16735 NW 67th Ave, Hialeah
(786) 314-6447

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Rodney Vital

I grab coffee from here every morning after working the nightshift and rest assured this Starbucks is clutch !

Elizabeth Hernandez

I’m m not saying it’s a bad Starbucks but I was going to the women’s restroom to change my babies diaper and when I was trying to pull it down it was unusually hard too then when I notice it was a long nail through it and I wondered why also the baby changing station was unstable I had to hold it with my knee. To everyone that maybe concerned of my baby I didn’t change him there I had to go to my car with a changing mat to change him there.

Julianna Rey

Service was lovely, all the employees did an amazing job. They were extremely tentative even though they were very busy. Loved the staff. Totally will be going more often to this starbucks.

Jonathan Alonso

This store opens when ever it wants. It advertises to open at 5am Monday — Friday. It’s 5:30 when I get here and there are at least 6 others that drive up and the store decides they are closed. Employees are working inside but can’t even bother to let the customers know they are closed. This is not the first time it happens which is what makes me leave this review. I think this is very unprofessional and inconvenient. If you advertise you open at 5am then be open at 5am.

Scuba Steve

Not bad, was out of a lot of options and took forever to receive food and drinks. One of our drinks had a long black hair on the outside of it but we chose to ignore even though it was gross at least it was on the outside of the cup.Food: 3/5

Karla R.

never seen anything more ridiculous. students and employees visit this starbucks EVERYDAY to enjoy the drinks, vibes and the comfort of being able to work from their space only to walk into what felt like a spanish club. super louddddd off brand music. had to leave within minutes.

Carmen Lazaro

I love this Starbucks and come very often since it’s close to me. Usually quick and always good quality. However, today I stayed to get some things done on my computer and had to leave because of the worker - Kris - would not stop singing out loud and breaking the atmosphere of Starbucks…

Maria Urena

This location is usually on point, but today the morning crew was disappointing to say the least. I was lied to about how the food and drinks when it's the same thing I order everday!Everyday!! How are you going to say no that's how it is... when they redid the came out the way it should...Next time do it right and don't lie to customers. Any the food was very mushy!!!! Had to spit it out.. Waste of money... I recommend going to the Broward locations...they are friendly and never disappoint.

A Zahin

It’s chipotle, for a burrito / burrito bowl with chicken, beef, pork, or tofu it’s pretty good. Not much has changed in the last 20 years….

Daniel Portincasa

I usually don’t write reviews but this needs to be said. I was about to enter starbucks with my 6yo niece and i saw a barista get out of his white honda accord after hotboxing it. He also proceeded to take a hit after exiting his car, which my niece saw (it smelled like w**d too). I considered not going in but we ended up going and the same barista took our order in the register. He looked high (blood shot eyes) and was very lethargic, asking to confirm our order multiple times. I asked another barista and they told me that his name is Gio. He has short hair, and wears glasses. I’m not against people smoking, but you shouldn’t have employees under the influence at work or let alone smoke outside the job where everyone can see it, especially children.

Monica E. Vasquez

Let me start by saying this place is 20 minutes from me. I only went to this location because it was the only Starbucks open at a late hour with a drive thru. I will absolutely be coming to this location moving forward for one simple reason. CUSTOMER SERVICE. I didn't catch his name, but whoever was handling the drive thru tonight was an absolute gem. He was incredibly nice and made our drinks flawlessly. 10/10

Cristina Q.

This Starbucks drive thru is the absolute worst I've ever experienced. Always expect atleast a 20 minute wait - even if there is only 1 car in front of you. Not sure if it's a staffing issue or just poor time management. This time was over 20 minutes before i had to leave the line and go to work. Time wasted.


Ian Gascon is one of the worst managers you will meet. Absolutely disgraceful.

Danielle S.

I'm not sure if they are making the different types of milk back there from scratch. I've been in the drive through for 30 mins. I would have left, however, I was already stuck in line. Finally made it to the window. Turns out my coffee was cold and half way filled. I would have provided a picture but I had thrown it out since I got annoyed prior to writing this review. Better time management needed. My tomato mozzarella on focaccia was good that's why I did two stars.

Ahmed Seddek

If you need a quiet place to focus on getting things done on your laptop, this is going to be one of your worst experiences. The music is so loud. The people working in this place are so loud as well !

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