and just the right amount of personable without being too familiar. The pacing of the meal was just right, our glasses were always full, and our table was always clean. Stubborn Seed is easily one of the best meals you will find in Miami.

Betsy K.

This place gets all aspects of a good dinner right. The food, the service, the drinks, and the atmosphere all made for a perfect experience. The food is served in a small plates style, meant to be shared by the entire table. This is nice because you get to try lots of items off of the delicious menu. We shared six items between the four of us. We ordered four items off the appetizer side, as well as the chicken and the beef cheeks from the meat and fish side. The six items were the perfect amount for our family. Every dish was absolutely delicious - I don't think I could pick a favorite! You can't go wrong with anything on the menu. We finished our meal with the snickerdoodle. It's warm, gooey, and delicious. Definitely a must-have dessert. I cannot say enough good things about this place, definitely a 5 star meal.

Mara Mamery

Stubborn seed never disappoints! We have visited for many special occasions, and consistently experience top-notch service, hospitality, and gastronomy. Thank you!!

Brad M.

Stubborn Seed lived up to the hype and that did not come cheap. We ordered the five course chef's surprise menu which was $115 per person (versus the $95 per person that I read the menu used to be in the past). We also added the $45 per person wine pairing. The pours were generous and plentiful. The kitchen seemed a bit backed up so the timing between the courses was a little long but we got multiple pours when that occurred so that was a plus. Each course was exceptional and a generous sized portion for a multiple course tasting menu. I think you would have to fast for 24 hours prior to dinner in order to be able to eat the entire 8 course judging by the size of the five course. Chef Jeremy Ford was on premise and we had a good view of the kitchen through the glass window. Lots of restaurants with famous chefs are rarely actually in the kitchen but that is not the case with Stubborn Seed.

Elia L.

We came here with family and had a great time. The service, ambience and food were all good. We started with the lavash and for dinner had the scallops and Wagyu Ribeye. We highly recommend if you are at the beach and looking for a dinner experience. Make sure to end your night with the cookie and whiskey tasting. Cookies are delicious!

Brianna Crowley

Made a Sunday brunch reservation and was not disappointed. The service was authentic, attentive, and absolutely customer-first. The interior was beautifully designed down to the Art Deco wallpaper behind the built in bar shelves and the tile artwork visible through the glass pane on the active kitchen. And THE FOOD. I recommend the tasting menu which will fill you up by second course but the third will make you want to find room. Smokey flavors balanced with bright. Sweet balanced with spicy. Presentation that looks like art on a plate. I will come back every time I’m in South Beach!

Zack Tobias

Not only one of the best meals we have had in Miami, but one of the best meals we have had anywhere. Great setting, phenomenal service, and fantastic food. Looking forward to going back already!

Harrison E.

Stubborn seed's winter menu is one of the best Miami meals you can find on south beach. The fact that Jeremy Ford invents the menu daily should sell you right off the bat. Most of the dishes incorporate local ingredients (the fresh caught wahoo was delicious). The menu also takes risks that more than pay off - the koji wagyu ribeye comes with a miso sauce that complements extremely well. I also appreciate their "sharing" style of dining - each dish comes to your table as it's finished, instead of in separate courses, so you're getting the freshest preparation of the dish. Good food comes at a price, but in this case it's very worth it.


You have to do the tasting, everything was amazing. The staff was very helpful and attentive. You can see the kitchen and everything was super clean. I can’t wait to go back!


Wonderfully prepared food ranging from the rich (beef cheek) to the refreshing (Bibb salad)) and everything in between. Superb service both at the bar and at the table. This place is going strong and should be a fixture as many customers have become regulars.

Oleg A

Creative, interesting food. Small portions, which I consider good, easy simole design. Not for fancy dinner. But extremely good food!!!! Strongly recommend!!


A great night to celebrate and a fantastic dinner. We had the eight corse chef menu. All I can say WOW!! All around a great evening.


The chef is amazing at layering multiple flavors together. So the beginning of a bite isn't the same as the end which I love. The sauces and preparation are very complex so take your time enjoying. This restaurant is superb.


An understated and highly original restaurant that delivers on culinary surprise. Not the biggest portions but what you get is great after all.

Archil Pitimashvili

Excellent place. The food is really good- the lavash, chicken, and cookies with ice cream are a must. Service is great and the atmosphere is nice. Decent drinks and wine selection.

Grant Austin

Absolutely incredible experience. Everything from the service, food and drinks were stellar.


Delicious. Sharing is a better option to be exposed to more dishes . Had the squash snack and brazino entire. But menus change daily.

Michael Edwards

Excellent brunch spot. Tasty selection of sweet and savoury dishes

Robert L

The food was excellent, with shared portions for the starters. The main courses were also very enjoyable, especially the beef cheeks and duck. The service was attentive.

Travis Thompson

Seriously a great experience. A must go to restaurant while in Miami. We were celebrating an anniversary and must say we had high expectations and they were exceeded. The service, food, and atmosphere was all perfect! We shared a couple plates, (Salad/Chicken/Steak/Crunchy Potatoes/Cookies) and left full and so happy. Oh, they server Founders Beer as well, it was great to get a taste of home so far away!

Charley Heigie

I went here to celebrate a birthday of a friend. The modern decor and impeccable service only enhanced the experience. We ordered the truffle fries and we were fighting with our forks. We also had the charred peaches that were out of this world. My dinner was the shrimp and grits that came with this foam on top that we were stunned by the presentation. To top off the best meal I’ve had in awhile, we ordered the corn pavlova which we were fighting over as well as the cookies a la mode and the flan was excellent. A must go to place!!!

Gabriel Morales

A very good upscale dining. I did not have any alcoholic drinks but had a bunch of food. Even though we were the last seating service was still pretty attentive. The chicken, surprisingly was our favorite dish. Perfectly cooked and juicy. Would eat that again. Prices are a bit high but it is expected and it is actually worth it. I would go back to try the chef surprise 5 course menu.

MaryJean Z.

Really really really good food. I went for Miami spice. The wahoo Crudo starter was delicious. Very citrusy and fresh. The peach salad was also much better than I anticipated as I was a little skeptical ended up loving it. As a non-chicken lover I love their chicken. Very juicy and tender. The snickerdoodle cookie I could pass on. I really enjoyed their other dessert which was like a corn medley with meringue. RECOMMEND

Alex B.

Food was great!! Unfortunately the service wasn't at the same caliber as the food. The four of us went with the chefs tasting menu and also selected the wine pairings. Wine was coming out after the food. We had to ask what kind of wine it was. At one point we had food down and had to wait for them to go find the wine. Another time we had everything served and they told us about the plate and to enjoy and we had no forks or knives on the table. This was a slow Sunday night. With the four cocktails we had before dinner and gratuity our bill was $1000 dollars. At this price point the wine paring should be explained and it should come at the correct time. Also silverware would be nice. I did it expect Michelin star service but for $1000 bill I do expect better. My foot friends from San Francisco weren't impressed and was a big disappointment. Guess we should have saved money and just went during miami spice for the food. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯