Burger King

20505 Old Cutler Rd, Miami
(305) 233-6915

Recent Reviews

Jean Carlo Chavez

Place was close, please edit your hours

John Campo

Restaurant closes at 12am NOT 2am change the hours online it's wrong!!!


Overall, never really had a problem with them service Is good, people are good. It's the best burger King around in my opinion.

Maria Perez

I have been in this BK about 4 times, and they allow homeless people inside the restaurant, it is very unpleasant to go with your partner to eat and some homeless person looks at you.

Héctor Del Valle

Drive true, fast service and employee super nice with good attitude.

Daniel Quintana

Bad food but tastes so good. Nice people at the window.

LaQuandra Miller

I had to change my baby and they didn't have a changing table in the bathroom I had to change her in the car

Juliana Guzman

I never experienced going to any kind of restaurant and smell marihuana so intense. Those kids were so high, making jokes and laughing no stop. Please have an adult, a responsible manager putting order and not letting employees smoke inside the work place. I was not able to eat my food, I didn’t trust the person that made it and that smell gave me nausea. So disappointed

Matt M.

Placed an online order. Went to pick up, no original chicken sandwich. Got a different sandwich that I really didn't want.

Chrissy Gonzalez

What do you guys have against pickles? They are never put on anything, so I have to ask for extra pickles and I'll get only 1 single pickle on the burger. It's been this way for 2 years now. ?

Diana L.

The only BK option in our immediate area, this location has a major problem with staff. Not only was the worker at the drive-through tonight rude and dismissive but she made it clear once we hit the window that she treated all customers this way. On the plus side, the food order was correct, the meal was hot, and the quality was as expected. If only they would address the customer service issue, the score would be much higher.

Nadia Last_Name

Fast and efficient service. The Spanish lady at the drive through window is super nice and friendly! Thank you so much. Always a great experience.

Yaneisy Munoz

Ordered A x2 10 Piece and A Medium fries and a Diet Coke and gave me a chicking instead. Tried calling they refused to give me a refund or the right food

Felicia Burke

The Burger King app wasn't working to order ahead so I had to place an order in the restaurant. It was a super quick turnaround - by the time I was putting my credit card back into my bag, they were handing me my food. The interior was clean and it wasn't busy during breakfast hours.

Joanna G

Waited in the drive thru line for 20 minutes, we were at the call box and no one even bothered to say, "we'll be with you in a moment". Careless attitudes and got a dirty look for even asking for a drink holder. At least our food was decent. Definitely will not be returning.

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