Arahi's Bakery

745 SW 8th St, Miami
(305) 854-8000

Recent Reviews

Regina Mcbride

I would highly recommend coming by here if you're in the area. I believe they're opening one closer to a area, patience is a virtue! Also, if you order enough cookies, they offer to pack the cookies in adorable gift boxes-perfect for as a warm holiday gift!

Osniel Sanchez Lopez

I love this place it’s so homey and simple but I love how all these blind people are treated fairly and equal to us all. They walk in everyday with smiles on their face and get serviced properly. Places like this are priceless.

Sasha Marcano

Felt very mom pop shop from a small town. Excellent food although confusing device. It's worth being patient. Food is great.

Jovahn Enrique Figueroa Swasey

Great atmosphere service and Food. The best Cuban Cafe con Leche I’ve tried in a long time.

Peter Kurki

Authentic & delicious Cuban . La Famiallia at its best! Delicious homage flavor, sandwiches, lunch specials, meat, chicken, fish. True authentica. Great Bakery.

Dublin Dublin

Employee serving you pastry without gloves.

Joshua Gonzalez

Next to my work place. Great for a quick breakfast or lunch. Large selection of pastries. The staff is super nice.

Ángel Samuel Perera

Excellent customer service and good prices

Christina R.

Fantastic food with reasonable prices! I recommend Arahis Bakery II instead of the original one. They are about two blocks away from each other. The customer service in Arahis II is ALOT better! Fresh baked bread, amazing/fresh coffee, great rice, black beans and maduros (sweet plantains). It's a great spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Highly recommend it!

Sharma Miller

Food is always great. Staff is friendly. They get through the line fast. Food is cheap

Myrna Varela

Best bakery in Calle 8. Order pastries croquetas for special events . Reasonable prices . Have a large selection of entrees for lunch and dinner as well

Rafaela F.

Located in the heart of Little Havana, easy parking and great pastries. We went to check this place out since we were looking for Cuban bakery and we found this one. We tried the most famous Cuban pastries and they were very tasty and fresh. The guava and cheese pastry is my favorite! The staff is friendly and they did a good job. Not crowded so was fast. Definitely recommend!

Justin R.

Great local bakery, lots of options such as guava and cheese pastries, tequeños, croquetas (truly a staple of Miami) empanadas and other pastries. Prices are reasonable and atmosphere is busy in the morning. Definitely have to get a cafe con leche when you check them out.

Diego Fernando Perez

the place i must stop always so fresh wish is closer to my home

Deby V.

Good bakery, freshly made food and quick service. Ladies inside are always very nice and helpful. Small little bakery on Calle 8, open every day. Come here for pastelitos, meat ones are my fav, and for their desserts too!

Caspar Prestwich

Favorite dessert spot to hit! I get whatever pastry I want and it comes quick every time. Never disappointed here, such a ton of different choices. probably a taste for anyone and everyone

Terry Smith

They served a very good breakfast at a reasonable price & it was just satisfying, very satisfying..I walked out of there full & smiley!!!

Enrique Fiallo

Authentic Cuban bakery and cafeteria. I had a special Cuban sandwich and it was superb. The pastry selection is big and tasty. Cuban coffee of course. Cortaditos and café con leche. Batidos! Great place to grab breakfast and lunch. It’s a dive. But that’s part of the charm!

Michael Lira

Delicious pastries and coffee. The guava and cream cheese pastries were wonderful. There's a friendly crowd there during the early hours and the staff are lovely.

Michael Apollo Lira

Delicious pastries and coffee. The guava and cream cheese pastries were wonderful. There's a friendly crowd there during the early hours and the staff are lovely.

Omar A Richani

Is a place chip where you can eat. The food is really good for thw price.

Richard Rodriguez

Little Havana social. Great coladas

Tony Ulloa

Great product, nice ladies, amazing value for what you get... Best baked goods in Little Havana

Luis C.

Tostada y café con leche is all you need! Great price and service. Need updates/renovations but a latin true city bakery!

Fabio E.

Came here thanks to the reviews and I had some time to spare. Not crowded at all around 8am, all the ladies attending do their job beautifully and care for the customers. Most customers are frequent so there's a nice environment. What can you expect, it's on Calle Ocho! I had a typical breakfast sandwich; eggs, bacon and cheese on a Cuban bread and a cortadito. While their breakfast sandwich was pretty good their cortadito game is on point. I'd definitely recommend for a quick breakfast or mid-morning coffee.

Jorge Reeve

great service always. staff is great

Jesse Garcia

Good food and a good price. Really feels home made.

Gustavo Castaneda

Good food, nice service but need s parking.

Breanna P-H

The empanadas, tequenos, croquetas, guava pastries, flan, arroz con leche... everything is amazing?

Breanna P-H

The empanadas, tequenos, croquetas, guava pastries, flan, arroz con leche... everything is amazing?

Carmen Medina

I never had a toasted cold Cuban sandwich. I thought it was suppose to be nice and warm in and out not just the outside

Jean Perez

Great place at local prices...not the brickell prices. We went there today for a sandwich, guava juice, milk and dessert....$9. Wow.

Luis peralta

This place is great talking about latinos breakfast I can said is the best and cheap, great atention by the staff I can give you warranty that you are going to get out more than happy and satisfaced . they have great tequenos and pastelitos, and a bunch of great stuff.

Anette D.

I went one morning to get a couple pastries and cuban toast, and while they were making my food i noticed none of them were wearing gloves while making sandwiches. One lady was handling buttered bread and got some on her finger and licked it while continuing to make other sandwhiches.

Kristina Aranibar

Amazing Bakery! Best pastelitos made fresh daily. The ladies that work there are very nice too.

fimba92 .

I wont bore with all the details, so heres my review: Good food, good service, good prices and nice place. What more do you need?

Eddie Gathers

I love this place! The bakery and food are delicious and the service is amazing.. Friendly and fast. Cakes were amazingly Good and I need more stars to review this location!

Brian Devlin

Great pastry and coffee (guava and cortado for me) to start my day after a stop around the corner at Planet Fitness. Very nice staff helpful to me as an English only speaker. They have a varied menu in addition to their large selection of breads and bakery items.

Jay Rude

Great food, great ppl. I love the customer service and the energy the staff. Great place to grab a bite with friends and family

Myrna VE

This bakery is more than a bakery is also a restaurant. Great for breakfast and lunch awesome daily special !!!!