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Kev Rollins

You can see how dry and old that chicken is. I told them I only wanted 4 wings. 2 original, 1crispy, 1 grilled. When I got home as you all can see no original at all. 2x crispy, 2 grilled. It was a simple order. The young man at the drive thru doesn’t even say hello / just the total. He gave back my card I pulled up he yells no it’s here. I told him if Open his mouth and speak maybe I’ll know what’s going. They want 15 an hour but refuse to work for it. Really bad customer service and food.

Alma Mowaday

I'm a regular at KFC, usually go to the drive through, the nicest people, cordial, friendly and a good reason to return and order a combo.

Jose Penas

I was surprised when I walked in and the tables are blocking to go to the counter and order!... no where says "drive thru only".... in the web page (googke) says no dine in, pick up and delivery ok!.... the lady scream "window only", told her that my Truck doesnt fit! she wave her hand at me " im sorry, i am busy," turn around and ignore me!..... everywhere else, they have let me and my partner order without any problems.... never coming back!

Luz Estrada

Este pollo es riquísimo!!

kiko lopez

Very good food but terrible customer service. tell me that I had to turn off the car to hear them better, horrible !!, I think they need to fix the audio of the driver thru because I think it has problems or tell the cashier that it does not work with headphones so you can hear well, Thanks!

Barby G

I purchased food last night and the cole slaw made us sick. Only 3 people ate the the cole slaw and we were all throwing up and really bad stomah pains. The people who didn't eat the cole slaw were fine. I will also add to this by saying that even thought the employees were wearing their masks, their noses were not covered and no one was wearing gloves. I won't be going back to this KFC and I am going to report to corporate office.

gabe vales

Quick easy pick-up service!


The food quality here has changed tremendously...my last 3 orders have been horrible...missing items,dry and overcooked chicken...don't worry i know 3x too many...this is the last time i order at this location..

Serge Thevenot

At 5:54 PM on Saturday 16,

Lorrieanne T.

I ordered 4 piece Chicken Strips Strips was too salty. The mash potatoes tasted weird. Wasn't creamy like I remembered. I really didn't like the food, it had weird bitter/sour aftertaste . The beverage was flat. There's a sign to ask for another cup for refill. I asked why? The cashier didn't answer. This makes me believe this store may be skimming/frugal to us customers. Am I getting recycled cup??

Hector Ramos

Slow as hell and no customer service skills at all. I'll never go again.

sig miami

this KFC has been there for a long time and I think delivers on the KFC corporate vision.

Sergio Franco

The extra crispy chicken coating is different and the seasoning was changed .Not as flaky as before. POPEYES AND CHURCHES CHICKEN IS MUCH BETTER THAN KFC

Nashaly Babilonia

They always get my order correct but the wait time is ridiculous.

Maggie Dixon

Best fast food KFC in Kendall. Excellent. Fast and good. Nice people. Clean.

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