Yeung's Chinese Restaurant

954 W 41st St, Miami
(305) 531-3383

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Laura Miller

This place is a landmark on 41st Street and Miami Beach should be happy it has it. Homestyle, generous Chinese food. My shrimp fried rice had SO many shrimp in it I couldn't believe it. Loaded with shrimp and cooked perfectly. If my grandmother was Chinese, I think this is the kind of food she'd make. It tastes like it came out of someone's home kitchen.

Gregory Jones

This establishment tried to blame an uber Delivery driver for taking Shrimp out of an order. They claimed they put 8 shrimp in the order and it showed up with 6. The bag was sealed with Staples and the Driver never went into the bag it was never compromised. My suggestion to you is Just watch your order and hold them accountable if they don’t want to take responsibility I suggest using someone else. Unless you are into not getting what you pay for. Food is decent 3 rd time ordering from them.

Dale U.

I'm sorry to say they are very inconsistent today all I could taste was sodium I mean I'm still taste the salt an hour later I need to take a water pill Yeah I'm OK I just don't know what else to say once in a great while they're good but they're consistently getting worse sorry

Sheila G.

Was having a craving for some delicious Chinese food and happened to be in the neighborhood,so I decided to check out this restaurant, support a local business, and get some takeout. Unfortunately,when we actually got to eat the food it was not good at all! I was completely disappointed with the two basic dishes we ordered. The honey garlic and sweet and sour chicken cake out in five minutes which should have been a red flag. The sauce cans in a tiny container and did not taste like it should. Sweet and sour chicken usually comes with pineapples, bell peppers and with a lot of sauce. All I got was what seemed like a one ounce container with some red sauce. I also got a really bad stomach ache after eating lunch. I will not be back and will not recommend this restaurant.

Michelle L.

I used to order from here and loved their fried rice. I don't know what happened this time but the food was a bust. The General Tso chicken I ordered was burnt, hard, and the tempora crust was basically inedible of how dry it was. Let me tell you I'm not a picky eater but this was just plain horrible. The pepper steak was just meh. We are from there. The fried rice was good but not amazing. I don't know what happened to the quality of their food. I say just stick to the special fried rice if you're ordering from here.

Emin Hasanov

I ordered $70 worth of food with uber. The food was never delivered and I was not refunded. I called and spoke to the owner. Who showed 0 empathy and offered me to reorder and pay the full price. I found out later that this happen with this restaurant to someone I know. Bottom line stay away from this place.

anthony bam


rick abramson

Spare ribs are great as was the won ton egg drop soup.The pork and veg was very salty .to much msg

Nicholas C.

DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE THEY SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN BY DEPT OF HEALTH!!!! I've eaten here many times. Ordered out many times. I will never ever eat here again. In fact, this place made me not want to eat from a Chinese restaurant ever again! ********TL;DR - There was a BUG in my food!!!! Read on: Not only was the guy on the phone taking orders extremely impatient and rude on the phone, I still decided to order takeout. Chicken Chow Mein Pork Fried Rice Hot and Sour Soup Vegetable Lo Mein I placed everything on my kitchen table and took the containers out to plate the food. While eating, I noticed a small, brown worm inching it's way across the table from one of the containers. Unfortunately I was 3/4 of the way through eating my food and being absolutely disgusted I hastily threw everything in the trash. Maybe my fault for ordering Chinese food during a Corona Virus Epidemic but I'm not racist and wanted to help a local small business and even though my friends told me I'm crazy for ordering this in the first place I thought restaurants in this country have to comply with certain sanitation codes in order to operate but this is obviously not the case! Last but not least I called the restaurant to let the guy know and he pretty much screamed at me in broken English over the phone repeatedly screaming "No! you no find bug ok?! NO!" and then slammed the phone shut. UNBELIEVABLE! DO NOT GO HERE IT'S GROSS AND WRONG. I STILL FEEL SICK JUST FROM THE THOUGHT OF WHAT THAT NASTY KITCHEN MUST LOOK LIKE ALL MESSY AND FOOD LYING ALL OVER THE PLACE WITH BUGS CRAWLING EVERYWHERE. FML!!!!

Thomas K.

Tasty Chinese cuisines at fair price. They also have delivery service so don't worry for the corona virus. About $15-20 per person. Recommend General Tso Chicken

Daniel Velez

It was whatever. The rice was a bit soggy and the food was just okay. But I was hungry. Maybe they should cook with a bit more passion.

Linda P.

I've never had fried rice quite like that. Delicious! Service is quick and wonderful. I had the sweet and sour. Tasty, and a good amount was given. Good for the price. Would recommend.

Takwing W.

new management, good food faster service ,food come out hot that I love it,they also add some vegetarian dishes

Greg S

Take quick good most of the time

Bentlee Dorsey

I often take my friends to this place with my highest recommendations. I go their often. This recommendation is always successful. The meals are flavorable and the team is very friendly and cooperative. Every time we eat in this place we enjoy a cheerful evening. warmly recommended.

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Yeung's Chinese Restaurant

954 W 41st St, Miami, FL 33140
(305) 531-3383